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Lilith, known as Punk-02 (PUNK-02パンク ツー, Panku-Tsū), embodies the « evil » side of Vegapunk, clearly distinguishing herself from Shaka, her « benevolent » counterpart. 

His personality, both captivating and provocative, reflects the ambivalence of his creator, Vegapunk, revealing the extent of human duality. 

Her look: 

Lilith’s youthful, dynamic appearance is typical of the captivating One Piece universe. 

Her light brown hair, cut short and falling elegantly over her right eye, adds a touch of mystery to her look. 

Her outfit consists of a full pink jumpsuit, stamped with her « Punk-02 » designation on the left side, blending functionality and style. 

She completes her wardrobe with an elegant purple coat, sturdy black boots, and dark purple gloves that add a shade of seriousness to her look.

Her accessories are not to be outdone. 

The red aviator helmet she sports is not only a fashion choice, but also a key element of her functionality, reflecting her status as Vegapunk’s high-tech satellite. 

This ear-mounted device with an antenna is more than just a gadget. It symbolizes its permanent connection with Vegapunk’s other satellites, underlining its crucial role in the sophisticated communications and surveillance network. 

Her Personality: 


Lilith embodies the darker, more malevolent side of Vegapunk, providing a striking contrast to her deceptively benevolent appearance. 

Her altruistic façade conceals a ruthless, calculating nature. 

Her actions, under the guise of helping others, often conceal sinister intentions, such as her habit of extorting funds under the pretext of financing Vegapunk’s research. 

Her interaction with Luffy’s crew is a perfect example, where she doesn’t hesitate to demand exorbitant remuneration for her services.

Lilith tends to underestimate her opponents, a weakness that often makes her reckless. 

This arrogance manifests itself in her impulsiveness, especially when confronted with unexpected situations, such as her impetuous reaction to the CP0 agents who came to Egghead. 

Her impulsive temperament often leads her to ignore sound advice, giving way to rash actions.

Yet behind her combative facade and provocative attitude, Lilith shows a certain loyalty to her satellite peers. 

She is vengeful and protective, especially when she wants to fight CP0 to avenge her comrade Atlas, damaged by Rob Lucci. 

Her reaction to S-Shark‘s attack on Edison, where she is clearly relieved when he is saved in extremis by Sanji, reveals a more nuanced side to her personality.

Overall, Lilith is a complex and contradictory character, mixing cunning, malice and unexpected loyalty.

Her power: 

As a satellite of Vegapunk, Lilith has played a key role in major technological advances.

She boasts an impressive technological arsenal, but Shaka has warned her of its limits against the likes of Roronoa Zoro and Nico Robin, prominent members of an Emperor’s crew with bounties approaching a billion.

Engineering skills

Lilith excels in the use of robots and cybernetically enhanced animals in combat. 

Her greatest asset is the giant Vega Force 1 robot, large enough to engulf Thousand Sunny. 

This robot is distinguished by its ability to navigate underwater and generate devastating explosions on impact. Lilith also controls sea beasts transformed into cyborgs, equipped with various arsenals, such as a mechanical shark with a cannon.

She uses these creatures to siege and pillage pirate ships, although Shaka points out that their power remains insufficient against warriors of the caliber of Zoro or Robin.

Moreover, a programming flaw remains: despite their improvements, these creatures remain slaves to their animal instincts.

Her weapon

Lilith wields an imposing futuristic pistol, ready to take on CP0 to avenge Atlas. 

His weapon, nicknamed the Bubble Gun, launches bubbles capable of deflecting all attacks. These bubbles, composed of marine energy, represent a notable weakness for Devil fruit users, adding a strategic dimension to her combat.

Lilith’s introduction to the story: 

Lilith made her grand entrance by saving the crew of the Chapeau de Paille and the Thousand Sunny from a giant mechanical shark, thanks to her impressive Vega Force robot. 

Introducing herself as Dr. Vegapunk, she initially captured the admiration of Franky, Usopp and Sanji, but it was Robin’s insight that unlocked her mystery, noting the impossibility of her youth for someone as renowned and ancient as Vegapunk. 

Revealing her true nature as a satellite, Lilith demanded that the pirates hand over their booty to fund her research, threatening destruction by her mechanical sea monsters if they resisted.

Shaka’s intervention by phone was a turning point. He asked Lilith to abandon her extortion attempt, deeming such conduct unworthy of a scientist. 

He also informed Lilith that she was dealing with the crew of the Straw Hat, pointing out the particular dangerousness of certain members such as Zoro and Robin, capable of easily defeating her and his mechanical creatures. 

This revelation led Lilith to acknowledge her imprudence and agree to lead the crew to Shaka.

Despite her frustration at this missed opportunity, Lilith followed Shaka’s order. She transported the Sunny to Egghead, the upper part of the island housing the research laboratory, with the Vega Force robot. 

Guiding the crew, with the exception of Brook and Zoro, through the laboratory, she revealed the specifics of her technological innovations. 

However, this apparent cooperation concealed a devious intention. Coordinating with Edison, Lilith unleashed the Seraph S-Shark’s attack on the crew of the Straw Hat, with the aim of testing their combat capabilities.

But this experiment was abruptly interrupted by Shaka, provoking Lilith’s ire at this new interference in her plans.


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