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York, known by the code name Punk-06, proves to be a key piece in Vegapunk‘s complex chessboard, embodying the very essence of its « envy ».

First, York plays the role of loyal ally to the crew during the intriguing Egg Head Island Arc, earning the trust of the protagonists. 

However, in a twist worthy of the best thrillers, York reveals herself as the hidden traitor, the Machiavellian mind behind the infamous Egg Head Incident. 

Her pivotal role in this arc propels her to the rank of main antagonist, revealing layers of complexity and surprise in the narrative. It’s a twist that’s sure to captivate and hold One Piece’s die-hard fans.

What’s York like?

York, aka Punk-06, is the kind of character that makes you say, « Wow, where did she come from? » 

Imagine: a young woman with wavy blond hair cascading down, freckles giving her a mischievous air. 

But beware, she’s not just an angelic face. 

Her red glasses, which she wears nonchalantly on her forehead, and her earpiece with antenna, it’s as if she’s plugged in H24 with the rest of the Vegapunk team.

The look is far from classic: a blue top screaming « PUNK 06 », which leaves little to the imagination, and an orange jacket that seems to scream « look at me ». 

And the dark gloves, matching blue panties, not to mention the kneepads and DOM shoes – a mix of the practical and the downright stylish.

But the craziest part is how she can eat so much and still be so svelte – almost twice the size of Brook, our favorite skeleton! 

York comes along and shakes things up, and frankly, we love it!

What’s York’s personality?

York, nicknamed « the embodiment of Vegapunk greed », is a real mystery. 

We don’t know much about her, but her code name suggests a greedy, selfish personality ready to do anything to become a World Noble, even betray her fellow Vegapunks. 

She also seems to have a weakness for good food and naps – typical of a hedonistic character, don’t you think? 

And to top it all off, she has this unique laugh that sounds like an « Ahahaha », a typical One Piece character trick. 

Ah, York, always full of surprises!

What’s York’s role?

York has a rather special mission: she eats, sleeps and disfigures herself on behalf of all the other satellites. 

How unusual is that? She swallows mountains of food, to the point of reaching a BMI of 600 – 20 times the obesity limit! 

And that’s not all, she also manages the waste and takes a hell of a nap for the team, several times a day. 

The craziest part? Her body doesn’t seem to suffer at all. 

York is a bit of a satellite champion in her own right!

When does York first appear?

She is mentioned in chapter 1062 and makes her appearance in chapter 1065.

Character introduction in the story: 

York is a bit like a house fairy for Edison and Pythagoras. While they’re hard at work, she takes care of their food, bathroom breaks and snoozes.

Convenient, wasn’t it? As a result, the other two could work H24 without a break.

But York isn’t just a professional eater. 

When the rest of the satellites (except Atlas) were summoned, she was hoping for a bit of fun. 

After the Rob Lucci and Kaku affair, Shaka discovers that Vegapunk has disappeared and the security dome is blocked. 

Trapped in the lab, the pirates and satellites go into search mode. 

York joins Usopp, Franky and Lilith

They find Pythagoras wounded, but surprise, S-Snake shows up. York, cool as ever, asks her what the hell she’s doing here. But she didn’t yet know that S-Snake had switched sides, so she gets petrified.

And then, with a twist, York reveals herself: she’s not petrified, she follows Shaka to Vegapunk prison, and bam, she shoots him in the head.

She reveals herself to be the traitor of the story and announces that she’s going to become the only Vegapunk. A plot twist worthy of the best episodes!

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