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Will Luffy Get Gear 6?

Will Luffy Get Gear 6

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  • Who ever dared to imagine Luffy dominating a Gorosei’s members along with an admiral? This is the conclusive proof of the notable Gear 5’s supremacy. It’s hard to imagine a greater asset, right?

What if I tell you that you missed Oda’s hint to an even more spectacular power scale: the advanced Zoan Awakening? The only question coming to mind is: « Will Luffy get Gear 6?« .

The Zoan Awakening Stages

According to the revelations from Punk-1 in Chapter 1108, Awakened Zoan tend to lose their personalities. We have been introduced to such a case back in Impel Down, don’t you remember?

The so-called Jailer Beasts were the first Awakened Zoans we’ve seen so far in the One Piece series. Plus, they are the only awakened Zoans to show an alteration of their personalities.

Neither Kaku nor Lucci ever showed signs of personality alteration. Although Luffy seems wackier in his awakened state, don’t forget the Aqua-Luffy scene – he’s always been delirious.

Considering that clue, there is evidence of another state for Awakened Zoan Devil Fruits. Nonetheless, there’s more to this theory.

A secret revelation hidden in a mysterious book authored by Oda himself.

The « secret info » from “The Road to Laugh Tale”

The « Road to Laugh Tale » databook. During the month-long break which occurred between Chapter 1053 and Chapter 1054, a booklet series named « Road to Laugh Tale » happened to be published.

Among the sketchings of Gear 5, some data explicitly mentioned the risks associated with the Awakening of Zoan-type Devil Fruits.

It was especially stated about Awakened Zoans that « the innate nature of their respective animals consumes the user. »

The Potential Gear 6

Notice that this side effect hasn’t yet happened to Luffy. This ominous warning suggests that Luffy’s Gear 5 may have an even more potent form, a Gear 6.

This « advanced Awakened Zoans« , earlier exemplified by the guards in Impel Down, seems reiterated by Saturne in the Egghead arc. After getting defeated by Luffy, he came back with a dreadful demonic face, unable to speak or maintain any sense of self.

Could this be the early stages of this famous advanced stage, considering the animalistic fury?

What will Luffy’s Gear 6 side effect be?

A plausible theory speculates that Luffy’s Gear 6 could manifest the true appearance of the legendary Sun God Nika.

Contrarily to the other Zoan, the Hito Hito no Mi: model Nika isn’t related to an animal, rather to the mythical god Nika.

The Gear 6 side effect could result in a drastic change in both appearance and personality, perhaps even revealing Nika’s original form from centuries ago.

Coupled with the potential loss of rationality, this gear could be Luffy’s most powerful, yet most dangerous transformation. He could be able to fight more freely and in a more irrational way.

Will Luffy Get Gear 6: Final words

While the Gear 5 has already demonstrated Luffy’s immense power, the possibility of a Gear 6 looms large.

A gear that could unleash the true might of Nika, but at a grave cost. The ultimate culmination of Luffy’s journey, or a descent into madness?


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