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Edison, nicknamed PUNK-03, the third wonder among the Vegapunk genius’s satellites. The embodiment of pure innovation, it symbolizes « inventiveness » in its most dazzling form. Imagine a mind whose creativity defies the limits of science. 

Edison is much more than just a creation; he’s a window onto the infinite possibilities of ingenuity in the vast world of One Piece.

What does Edison look like? 

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Edison, the PUNK-03, a mechanical prodigy the size of a mischievous child. 

His head, worthy of a futuristic tale, evokes an American football, adorned with two curious appendages reminiscent of rabbit ears or, who knows, a whimsical socket. 

Its eyes, wide open in a perpetual expression of astonishment, widen through a fascinating opening at the front. 

The mysterious number ’03’ sits proudly on his forehead, like a seal of uniqueness. 

Wearing a jacket in shades of green and orange, Edison embodies a blend of technology and childhood, a little being sprung from a vivid imagination, ready to write his own legend in the pages of One Piece.

What’s Edison’s personality?

Edison, the PUNK-03, embodies the very essence of restlessness and creative thinking. 

Imagine him, this little mechanical genius, getting excited at every scratch on his precious creations. 

At the slightest spark of inspiration, he rushes to sketch out his brilliant ideas, leaving behind a trail of sketches and dreams for others to realize. But that’s not all!

Edison, in his relentless pursuit of innovation, also has a protective eye for Vegapunk’s allies. 

Take Stussy, for example: Edison’s palpable fear that she could become a target of the World Government if her loyalty to Vegapunk were discovered reveals a touching side to his personality. 

And during the imminent peril of CP0‘s elimination of all Vegapunks, her reluctance to contact Stussy portrays a fascinating emotional complexity. 

Edison, far more than a mere creation, is a being deeply attached to his companions, a beating heart within a machine.

Introducing Edison into the story: 

Edison is mentioned in chapter 1062 and introduced in chapter 1065.

Picture the scene: Edison, the little mechanical genius PUNK-03, in the control room, alongside Lilith and Pythagoras. 

There, they monitor the Seraphim S-Shark’s battle against the daring Straw Hat Pirates. 

But Edison, with his mind bubbling with inventiveness, can’t help drifting, caught up in flashes of inspiration for new inventions. 

He escapes to scribble down his ideas, to test them, in a whirlwind of creativity.

Suddenly, an idea springs to Edison’s mind at the critical moment when CP0 is locking all the exits. 

As Vegapunk contacts Stussy, their secret ally, Edison finds himself torn between worry and opportunity – the imminent danger of Stussy being targeted by the World Government on the one hand, and on the other, an escape route now more accessible than ever before.

In the tumult of the situation, with the Seraphim coasting after the arrival of CP0, Edison and Lilith embark on a daring attempt to regain control of the Seraphim. 

And in a master stroke, Edison manages to quell the unrest at Labophase, after Lucci and Kaku have been neutralized by Stussy.

Joining the Straw Hats, Stussy and the other satellites, Edison takes an active part in the quest for the main Vegapunk, commenting on their ability to repair Atlas.

But two new problems emerge: the original Vegapunk is nowhere to be found and the Frontier Dome is now locked, trapping everyone in the laboratory. 

Faced with this impasse, Shaka prioritizes the search for Vegapunk, prompting the satellites and the crew of the Straw Hat to split into search groups. Edison, with Brook and Nami, embarks on this quest.

Fate, sometimes cruel, strikes when S-Shark attacks and knocks Edison unconscious. 

In a poignant moment, Nami hugs him, begging him to hold on.

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