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S-Shark stands out as one of the most impressive creations among Seraphim. Picture this: a perfect clone of the legendary Jinbei

Yes, you heard me right, a clone of the illustrious fish-man himself! This technological marvel embodies the quintessence of innovation.

His look: 

Let’s decipher the look of S-Shark, this fascinating clone of Jinbei. Imagine a child version of Jinbei, but with the imposing stature of the adult we know. 

Add to this the unique characteristics of lunarias: brown skin, majestic black wings and snow-white hair. Fascinating, isn’t it? But wait, there’s more. 

Part of his right forearm is replaced by a mysterious tube, filled with an enigmatic liquid. This detail alone piques our curiosity.

And the eyes? An incredible detail! Its star-shaped pupils, though discreet, betray a hidden complexity. You have to get up close to see them, but it’s worth it. It’s an intriguing blend of childhood and adult power, enhanced by a touch of mystery.

His personality :  

Let’s move on to S-Shark’s personality. So far, we’ve mostly seen his aggressive side, especially towards our beloved Straw Hat Pirates. 

Loyal to Vegapunk, he carries out his orders flawlessly. 

But that’s where the questions come in. What lies behind this obedience? A personality of his own, perhaps? Time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: S-Shark is a character to keep an eye on.

His power: 

So, fans, are you ready for a detour into the world of S-Shark, Vegapunk’s Seraphim prodigy? It’s simple: Vegapunk has called him « the strongest form of humanity ». Nothing less!

It’s the pinnacle of scientific evolution, a feat that defies imagination.

Unrivaled Pacifista power

S-Shark, like his Pacifista peers, has a special ability: firing lasers from his palm. Thanks to whom? Thanks to Vegapunk and his research into Pika Pika no Mi

And its robustness? It stood up to Zeus and Sanji, just imagine!

Artificial Lunaria flames

As an artificial lunaria, S-Shark has flames on his back, a symbol of his exceptional resilience. It’s not every day you see that, is it?

Mastery of Gyojin Karate

Fish-man karate? S-Shark has it in his blood, inheriting skills from Jinbei. He even uses liquefied soil as a weapon. An impressive technique, even for connoisseurs.

The power of Devil fruit

And to top it all off, S-Shark possesses an artificial version of Señor Pink’s Sui Sui no Mi

Swimming through solid surfaces while mastering Fishman Karate? That’s unheard of!

Introducing S-Shark into the plot:

The hour is grave: CP0 has landed to eliminate Vegapunk. In retaliation, Shaka has launched the Seraphim S-Hawk, S-Snake, and our own S-Shark under Sentomaru’s command. Explosive scenario, isn’t it?

Alliance and Tactics

Picture the scene: Monkey D. Luffy and Rob Lucci in full battle, while S-Shark and his Seraphim brothers face off against the CP0 agents. 

Sentomaru, a shrewd strategist, orders S-Shark and S-Hawk to block CP0, while S-Snake covers the escape of the Straw Hats and Vegapunk. Great tactical art!

The turning point

This is where it all changes. The Seraphim, joined by S-Bear, go on the rampage against the government agents. But in a shocking turn of events, Sentomaru falls in battle. The Seraphim, now leaderless, come under the command of CP0. An unexpected turn of events, typical of the unpredictable One Piece universe.

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