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Shaka, known as Punk-01 (PUNK-01パンク ワン, Panku-Wan), is a key figure in the egghead arc. As Vegapunk‘s first satellite, he embodies the quintessence of « good », in stark contrast to Lilith, his opposite. 

This fascinating character is second only to the legendary Professor Clover in evoking the Great Kingdom, a hot topic for any self-respecting fan. 

His look: 

Shaka is distinguished by a unique futuristic allure. 

This svelte « man » sports a full-face helmet with the number « 01 » emblazoned across it, marking his uniqueness. 

His style is accentuated by a long, dark-blue hooded coat, embossed with « VEGAPUNK » and « 01 » at its base, symbolizing his close link with the Vegapunk genie. 

The light-colored patterns that dot part of the coat add a touch of elegance to his appearance. 

The coat’s left sleeve, emblazoned with the words « CAUTION XO », underlines its bold style. 

Finally, his DOM shoes, typical of Egghead Island, complete his avant-garde look. 

It’s a character that instantly captures attention, blending mystery and technology in a remarkable design.

Shaka’s personality: 

Shaka, aka Punk-01, embodies Vegapunk’s sensible, cautious spirit. 

This satellite is the brain, always one step ahead. 

When he sees Punk-02 unthinkingly underestimate an Emperor’s crew, he steps in. 

There’s no way he’s going to let a mistake like that go. 

What’s crazy about him is his interest in Zoro, Robin and, frankly, the whole crew. He has this analytical eye, catching every detail, every potential.

He’s the kind of guy who leaves nothing to chance, always keeping an eye on the game as a whole. 

Basically, Shaka is the kind of mind that measures every risk and seizes every opportunity. A true strategist.

Shaka’s introduction to the story: 

Shaka is introduced in chapter 1062.

He swoops in like a boss, cutting short the scheming of Lilith, that habitual con artist, against the pirates of the Straw Hat Crew. He makes it clear that he wants to see them, period.

Then, Shaka, in the middle of an exchange with Dragon, drops a bombshell: he feels his end is near. He wants to discuss something crucial with the leader of the Revolutionaries. Now that’s something.

And the highlight of the show? Shaka finds Nami, Usopp, Robin, Franky and Sanji in the middle of a fight with the S-shark. He intervenes, ordering the S-shark to take it easy. 

Then he asks the crew THE question: « What do you think of the island’s tech? » And bam, he reveals that all this futurism is déjà-vu, that it existed 900 years ago! 

He drags them into the lab and starts spilling the beans about the Forgotten Century, the Ohara Incident… Everything. A real mind-blowing moment for fans, myself included.

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