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Atlas, nicknamed Punk-05, stands out as the epitome of « violence » among Vegapunk‘s satellites. This rugged character embodies unprecedented brute force, symbolizing the most ruthless and aggressive aspect of his creator. 

Her look: 

Atlas presents a striking appearance with short, curly hair split between white and pink

On her abdomen, a long, bushy tail catches the eye. 

She sports a distinctive dress marked « Punk 05 », adorned with a large arrow descending from neck to legs. 

Her look is completed by dark boots and gloves, contrasted with light-colored sleeves. 

Essential for coordination with the other Vegapunk satellites, Atlas is equipped with a sophisticated earpiece and an imposing dorsal jet thruster. 

Her imposing stature, comparable to Kaido’s, is emphasized by one of the characters.

Atlas’ robustness is put to the test when she suffers a devastating attack from Rob Lucci and his Rokuougan. 

This confrontation leaves her partially damaged, with a head emitting smoke and intermittent flashes. 

Faced with Luffy’s request to heal Atlas, Chopper points out that this task would be more appropriate for Franky. 

In Vegapunk’s technological sanctuary, the laboratory, the straw hat group and the satellites come together, allowing Atlas to receive the necessary repairs thanks to spare parts.

Atlas’s ability to alter his appearance and physical structure underscores his robotic nature, in whole or in part. 

His face is revealed as a mask.

Her Personality: 

Atlas, embodying the violent aspect of Vegapunk’s personality, displays exacerbated aggression when provoked, particularly in the face of attempts to harm her, as Luffy experienced when he tried to hit her. 

This aggression is coupled with an acute intelligence, particularly evident when she explains the mechanism of her own inventions with remarkable precision.

However, this impetuous nature and her tendency to violence don’t make her any less reckless. 

Despite Shaka’s warnings of her limited chances against formidable opponents, Atlas has not hesitated to take the fight to the elite agents of CP0

This boldness underlines both his confidence in his own abilities and a certain lack of caution, characteristic of his fiery temperament.

Her power : 

Atlas, as a Vegapunk satellite, has made a significant contribution to development and scientific research on EggHead Island. 

In particular, it has designed an innovative air-conditioning system capable of radically transforming the island’s climate from winter to tropical. 

This achievement aligns with Vegapunk’s dream of transforming her native island of Balgimoa.

Her physical strength, bordering on the superhuman, is evident when she hurls Luffy against an automated cooking appliance. 

Her body, whose composition suggests metal armor or a cyborg structure, gives her remarkable resistance.

In terms of scientific equipment, Atlas is equipped with innovations of her own design:

  • Photonic gloves: These enable her to interact physically with light, making Egghead’s holograms tangible and reactive, as demonstrated when she strikes a space monster hologram that recoils on impact.
  • Dorsal Jet Propulsion: This device gives her the ability to fly.

Her combat techniques include :

  • Digestion Punch: A technique used to help York and the other satellites digest and relieve themselves.
  • Ultra Mighty Punch: A devastating punch, prepared by curling her arm several times before striking. She tried this technique against Rob Lucci, but was interrupted before she could finish him off.

Introducing the character Atlas into the plot: 

Atlas was revealed in chapter 1062.

During her meeting with the crew of the Chapeau de Paille, Atlas introduced the pirates to the incredible technology of Egghead Island. She explained how, thanks to her revolutionary inventions, she was able to transform the island’s frigid climate into a lush tropical environment. 

A curious Luffy tested Atlas’ reality by punching her, which irritated her and prompted her to hurl the captain against one of her creations – an ultra-efficient self-cooking machine capable of concocting 500 different dishes in under a minute.

Atlas expressed her frustration at the impossibility of mass-producing this machine, due to a lack of resources and manpower. 

In a fit of anger, she took off with her jet propeller and demonstrated the power of her photonic gloves by hitting a space monster hologram. She then introduced herself to the crew as the scientist Vegapunk, causing Luffy and Chopper to be astonished.

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