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Stussy stands out as the first successful MADS clone, created in the image of Miss Buckingham Stussy. This spy, working for Dr. Vegapunk, had long infiltrated the World Government in depth, until circumstances forced her to abandon her cover.

In her role as a CP0 agent, Stussy also made a name for herself as Emperor of the Underworld, known by the nickname « Queen of the Pleasure Quarter« .

At first, she appears as a minor antagonist of the Egghead Arc. But as her past and true allegiance are revealed, Stussy becomes a key ally for Vegapunk and the Straw Hat Crew. Her complex journey adds an extra layer of intrigue and excitement to the story.

What does Stussy look like?


Stussy, the enigmatic and seductive CP0 agent, is both sophisticated and mysterious.

Her curly blond hair perfectly frames her face, while her light blue eyes shine with a sharp intelligence.

Her elegant outfit features a diamond-patterned dress, complemented by a flirty white hat embellished with a flower. High heels and a handbag add a touch of femininity to her look.

Surprisingly youthful, Stussy reveals a bolder style as a CP0 agent, with her sober white dress and pink tie.

Her matching white cape and gloves add a formal touch to her appearance, while the fishnet stockings and garter belt reveal a more daring side.

On her missions, she adopts a hood-like mask reminiscent of an owl, concealing her identity while maintaining an intimidating allure.

A clone of Buckingham Stussy, she retains a striking resemblance to the original, adding an extra layer of mystery to her already fascinating character.

What’s Stussy’s personality?

Stussy, emerging among the emperors of the underworld with a unique distinction, combines politeness with a certain aversion to vulgarity. 

Yet make no mistake, behind this façade of courtesy lies a fiery temperament, especially when it comes to her age – a sensitive subject. 

This trait reveals a complex and nuanced personality, not so different from other emperors but unique in its expression.

Stussy’s determination is impressive.

Imagine the scene: she resists Big Mom’s Haki des Rois. Yes, you heard me right! This demonstration of iron will puts her in a league of her own, even among the most feared figures of the sea.

But Stussy’s true nature? That, my friends, is another story. When her mask falls, we see the emergence of a sadistic woman, who has no hesitation in coldly eliminating Du Feld, while blaming him for her own misdeeds. 

Her manipulation doesn’t stop there; she uses threats to control the media narrative via Morgans, revealing a calculating strategist, ready to do anything to protect her interests and those of the World Government.

How powerful is Stussy?

Stussy emerges as an embodiment of power and influence, carrying on the legacy of the legendary Rocks Pirates crew. 

With a likely equivalent in strength and ability to her original, Stussy is a force to be reckoned with.

Imagine a woman capable of generating bat-like wings and vampirizing her opponents – an ability that still raises questions about its origin, whether due to a Demon Fruit or genetic manipulation.

In the underworld, Stussy reigns as Empress of the Underworld. 

So renowned is she that even Empress Big Mom has invited her to her Tea Party. 

It’s a testament not only to her influence, but also to her feared status in the world of piracy.

As a Cipher Pol AIGIS0 agent, Stussy is exceptionally strong.

Her talents extend to wielding unique weapons, such as her agalmatolite lipstick, adding an element of mystery and danger to her character.

Stussy is a master of the Six Powers, using a perfected version of the Index Gun for lightning-fast ranged attacks. 

She also excels at Geppo, demonstrating formidable agility and precision.

Finally, her ability to use Armament and Observation Haki completes her arsenal, making her a versatile and formidable adversary.

Introducing Stussy into the story: 

She first appeared in episode 828.

Stussy, the special guest at Big Mom’s Tea Party, made a grand entrance at Tougato, where she quickly established her character. 

During the tension between Du Feld and Drug Peclo, her disapproval was obvious.

It was Charlotte Perospero, with her candy escalator, who welcomed Stussy and the other emperors of the underworld to the château, where she enjoyed an exotic juice served by Charlotte Smoothie.

A true actress in this mundane scene, Stussy offered her gift to Big Mom, while showing palpable enthusiasm for the mysterious Tamatebako. 

Her reaction to Pudding? She saw herself as a young bride, but Du Feld, with his awkward remark about her age, was quickly put in her place by a scathing retort from Stussy.

The crucial moment arrives: Big Mom unleashes her conqueror’s haki. Stussy, cautious, covers her ears. 

But that’s when she spots Du Feld, too curious with the Tamatebako. 

Quick and calculating, she uses her « Flying Index Gun » technique to neutralize him and take possession of the chest, while planning to blame him for her disappearance. 

Subtle and strategic, she orders Morgans to cover his tracks with a well-crafted article.

But then, in a turn of events typical of the One Piece universe, the Tamatebako escapes and sows chaos. 

Stussy, as agile as ever, uses the « Pas de Lune » to escape, while talking to Morgans, who seems more concerned with scoops than his own survival. 

A delicate moment, when the Emperor of the Underworld shows all his cunning and agility.

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