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Pythagoras, the genius known as Punk-04. The living embodiment of Vegapunk‘s « knowledge », this satellite intrigues with its intelligence and insight.

Imagine a mind as vast as the ocean, dedicated to the accumulation and application of knowledge in all its forms. Pythagoras, with his number 04 engraved like a mark of excellence, isn’t just a satellite; he’s a symbol of the tireless quest for knowledge, a beacon of light in the complex and often obscure world of One Piece.

What does Pythagoras look like?

Imagine a robot of unique proportions, an assemblage of metal and mystery. 

His body, a captivating blend of light and shadow, proudly bears the inscription PUNK 04, like a signature of his genius.

Its round head, an engineering marvel with a spring mechanism, stands out with ease, revealing small arms and legs, symbols of its versatility.

But that’s not all. 

Pythagoras, this guardian of knowledge, wears missiles strapped to his back, ready for deployment. His aviator’s goggles are not just an accessory, but a symbol of his expansive vision, scanning the horizon of knowledge. 

His technical gloves and boots aren’t just ornaments; they’re a testament to his ability to navigate the complex, dynamic world of One Piece. 

Pythagoras isn’t just a satellite; he’s a work of art in motion, a fascinating blend of technology and intelligence.

What is Pythagoras’ personality?

Let’s delve into the mind of Pythagoras, the embodiment of wisdom in the world of One Piece. Always in an analytical posture, he shines with his ability to gather crucial data. 

Imagine him intensely observing the battle between the Straw Hat Pirates and a Seraph, deciphering every move, every strategy. 

His devotion to research is such that he transcends ordinary needs, like a bathroom break, to stay in the flow of his observations.

But Pythagoras isn’t just a calculating machine; he’s also a symbol of pacifism

Faced with the dreaded CP0 group, sent to eliminate him and his satellite brothers, he opts for diplomacy. He seeks explanations and solutions to avoid a forced landing on Egghead. 

Even in the presence of Lilith, furious at CP0’s incessant demands, Pythagoras remains the voice of reason, advising restraint to avoid aggravating an already tense situation.

A wise counselor, Pythagoras represents a knowledge that transcends the mere accumulation of data, and manifests itself in a deep understanding of human nature and conflict.

Introducing Pythagoras into history: 

Pythagoras is mentioned in chapter 1062 and appears in chapter 1065.

As the Straw Hat Pirates enter Vegapunk’s laboratory, a captivating scene unfolds. 

Visualize Pythagoras, alongside Lilith and Edison, meticulously observing the S-Shark Seraphim’s every move. 

His steely eyes scrutinize, analyze, assess the performance of this astonishing creature and the progress of the battle.

But the tranquility is short-lived. 

CP0’s arrival at Egghead triggers an emergency in Pythagoras, prompting him to rush to Shaka. The anxiety is palpable: the pirates’ presence could draw the wrath of the world government. 

Lilith suggests the easy way out, handing over the pirates, but Shaka, a shrewd strategist, advocates resistance.

Pythagoras, ever the voice of reason, tries to calm the troubled waters. 

He knows that CP0 is out to kill, but advises Lilith not to provoke the enemy. Unfortunately, his warnings are ignored and the situation escalates. Pythagoras watches helplessly as their ship is destroyed by the sea beasts’ weapons, a clue that the Seraphim have been used.

What follows is a whirlwind of events. After mastering CP0, Pythagoras embarks on a quest under Shaka to find the missing Vegapunk Stella. But on this quest, danger lurks. 

Pythagoras is attacked, and his apparently lifeless body is found.

But there is a spark of hope: Pythagoras survives by separating from his body. Even in this precarious situation, he tries to reveal the truth behind the attack. Suddenly, S-Snake appears, hostile and ruthless. 

Pythagoras and Lilith are caught off guard, unable to understand why S-Snake betrayed them. 

The scene ends in a dramatic explosion, leaving the audience in suspense. What will happen to Pythagoras, this satellite of knowledge and wisdom?

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