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What will vegapunk reveal to the world ?

What will vegapunk reveal to the world

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With tensions at an all-time high on Egghead Island, it looks like Oda has finally set the stage for the finale of Egghead Island arc and it’s blowing us all away! 

The giants are wreaking havoc on the Island, the pacifistas destroying marines under Bonney’s orders, and Luffy stepping in at the last second to stop Saturn and Kizaru with his bare hands! 

The finale could not get better! Oda’s plans unfold but What will vegapunk reveal to the world?

Which Secrets will be Unveiled?

That’s right! In chapter 1108, just as Vegapunk is about to die, the panel shifts, and we see Vegapunk on a TV announcing that he’s going to reveal the truth about the world to everyone! 

What could this mean? While we don’t know what exactly the mad scientist plans on revealing, we know that it’ll have something to do with the World Government. 

Maybe it’ll be something that allows the world to view them for what they really are, an evil group set on controlling and ruling the whole world while making sure freedom is erased from the minds of the people! 

This would ruin their reputation and make sure that everyone in the world rebels against them!

Secrets of the Void Century

Dragging the World Government through the mud isn’t all that Vegapunk plans on doing. 

He could also go about revealing the secrets of the Void Century to everyone. Fans know how much of a mystery the Void Century is, and how the World Government is hell-bent on making sure it remains a secret. 

But it looks like their plans are about to crumble right in front of them! If Vegapunk reveals the secrets of the Void Century then there will be chaos and people will rise against the World Government, and we may even get to see war being waged on the Celestial Dragons!

What will vegapunk reveal to the world? The Truth of the World!

In 2023 Oda teased that a world-shaking event would be taking place in the Egghead arc. While some people thought this event was Kuma obliterating Saturn in a single punch, it looks like the punch was just the beginning of the event. 

With Vegapunk set on revealing the truth about the World Government, it looks like Oda is finally delivering on his promise! The secrets that Vegapunk is about to reveal will shake the very core of the world and change everything!

This announcement will be on the scale of Whitebeard’s declaration in the past. He confirmed the existence of the One Piece and inspired generations to come, and it looks like Vegapunk is about to do the very same! 

Using Punk records and the ability of the Nomi Nomi no mi, Vegapunk is about to reveal everything he knows to the whole world! We will need to sit back and wait to see what the announcement is really about, but whatever it may be, we know that the mad genius has decided to go out with a bang!

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