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S-Snake : the clone of Boa Hancock


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S-Snake isn’t just a copy of Boa Hancock. She embodies a key antagonist of the EggHead Arc, influenced by the sinister Vegapunk York. 

This seraphim, a near-perfect replica of Boa Hancock, arouses both admiration and concern among fans.

Unique appearance

One Piece fans, get ready! 

S-Snake is like seeing a child Boa Hancock, but in giant mode

Picture this: brown skin, black wings, white hair – and those star-shaped pupils. Frankly, it’s a blast!

Enigmatic personality

So, is S-Snake just an obedient puppet? Not so fast! 

She’s not just there to follow orders. 

Sensitive to compliments, she blushes like a teenager! 

But underneath her vulnerable exterior, she’s cunning and knows how to charm her way to the top. A real snake!

Her power : 

S-Snake isn’t just anyone: she’s at the top of Vegapunk’s creations. A Seraphim, the cream of humanity according to her creator. 

  • Imagine the scene: she shoots lasers with her palms, just like the Pacifista. But that’s not all!
  • Fire mastery: S-Snake is a fire artist, with lunarian flames on her back. 
  • And the Mero Mero no Mi, she has in artificial mode. One look and you’re a statue! 

Her « Mero Mero Mellow » technique is pure genius: a heart-shaped beam, and those who covet her find themselves petrified.

Oda clarification: petrification only affects those who find her cute.

Introducing S-Snake into the plot: 

Following the abolition of shishibukai status during the reverie, measures are taken against the warlords :

Mission Review on Amazon Lily

S-Snake and S-Hawk land on Amazon Lily. Objective: nothing less than to capture the ex-Shichibukai, Boa Hancock. This isn’t a sightseeing trip, it’s a high-flying mission!

A fierce duel against the Kuja Pirates

Picture the scene: S-Snake, facing off against the dreaded Kuja Pirates. Margaret, Sweet Pea – they’re all in it together. S-Snake, on the other hand, remains unscathed. No scratches, nothing!

A true monster of power.

Strategic withdrawal and return to Egg Head

And boom! Right in the middle of the fight, the Marines call her back. Strategy or fear of showing too much? A mystery. Back to Egg Head Island for her. An abrupt ending, but one that leaves so many questions unanswered. What a presence, what strength!

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