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Saint Shepherd Ju Peter

Saint Shepherd Ju Peter

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Among the most powerful and controversial figures in the One Piece universe is Saint Shepherd Ju Peter, a prominent member of the Five Elders, the celestial dragons at the top of the World Government hierarchy. 

Known for his distinctive title of « Warrior God of Agriculture« , Ju Peter embodies influence and power beyond comprehension.

His position as leader of the World Government places him and his fellow Elders at the heart of One Piece’s main plot, taking on the role of central antagonists. 

This ruling elite, of which Ju Peter is a pillar, stands alongside Imu, the mysterious, omnipotent figure who orchestrates events from behind the scenes.

What does Saint Shepherd Ju Peter look like?

Saint Shepherd Ju Peter’s slender, youthful appearance sets him apart from his older counterparts.

With neatly styled blond hair and a matching beard, he embodies a combination of charm and authority. 

His chest is marked by a scar, an intriguing detail that adds to his mystery. 

Contrary to the strict etiquette of his peers, Ju Peter sports a more casual style, preferring an open shirt with no tie, complemented by an elegant suit.

During a crucial encounter with Imu, the most enigmatic figure in the world of One Piece, just before the final Levely unfolded, Ju Peter adopted a slightly different look.

He chose to enhance his usually casual appearance with a gray cape, adding a touch of gravitas and formality to his ensemble. This choice of attire is not insignificant, reflecting the solemnity of this important occasion.

What is Saint Shepherd Ju Peter’s personality?

Saint Shepherd Ju Peter, like his fellow deans, displays limited patience with those of lower rank who dare to challenge his authority. 

This was particularly evident during a tense exchange with Navy Admiral Sakazuki

Nevertheless, his high status within the World Government endows him with a natural diplomacy. 

His ability to balance authority and diplomacy is crucial to maintaining order and respect within power structures. 

In short, Shepherd Ju Peter embodies a figure of implacable authority, while deftly navigating the complex waters of global diplomacy.

How powerful is Saint Shepherd Ju Peter?

Ju Peter is literally the crème de la crème, a kind of VIP at the top of the world government. Just below Imu, imagine the level of his game!

He can control all the navy and Organizations bonded to the World government. As a One Piece fan, we’ve already seen the cipher pol in action. (Cp0 and CP9).

And let’s talk about his role, not the least of which is to hold the reins of the Seraphim. Yes, you heard right.

This guy controls these creatures like he’s playing a video game, and even Vegapunk can’t compete with that. That’s how badass he is!

What is Saint Shepherd Ju Peter’s devil fruit?

But wait, it gets even more amazing. The Five Elders, of which Ju Peter is one, can transform themselves. 

Yes, you read that right, transform! Sabo described them as « hell on top of the world ». We don’t know if it’s thanks to a Demon Fruit or something else, but one thing’s for sure, it’s a blast!

What weapon does Saint Shepherd Ju Peter use?

And to top it all off, Ju Peter doesn’t mess around with weapons. He’s got a gun and he doesn’t hesitate to use it, even on assassination missions. 

It’s a little creepy, but it shows just how desperate he is to stay in control. So, a word of advice: stay out of his way!

When does Saint Shepherd Ju Peter first appear?

Shepherd Ju Peter first appeared in chapter 233 and episode 151.

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