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Imu, at the top of the world government hierarchy, sits on the Empty Throne, and even the Five Elders bow to his will without the slightest hesitation. 

But be warned, Imu’s existence is kept secret, a veritable mystery within the government and the world, to perpetuate the illusion that there is no single ruler of the world.

It was during the Levely arc that we had our first revelation about this enigmatic character. 

Imu’s stature and indirect actions, combined with his deep and long-standing involvement in the plot, make him one of the main and overarching antagonists of the One Piece series, particularly in its Final Saga.

This character, shrouded in mystery, raises more questions than it answers. 

Who is Imu really, and what are his ultimate intentions? The answer to these questions, my fellow One Piece fans, may hold the key to the denouement of this epic saga.

What does Imu look like?

This secret leader takes the form of a humanoid figure, similar in size to a human, with a human-like hand and sharp almond-shaped eyes, featuring red irises encircled by a thin ring around the pupil

In terms of attire, Imu wears a crown with sharp, impossibly high points, and an extravagantly long robe that trails well behind him on the floor.

This character, shrouded in a veil of mystery, lets fans’ imaginations run wild. 

What does this almost regal appearance conceal, and what truths lie behind this enigmatic figure? The One Piece community is abuzz, trying to unravel the secret of this highly intriguing character.

What is Imu’s personality?

Mysterious and elusive, Imu, about whom little is known, shows a particular interest in Monkey D. Luffy, Marshall D. Teach, Shirahoshi and Nefertari Vivi. 

During the Levely, research posters and photos of these four individuals were in Imu’s possession. 

Despite this penchant for surveillance, Imu seems to display a disconcerting serenity, as when gently handling butterflies in the Room of Flowers. 

But make no mistake, the images of Luffy, Teach and Shirahoshi were found pierced and torn, with the exception of Vivi.

Imu surpasses the Five Elders in cruelty and indifference. Where the elders hesitate before ordering mass executions to protect their secret, Imu does not hesitate to wipe out entire islands from history with terrifying zeal. 

This coldness is particularly evident when Imu orders the destruction of the Kingdom of Lulusia just to test the Mother Flame, completely ignoring the lives of its inhabitants, solely because of the proximity of the target island.

Although Imu’s existence is supposed to be a secret, he doesn’t shy away from revealing himself to specific individuals, such as Nefertari Cobra when he questions the lost archives of his ancestor and the Ohara scholars. 

However, Imu and the Five Elders had no intention of leaving Cobra alive after this revelation. 

Similarly, when Sabo appears and attacks, Imu is furious that his existence has been revealed to a stranger.

Confronted by Cobra, Imu begins by being polite in his speech and offering to explain what the Will of the D. really means, but quickly becomes much more hostile when broaching the subject of the Poneglyphs. 

Imu also has an intense hatred for those who carry the Will of the D., for as soon as Imu discovers that Cobra’s ancestor was a D., he immediately tries to kill him.

How powerful is Imu?

An enigmatic figure seated on the Empty Throne, a symbol of absolute authority over the world, Imu wields an elusive power.

The Five Elders, themselves considered the supreme authority of the World Government, bow before Imu and pay him the utmost respect, underlining Imu’s dominant position within the government.

However, despite this pre-eminence, Imu does not exercise his authority publicly, preferring to act through the Five Elders.

Imu has the power to deploy a formidable weapon, the « Mother Flame », designed by Dr. Vegapunk. This weapon is capable of annihilating an entire island in a matter of seconds, demonstrating the terrifying reach of its power.

What is Imu’s devil fruit?

On the subject of transformation, Imu has revealed his ability to metamorphose into a gigantic creature, both bestial and humanoid, capable of absorbing fire.

Imu also wields what appears to be a sharp, arrowhead-shaped appendage, powerful enough to severely wound the Sabo logia. 

It’s unclear whether this ability derives from a Zoan-type Devil Fruit power, although it is known that his subordinate Jaygarcia Saturn also transforms thanks to an awakened Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit.

What’s Imu’s weaponry?

In terms of weaponry, Imu possesses a saber. Although not used in combat, Imu has used it to cut or pierce research posters and photos.

When did Imu first appear?

Imu first appears in chapter 906 and episode 885.

Imu’s introduction to the story: 

During the gathering of royals at Mary Geoise for the Levely, Imu, a mysterious entity with supreme authority, entered an underground frozen chamber deep within Pangaea Castle. 

There, facing a large straw hat, Imu held in his hands several wanted notices and photographs, including that of Monkey D. Luffy.

Later, in the Hall of Flowers, Imu tore up the wanted notices for Luffy and Blackbeard and pierced the photo of Princess Shirahoshi. 

Alerted by an unknown servant to the arrival of the Five Elders, Imu, holding a photo of Nefertari Vivi, met them as they sat on the Empty Throne.

The Elders then asked Imu to reveal the name of the « light » who was to be erased from history.

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