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Saint Jaygarcia Saturn

saint jaygarcia saturn

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Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, folks, isn’t just anyone in the world of One Piece. This guy’s at the top of the food chain, one of the Five elders, the big bosses of the World Government

And his nickname, « Warrior God of Science and Defense« , is pretty cool, isn’t it?

This guy is a real thorn in the side of our heroes, one of the main villains of the series, along with his fellow Doyens and Imu. And for the Egg Head Arc, he takes the place of second villain, just after that traitor York. Quite a character to keep an eye on!

What does Saint Jaygarcia Saturn look like?

Saint Saturn is the strategic mastermind par excellence, always up to date on the latest events, whether from his sanctuary in Mary Geoise or out at sea. 

This key member of the Five Elders has a unique ability to cut through debates, expressing a certain reluctance during Blackbeard’s post-Marineford promotion. 

He also recognizes the imperative of eliminating Luffy, aware of the disastrous potential of the awakening of the Hito Hito fruit: Nika model, going so far as to sacrifice a leading agent for the cause.

When global chaos seems inevitable after the defeat of Kaido and Big Mom, Saturn’s anxiety is a rare sign of disarray in this seasoned strategist. 

Yet, despite these moments of uncertainty, his diplomatic approach never wavers.

Saturn doesn’t tolerate affronts from lower-ranking individuals, as he demonstrated when confronted by Admiral Sakazuki

Behind his mask of diplomacy lies an implacable tactician, calculating and precise in his decisions.

How powerful is Saint Jaygarcia Saturn?

In the ruthless world of One Piece, Saturn is one of the most influential figures, sitting at the top of the World Government hierarchy, just below the mysterious entity known as Im. 

Just imagine, with his four acolytes, this guy runs everything from Marines to secret agents!

Their power? More than you can imagine. 

They know secrets the world has forgotten, including some mind-blowing stuff about Nika. And let’s talk about her authority over the Seraphim: even Vegapunk can’t compete!

As for his physical strength, it’s a real mystery. 

But that scar on his face? That didn’t come from nowhere. And these guys weren’t even afraid to meet Shanks, one of the Four Emperors. 

It’s either pure diplomacy, or something much deeper.

So, Saturn lands on Egg Head Island and, bam! he summons a demonic circle that would make a wizard swoon, complete with lightning and flames worthy of a horror movie. 

And the best part? He transforms into a terrifying Ushi-Oni-like creature with horns and six sharp legs. It’s unprecedented, folks!

What is Saint Jaygarcia Saturn’s demon fruit?

Saint Jaygarcia has eaten a mythical zoan devil fruit, which we assume is related to the yokai ushi-oni.

What weapon does Saint Jaygarcia Saturn use?

When he wanted to assassinate Cobra and Sabo, he used a pistol.

When does Saint Jaygarcia Saturn first appear?

Saint Jaygarcia Saturn first appeared in chapter 233 and episode 151.

Introduction of Saint Jaygarcia Saturn into the story: 

His encounter with Vegapunk goes back decades, with a mysterious past surrounding these two iconic figures.

38 years ago, during the famous Celestial Dragons’ hunt for God Valley, Saturn played a crucial role. 

The capture of young Kuma, then a child, marked a turning point. During this breathless hunt, as Kuma desperately tried to escape the tenacious Charlotte Linlin, Saturn intervened with cold brutality. 

Rejecting Kuma with implacable force, the Dean imposed a heartbreaking choice, revealing the harsh reality of their world.

Faced with Kuma’s determination to follow Nika’s path, helping others without distinction, Saturn, with chilling impassivity, foretold him of a dire future.

Kuma’s bold declaration that the value of a life is not defined at birth seemed to slide over the Dean like water over a duck’s feathers.

Saturn then darkly warned the young slave that this noble aspiration would be their undoing. An unforgettable confrontation, etching Saturn’s intimidating aura into the annals of One Piece.

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