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The Five Elders

The Five Elders

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In the ruthless universe of One Piece, the Five Elders, known as the Gorōsei, dominate the top of the power pyramid. These five mysterious men are the true backbone of the World Government, and believe me, their influence is immense. 

They control everything from the Marines to the Cipher Pol, and even the seraphims owe their obedience.

But wait, there’s more. These guys aren’t just high-ranking bureaucrats. No, they’re the embodiment of absolute power. Their area of influence? Practically the entire planet, with the exception of the New World Emperors who dare to stand up to them.

The twist? They are merely pawns of an even greater power: Imu. This mysterious figure runs everything from behind the scenes, and even the Elders have to bow to him. It’s a scenario worthy of a political thriller, but with pirates and epic battles.

Their role in the story isn’t limited to being shadow puppets. No, these guys are antagonists of the first order. Remember the Arc Rêverie? Yes, these five were right behind Imu in the « bad guys » list. And in the Egghead Arc, they come right in between York and Imu, proving once again that they’re key players in the plot.

Council composition: 

Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. 

This Warrior God of Science and Defense is an incredible mix of charisma and intellect. 

Imagine a character with a striking scar on the left side of his face, white dreadlocks that add to his mystical allure, and always wearing a distinctive hat. In his hand, he holds a cane, reinforcing his image as a wise man.

His resemblance to Karl Marx is not to be overlooked, adding a touch of historical intelligence to his persona.

His voice, a key element of his identity, was beautifully interpreted by Keiichi Noda in Japanese. But what really makes him special is his role within the Council. 

On their first appearance, it was he who took the floor, leaving a lasting impression.

He didn’t hesitate to address the complex relationship between Luffy and Garp, and Marshall D. Teach’s strategic moves after the memorable Battle of Marineford. 

In fact, it was he, this strategic thinker, who gave the order for CP0 to take the stage during Luffy’s epic battle with Kaido.

Saint Marcus Mars 

This warrior god of the environment is imposing in stature: tall and slender, he sports long hair, a white beard and an imposing moustache, reminiscent of the illustrious Itagaki Taisuke. 

His presence is underlined by the voices of Keiichi Sonobe and Masato Hirano in Japanese.

His role in the story is crucial. Remember the Ohara Incident: it was he who confronted Professor Clover. 

On a darker note, he even ordered Spandine to shoot the archaeologist to protect the secret of the Old Kingdom. A powerful moment, testifying to his determination and power.

After the War at the Summit, the plot thickens. He investigates the link between Luffy and Silvers Rayleigh, demonstrating his insight. And he doesn’t fail to notice Blackbeard’s in-depth knowledge of Edward Newgate’s territories.

A keen observer, Saint Marcus Mars is more than just a secondary character: he’s a key player, manipulating the threads of history with formidable intelligence. A true strategist in the shadows of One Piece!

Saint Topman Warcury

This warrior God of Justice is distinguished by his bald head, adorned with Nevus flammeus, reminiscent of former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.

His thick moustache, reminiscent of American Ambrose Burnside, and his striking resemblance to Gol D. Roger, add to his imposing allure. Masato Hirano lends him his voice in Japanese.

This character isn’t short on spice. When he comes across Monkey D. Luffy’s wanted poster, he doesn’t mince words about Crocodile’s betrayal and the urgent need to capture Luffy.

He doesn’t hesitate to criticize Aokiji for his lax approach, underlining the latter’s irresponsibility.

Finally, after the epic war against Whitebeard’s Crew, Warcury expresses his concerns about Jinbei’s defection, highlighting inter-species tensions. He also analyzes Blackbeard’s meteoric rise, highlighting his unique ability to wield two Devil Fruits.

Warcury isn’t just a background character; his trenchant observations and charisma place him at the heart of the action, making him a mainstay of the series. For true fans, he’s a character not to be underestimated!

Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro

the warrior god of finance.

A bald character, dressed in a white gi, with glasses that make him look like Gandhi crossed with Hideki Tōjō.

 His look clearly stands out in the One Piece universe: he’s the only one of the five to reject the standard black suit and display a hairless face. 

His signature accessory? A sword.

Kenichi Ogata voices him in Japanese. 

Nusjuro isn’t just a supporting character.

When a Navy soldier tells him about the encounter between Shanks and Whitebeard, he responds, showing his involvement in high-profile affairs.

After the Battle of Marineford, a memorable scene shows him cleaning his sword. 

Meanwhile, he coolly analyzes the collapse of the Three Great Powers. His comments on the Grand Corsair vacancies and the threat to the world posed by the « D. » are not to be taken lightly.

Saint Shepherd Ju Peter

Warrior God of Agriculture, stands out as the youngest of his deity siblings. 

A blond-haired character, sporting a matching beard and a striking scar on his chest. 

His style? A casual suit, open shirt, no tie. He looks like a blond version of Abraham Lincoln, a look that doesn’t go unnoticed.

His Japanese voice is that of Yasunori Masutani.

This character isn’t just a face in the crowd; he’s at the heart of major decisions.

When he declares that the balance between the Three Great Powers must remain intact, any One Piece fan knows that his words carry a lot of weight.

After the death of Whitebeard and the advent of the New Era, Ju Peter looks to the future with great concern. He wonders about filling the positions of the 7 Corsair Captains with renowned pirates. And his question about the ability of Marco the Phoenix, Whitebeard’s crew or one of the Four Emperors to overthrow Blackbeard is a serious one.

Knowledge about the world: 

We’re diving into a dark and crucial episode. Remember Saint Marcus Mars? When he confronted Professor Clover, we all felt the tension rise a notch. Mars, with icy calm, ordered Spandine to eliminate Clover before he could even reveal the name of the Old Kingdom. Frankly, it was a chilling scene!

This moment clearly showed us that these World Government guys know things about the Forgotten Century. Their fear was palpable – as if they feared the truth would topple their empire of secrets. And believe me, their terror at the possible resurgence of the Ancient Weapons? It was serious. They went so far as to ban all research and order the total destruction of Ohara. That’s how far they’re prepared to go to keep control.

But beware, it’s not that simple. Despite their ruthless facade, these guys showed signs of remorse after the Ohara disaster. A moment of weakness? Or a clue that they’re not just heartless monsters? We can’t help but wonder.

Their power : 

Immersed in the arcana of power, the Five Doyens of the World Government, these guys are the real bosses. They control everything from the Navy to Impel Down, not to mention the Cipher Pol units. Even big shots like the Admiral Commander-in-Chief have to bow to them.

Their lethal weapon? The Buster Call, which they can launch on any island they deem threatening. And the Grand Corsairs? They can dismiss them at the snap of a finger, if they like.

Perched in the sanctuary of Mary Geoise, the Doyens manipulate the public image of the World Government. They don’t hesitate to deploy a Buster Call to bury secrets like the Forgotten Century, or to gloss over embarrassing defeats.

Prisoners escape from Impel Down? Not a word. Sengoku, ex-Admiral Commander-in-Chief, is beside himself at these decisions, but what to do? The Deans, hyper-influential Celestial Dragons, fear nothing. Even Doflamingo, with his threats and secrets, can’t get them to budge.

Koala is right: the real enemy is these Celestial Dragons. During the Arc Rêverie, we even learn that the Five Elders hold sway over the other Celestial Dragons. And when it comes to freeing Arlong to flatter man-fish relations, the Marines go along without a flinch.

These guys are powerful, and it shows. They control the media, cover scandals, and even if you don’t know their true strength, their looks and scars speak volumes.

In short, these five aren’t here for laughs. They’ve lived, they’ve fought, and their power… it’s serious business.

The Five Elders’s Devil fruit/transformation: 

The Five Elders, aka gorosei, possess powers that transform them into half-animal, half-humanoid creatures. 

Luffy’s brother Sabo describes them as « hell on top of the world« . That’s what it’s all about! 

And we all wonder: is this the work of a Devil Fruit or some other mysterious force?

Among these transformations, there’s plenty to shudder at. Imagine an avian silhouette, a winged being whose details escape us, and another creature, horned and enigmatic. Their precise shapes? A mystery that tickles the imagination of every fan. This detail, my friends, is pure gold for theories and heated debate.

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