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Seraphim revolutionize the concept of Pacifistas. These living weapons, born of the ingenuity of the Special Science Group, are a scientific feat. They embody clones of the former Corsair Captains, but with a twist: their DNA has been modified.

Thanks to this modification, they inherit powers from the Devil Fruit and a regenerative capacity unique to Lunarias.

Their headquarters? Egg Head Island. This is where Vegapunk, their creator, works his scientific miracles.

Their existence was first mentioned by Admiral Fujitora. In a conversation with Ryokugyu during the Reverie arc, he reveals this incredible breakthrough. Fujitora suggests that, thanks to the Seraphim, the Navy could now do without the Grand Corsairs. A stunning revelation that underlines the importance and power of these new creations.

Their appearance : 


The Seraphim, a new generation of Pacifistas, captivate with their childlike appearance. 

Visually, they are a stunning hybrid, combining the distinctive features of Lunarias and famous Captain Corsairs like Boa Hancock and Dracule Mihawk.

These cyborgs are designed in the image of existing individuals, just like the original Pacifistas inspired by Bartholomew Kuma. 

Their unique Lunaria-inspired biology manifests itself in brown skin, white hair, black wings, and an impressive plume of fire on their backs.

All Seraphim bear the designation « PX- » somewhere on their bodies, a trait common to all Pacifistas. 

A remarkable feature of some Seraphim is the presence of star-shaped pupils. 

Their name reflects the animal theme associated with the Corsair Captain who served as the model for their creation.

Seraphim models: 


The fearsome Pacifista « Seraph », inspired by the young Boa Hancock. Its snake-based design captivates the eye.


This « Seraphim » Pacifista evokes the youth of Dracule Mihawk. It’s elegantly named for its hawk-like appearance.


Representing young Bartholomew Kuma, this « Seraph » Pacifista carries the essence of the bear in its appearance.


Inspired by Jinbei as a child, this Pacifista « Seraphim » embodies the quiet power of the whale shark.

S-? (Doflamingo) : 

This mysterious « Seraphim » Pacifista recalls Don Quixote Doflamingo’s childhood, with inimitable style.

S-? (Moria): 

This « Seraphim » Pacifista evokes the youth of Gecko Moria, retaining his mysterious aura.

S-? (Crocodile) : 

Representing the Crocodile child, this « Seraph » Pacifista captures his essence in a youthful, impressive form.

Their characters: 

Like the Pacifistas, these cyborgs operate with robotic precision.

When given an attack order, they execute without hesitation, sometimes to the detriment of civilian safety. Even Koby struggled to master them during the siege of Amazon Lily, suggesting a more complex level of control than standard Pacifistas.

Unlike early models, some Seraphim are beginning to show signs of personality. A striking example is the S-Snake model, based on Boa Hancock, who reacted strongly to a comment from Jinbei. 

This emergence of personal traits, perhaps due to their evolutionary nature, foreshadows a future development of unique characters.

These creatures are also endowed with the ability to feel and manipulate emotions. The particularly advanced S-Snake model used its childlike appearance to influence Franky during the battle in Vegapunk’s laboratory. A fascinating blend of technology and humanity that continues to captivate us One Piece fans.

Seraphim chain of command: 

Seraphim follow a strict hierarchy:

  1. Bonney
  2. The Five Elders dominate the chain of command. Their word is law for Seraphim, unless orders come from a Snailphone.
  3. Vegapunk is the master builder, whether via Stella or satellites.
  4. Sentomaru often occupies the role of operational leader, ranking third in the hierarchy.
  5. Finally, authority chip holders also have command power over Seraphim.

Their powers: 

Designed to replace the Seven Great Corsairs, the Seraphim are the new heavyweights of the Three Great Powers. 

Admiral Fujitora, who heard about the project before it was launched, was convinced that these cyborgs would surpass the Corsairs.

  • Power and dexterity: Seraphim, cyborgs armed to the teeth. Their laser weapons and sabers testify to their strength. The Mihawk-inspired Seraph wields a saber with terrifying power, slicing through mountains like butter.
  • Strength Against the Emperors: Their strength is such that they have pushed Marshall D. Teach, one of the Four Emperors, to the limit. These cyborgs easily overpowered his subordinates, a feat that speaks for itself.
  • Resilience and Deceptive Appearance: Endowed with Lunarias traits, Seraphim possess remarkable resilience. Even after fierce combat, they emerge intact. Their youthful appearance is their secret asset, making some adversaries reluctant to confront them.

Seraphim symbolism and influence

The appearance of the Seraphim is a master stroke of storytelling. 

Their name, evoking celestial beings, and their design, blending science and myth, reflect a recurring theme in One Piece: the struggle between progress and tradition, the tangible and the mystical. 

The Seraphim symbolize an era in which the boundaries between science and the supernatural are blurred, and the quest for power defies ethical boundaries.

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