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Rob lucci

Rob lucci

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Rob Lucci, that name evokes chills in any One Piece fan, doesn’t it? From his first appearance as the Galley-La Company’s mysterious carpenter, this guy captured our attention. And believe me, he didn’t disappoint. As the main villain of Arc Water Seven, Lucci established himself as a tough, calculating adversary.

But wait, there’s more. In the Enies Lobby arc, he returns in force as the second bad guy, proving that his cunning and power are not to be underestimated. Bet you remember!

After the ellipsis, Lucci’s saga takes an unexpected turn. He joins CP-AIGIS0. Yes, our man is still in the game.

In the Egghead arc, he appears as the fourth antagonist, right after such big names as York, Dean Saturn and Admiral Kizaru. Hats off, Lucci, for your persistence and undeniable impact in the One Piece world.

His look: 

Rob Lucci, tall, lean, muscular – this guy is the very definition of manliness in One Piece. 

Have you seen his arched eyebrows? And that atypical beard? It’s pure style. Black, wavy hair, sometimes in a ponytail, he’s got it all. 

And the tattoos? Two crossed-out rectangles on each arm, a striking symbol.

But let’s talk about his look. 

The ladies from Water 7 and Gatherine from Enies Lobby think he’s a knockout. 

No wonder, right? Undercover at Galley-La, he wore that top hat, a dandy look with brown pants, orange suspenders, a white tank top, and those two-tone shoes. Perfection.

And that bull mask when he stormed Icebarg’s mansion? Or that little metal mask when he took on the Franky Family? Every detail counts. 

And let’s not forget the green fur coat Corgi gave him, a detail of pure swag.

The leopard version of the Zoan Demon Fruit gives him an incredible metamorphic ability. A leopard or a leopard-man hybrid, that’s power. Even as a child, with his trusty pigeon and « Peace » T-shirt, Lucci already had that extra something.

Remember, after Enies Lobby: leopard shirt, black jacket, bandages. A warrior, a survivor. 

And post timeskip? Pendulous beard, white CP0 suit, pink or medal on chest – elegance personified.

Rob Lucci isn’t just a character, he’s a style icon in the world of One Piece. A character to follow, for sure.

His power: 

Lucci, that CP9 monster, always has his trusty Hattori by his side. Imagine this: the only time this bird strays is when Lucci unleashes hell.

I’ve got an image in my head: Lucci, infiltrating Franky’s base, showing a photo to Hattori. Crazy scene, isn’t it?

At 13, he was already a superhuman beast. 

His first mission? Carnage. 500 soldiers down, five cannonballs fired. They call him « the cruelest executioner ». Even the vice-admirals are freaking out. 

A Buster Call? For Lucci, it’s child’s play.

A living legend, feared by all, Lucci is power incarnate. His first round with Luffy? A spectacle. 

Zoro? Swept away like dust. 

And the Vice-Admirals? They’d rather demolish buildings than get involved. 

Lucci is more than a fighter, he’s a strategist. His analysis of Luffy’s technique? Brilliant. And his stamina? Ironclad.

The final battle against Luffy? A duel of the titans. Lucci, unshakeable, forcing Luffy to surpass himself. And this strength? 4000 Douriki. 400 times more than an ordinary soldier. A dizzying figure, isn’t it?

His devil fruit: 

Rob Lucci, a name that sends shivers down the spine of the One Piece universe.

His Devil Fruit, the Neko Neko no Mi, Leopard model, is heavy stuff.

We’re talking about a transformation into a leopard or a leopard-man hybrid, boosting his physical abilities to stratospheric levels. Remember the first time he transformed against Zoro and Luffy – it was sheer carnage.

But, and this is where it gets interesting, even a monster like Lucci had to pull out his claws against Luffy’s Gear 2.

We saw his techniques transform, becoming sharper, faster.

His « Index Gun« , a real rifle bullet.

His « Shigan Madara » is pure martial art.

And let’s not even mention his improved version of the « Hurricane Foot« , the « Rankyaku Gaicho« , capable of slicing through a warship. It’s unheard of!

But Lucci isn’t one to abuse his animal form. Just once, he bit Luffy on the shoulder in this form. Tactical trick or fighter’s pride? We don’t know.

What we do know is that his Resurrection ability allows him to play on his muscle mass, becoming faster, but also a hair less powerful in hybrid form.

The highlight of the show? His leopard tail. Not only is it stylish, but he uses it to immobilize his enemies. A decisive move against Luffy, trying to avoid his 3rd Rokugan. Lucci, an extraordinary fighter who pushes the limits. Hats off to the artist!

The 6 powers : 

Rob Lucci is no amateur. His mastery of the Six Powers takes him beyond the level of ultimate artistry. 

His « Ultimate Attack: Six Powers Shot« ? A monster! Imagine a wave of energy, stronger than a Skypiea reject-dial. He throws it with both fists, a true demonstration of power.

Techniques? Lucci has an arsenal of them. 

Take « Kamisori« : a mix of speed and attack, leaving a black trail behind him. In « One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 », this technique is fatal. 

Then there’s « Rankyaku Hyoubi » and « Gaichou« : razor-sharp attacks in the shape of a bird of prey, capable of splitting steel. Impressive, isn’t it?

Lucci also has multiple versions of « Shigan« . 

« Ouren », a flurry of Index Guns, or « Tobu Shigan Bachi« , a ranged version, capable of piercing even Luffy. 

And « Hibachi« , where his fingernail ignites, transforming the attack into a fireball.

And that’s not all. « Tekkai Utsugi« , a counter-attack that sends the shock back to the enemy. 

And the famous « Rokushiki Ogi: Rokuogan« , an internal technique, painless for the user but devastating for the opponent. 

For fans, « Sai Dai Ring: Rokuogan » in its hybrid form is breathtaking. A shockwave capable of shattering rock.

Finally, « Seimei Kikan: Kami-e Bushin« , a cheetah transformation, boosts his speed and agility. « Kaijo » allows him to return to his normal form. 

That’s Rob Lucci: an extraordinary fighter, with techniques that leave you speechless. One Piece fans, admit it, this is heavy stuff!

His haki : 

Rob Lucci, the ace of Weapon’s Haki, is a must-have figure for us One Piece fans. He’s a living legend.

We’ve seen him deploy this power in non-series episodes, but it’s in the Gold Movie that it gets serious. Imagine the shock: his fist against Sabo’s. A moment engraved in our memories!

But it’s on Egg Head Island that things take on a whole new dimension. There, facing Luffy, he uses this Haki in a canonical way. Rocks fly, and Lucci? He smashes them like they’re nothing.

It’s that kind of moment that thrills us, the fans.

His personality: 

Rob Lucci, Water 7’s silent carpenter, a master of ventriloquism, spoke only through his pigeon Hattori. A formidable spy, his silence concealed a tactical genius and unrivalled brutality. His true nature was revealed only after his identity was discovered.

At Water Seven, Lucci played the moralizing role with Pauly, a gambling addict. Their rivalry masked the strategic depth of Lucci, who, despite his calm demeanor, hid a sharp mind, even as a spy. His politeness contrasted with his lack of apparent vices.

In chapter 1017, Who’s Who reveals Lucci’s genius within the government. Physically and intellectually gifted, he easily convinced Kaku and Kalifa to use their devil fruit. By the age of 13, he had mastered Rokushiki and quickly understood Luffy’s Gear 2, even anticipating its consequences on his lifespan.

Lucci, unfailingly loyal, remains serious, even in the face of government congratulations. He refuses to celebrate too soon, calling to order those who rejoice prematurely. His rigid approach and vision of justice make him a frightening pillar of strength for enemies and allies alike.

His cruelty, particularly towards his subordinates, is legendary. Lucci believes that weakness is a crime, justifying the execution of defeated soldiers. His sadistic temperament shines through in his interactions, cruelly manipulating the emotions of his adversaries to achieve his goals.

Transformed into a leopard, Lucci even intimidates his superior, Spandam, seeking only to exercise his right to kill without consequence. He doesn’t share Spandam’s ideals, considering his weakness and lack of courage, but respects the hierarchy as long as it serves his interests.

Lucci makes no secret of his contempt, even towards his colleagues. He uses personal information to hurt, as he did with Jabura, revealing his acute understanding of personal dynamics and human weaknesses.

His first appearance in Dressrosa shows his frustration at failing to retrieve an important list, revealing his ability to deal with failure pragmatically. He also demonstrates a subtle rebellion against Spandam’s orders, allowing Luffy to progress.

Despite his cold appearance, Lucci shows loyalty to his colleagues, sharing a common past in Guanhao on the Grand Line. His ability to express a form of sympathy, particularly when protecting the innocent in Saint Poplar, reveals a complexity in his character.

Lucci, a complex character, combines ruthless brutality with a keen sense of strategy and unwavering loyalty, contrasting with his apparent emotional indifference.



CP9 heavyweight Rob Lucci is the guy we love to hate. One Piece fans, you know what I’m talking about. With CP9 agents, it’s a mix of respect and tension. Especially with Jabura – their relationship is electric, always on the edge.

Lucci is the boss of CP9, recognized even by Spandam.

His coldness? Legendary. He crushes the weak, like Nero. No mercy.

And his colleagues? They respect him, even if he doesn’t give back. After the Enies Lobby disaster, they all put their hands in their pockets for his care. Now that’s dedication.

  • Kaku and Lucci are a different story. Five years at Water 7, side by side. Two aces in the CP9 sleeve. They’ve earned the trust of the carpenters, respected by all. Kaku, always there for Lucci, even after their transition to CP0.
  • Kalifa, Lucci’s colleague, they work well together. Lucci, always asking her for reports, even pushed her to eat the Devil Fruit. Five years on a mission together creates a bond.
  • Blueno, too, gets on well with Lucci. But Lucci, without mercy, didn’t hesitate to criticize him after his defeat. Tough but fair, that’s Lucci.
  • And then there’s Jabura. Their relationship is like fire and ice. Lifelong rivals with opposing Zoan powers. Lucci is always a step above, but Jabura never gives up. They bicker, but deep down, Jabura cares about Lucci, like all CP9 members.
  • Hattori, Lucci’s Companion: Faithful and unflappable, Hattori, Lucci’s inseparable parrot, is a symbol of loyalty. Always perched on his master’s right shoulder, he displays a rare complicity. Just imagine: even during the chaos of the Buster Call, he didn’t move a muscle. Their duet? More than just a human-animal relationship, it’s a fusion of destinies. Hattori isn’t just a parrot, he’s Lucci’s brother-in-arms.
  • Lucci, the Watchdog of the World Government: Lucci, the CP9 killer, was the terror incarnate of the World Government. His dedication? Boundless. His strength? Legendary. His doctrine of Absolute Justice? Implacable. But beware, after Enies Lobby, Spandam’s betrayal has turned Lucci and his team into fugitives. The twist? After the timeskip, Lucci reappears, triumphant, in CP0, with Spandam relegated to subordinate status. A plot twist worthy of a thriller.
  • Confrontation with Akainu: Lucci, face to face with Chief Admiral Akainu, displays breathtaking audacity. His request? Ten warships. His response to Akainu’s refusal? Iron determination. Despite the threats, Lucci doesn’t waver. An electrifying face-off, revealing Lucci’s grit and determination.
  • Lucci and the Celestial Dragons: After the timeskip, Lucci, the infallible agent in the service of the Celestial Dragons. His loyalty? Unwavering. When Shirahoshi’s abduction is attempted, he is ready to do anything to serve his masters, even to confront Neptune. But the intervention of Saint Miosgard changes all that. Forced to retreat, Lucci proves that even the strongest are sometimes powerless.

Rob Lucci’s enemies:

  • Spandam, The Insignificant and Repugnant Ex-Superior

Uncompromising loyalty but utter contempt. That’s how CP9 ace Rob Lucci saw Spandam. Imagine the tension: Spandam, treating Robin like a nobody, and Lucci, disgusted with his superior. The twist? The members of CP9, betrayed by Spandam and hunted by the World Government, designate him as enemy number one. Lucci, not one to forget, promises a « visit » to the now disabled Spandam. Ironically, they both end up in CP-0, still on bad terms.

  • Nero, the Disappointing Newcomer

Nero, CP9’s new boy, has never earned Lucci’s respect. His inability to master the Six Powers? An unforgivable failure for Lucci. His defeat by Franky sealed his fate, with Lucci even choosing to eliminate him.

  • Galley-La Company, Friends Becoming Enemies

During his years at Galley-La Company, Lucci was close to the craftsmen, but with no real connection. When his true identity is revealed, it’s a shock: he doesn’t hesitate to attack his former colleagues, Pauly and Icebarg in particular. No remorse, no regrets, Lucci leaves Water Seven with cold indifference.

  • Icebarg, The Calculated Target

The brilliant Icebarg, holder of the Pluto plans, was in Cipher Pol’s sights. Lucci and three other CP9 agents, disguised as ordinary citizens, infiltrate his circle of trust. Their brutal revelation, an unexpected betrayal for Icebarg, set off an intense confrontation.

  • Pauly, Rivalry and Betrayal

Pauly and Lucci, a five-year rivalry marked by confrontations without a winner. The revelation of the truth about Lucci turns their rivalry into pure enmity. Without a moment’s hesitation, Lucci tries to kill Pauly, who now sees him only as an enemy.

  • The Straw Hat Crew, Fierce Adversaries

Lucci fiercely opposed the Straw Hat Crew, seeking to prevent Nico Robin’s rescue. The epic battle against Luffy at Enies Lobby? A memorable defeat for Lucci, despite repeated attempts to annihilate the crew.

  • Monkey D. Luffy, A Duel of Titans

Luffy, without doubt one of Lucci’s most formidable adversaries. Two epic battles, the first ending in Luffy’s defeat, the second an endurance confrontation on the Bridge of Hesitations, seeing Lucci’s downfall.

  • Nico Robin, Dark obsession

For Lucci and CP9, Robin is the enemy to bring down. Lucci, fascinated by the idea of capturing her, is ready to pursue her to the ends of the earth. An irony noted by Oda himself: Rob Lucci, « the thief of light », opposed to Robin, « the light of revolution ».

  • Franky, The Frustrating Failure

Capturing Franky was Lucci’s goal. But to see Franky destroy the plans for the ancient weapon? A crushing blow for Lucci, undoing five years of hard work.

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