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World Government

World Government

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The World Government in One Piece is the embodiment of power, but also of corruption. 

Founded 800 years ago by the union of 20 kingdoms, this political monster governs over 170 nations. 

Its dark side? Absolute justice that’s anything but fair, outrageous censorship of history, notably the Void Century, and the depraved whims of the world’s nobles. 

Behind the Five elders, it’s the mysterious Imu who pulls the strings. 

These guys play the quintessential villains, making their presence felt in such memorable arcs as Water 7, Enies Lobby, Sabaody, Impel Down, Marineford, Dressrosa, Levely and Wano. Get ready, in the final saga, they’re really going to sparkle.

World Government overview: 

The World Government is more than just a political entity in One Piece. 

With some 170 affiliated countries, it is the giant that orchestrates the world. Member nations retain their autonomy, but work closely together in international relations. 

However, make no mistake, their political ideology remains a mystery, and everything they do is considered fair game. 

Yet voices like that of Monkey D. Dragon speak out against their ideals.

This seemingly sound government is in reality an authoritarian oligarchy. 

It’s no secret that Imu reigns in the shadows, his orders carried out by the Five Elders. 

Their tools? The Marines and, in the past, the Seven Great Corsairs, to counter the Four Emperors and other antagonistic forces.

Their supposed mission is to maintain a mutually beneficial international order. 

But the reality is darker. Corruption, dubious motives and manipulation are the daily lot of this organization. 

Individuals like Nico Robin, constantly hounded, are the sad witnesses.

The World Government’s power to control information is terrifying. The truth is often suppressed, altered or ignored. Countries harboring criminals risk severe reprisals, even destruction.

Their doctrine of « Absolute Justice » is implacable, even towards the innocent and their own allies. 

For example? Cipher Pol agent Rob Lucci, who executed 500 captive soldiers, or Vice-Admiral Onigumo’s order to destroy a Marine warship, causing the death of 1,000 people.

Paranoia seems to guide the World Government, their power carefully divided. 

But that same paranoia can be exploited, as the incident with Spandam and the Ancient Weapons shows.

Their oppression also extends to affiliated nations, with exorbitant taxes and draconian policies. 

Even nations that fulfill their obligations can be deemed disposable, as Imu’s destruction of the Kingdom of Lulusia demonstrated.

In short, One Piece’s World Government is power at its best, but also authoritarianism at its worst. 

A colossus with feet of clay, whose actions and policies arouse as much fascination as repulsion in us fans.

How is the World Government organized?

Masters in the Shadows: Officially, the World Government is run by the Five Elders. But the reality is more mysterious. They answer to a sovereign being called Imu, whose existence is a well-kept secret. Intriguing, isn’t it?

The God’s Knights: In Mary Geoise’s Holy Land, a select group, the God’s Knights, rule the roost. They have the power to intervene in the quarrels of the World Nobles and execute justice on their behalf. Quite intense, don’t you think?

The Commander-in-Chief: Above the Marines and Cipher Pol, at least officially, sits the Commander-in-Chief, just below the Five elders. Before the system of the Seven Grand Corsairs was dissolved, he also had authority over them. A crucial but often underestimated role.

Marines and Cipher Pol: The Marines are the official military force, while Cipher Pol operates in the shadows, specializing in espionage and assassination.But beware, relations between these two branches are strained. 

The Five Elders have made it clear that the Marines cannot interfere with Cipher Pol operations. 

The limits of Cipher Pol’s authority? They can’t attack the Emperors without approval from the highest levels of government and the Marines. Preventing war is their credo.

Impel Down: Let’s talk about Impel Down, the World Government’s « most impenetrable » high-security prison. A place no one wants to visit, but which plays a crucial role in their justice system.

How was the World Government founded?

Royal origins: Did you know that the World Government was founded by an alliance of royal families fighting against the Great Kingdom? Yes, 19 of these families left their kingdoms to settle in Mary Geoise, leaving behind new clans to rule. A story worthy of a movie, isn’t it?

Alabasta, the Exception: Among them, only one refused to play along. The Nefertari family of Alabasta. A bold choice that marks their singularity in this saga of power. Rebels at heart, and we love that.

Dressrosa, a Game of Power: Let’s talk about Dressrosa. First ruled by the Donquixote Family, who gave way to the Riku’s after they left for Mary Geoise. But wait, the Donquixotes are back in control, before the Riku’s return after the chaos of the Dressrosa Arc. A veritable whirlwind of betrayals and reversals!

The 18 Innominate Kingdoms: And then there are 18 other kingdoms, one of which is probably ruled by the Nerona family. 

Their stories? Still shrouded in mystery. But one thing’s for sure, each kingdom has its share of secrets and political maneuvering.


An Empire of 170 Nations: just imagine: over 170 countries, each with its own government, but all under the aegis of the World Government. Kingdoms or great cities, all equal in this political colossus. It’s a melting pot of powerful kings and simple mayors. A veritable patchwork of power!

Protection or extortion? Affiliated with the World Government, these countries benefit from its protection, provided by the Marines and Cipher Pol. But there’s a hefty price to pay: the « Celestial Tribute » owed to the World Nobles. A tax that crushes the poorest, like the citizens of Donquixote Island, who are literally starving. Not paying? Unimaginable, even if it means plunging into misery.

The Unaffiliated, Between Ruin and Hunt: What about the non-affiliated countries? Their fate is hardly enviable. Without government protection, they are left to fend for themselves, often falling victim to the « Native Hunt », a cruel game played by the World Nobles. Wano, for example, survives thanks to his strength and his alliance with an Emperor.

Pirates : Friends or enemies? Relations with pirates are a slippery slope. Alabasta and Dressrosa shuddered at the thought of their friendship with the Straw Hats. And Germa, wiped off the map for allying itself with Big Mom’s Pirates? A dangerous game. But some, like the Kingdom of Sakura or the Island of the Fishmen, juggle these alliances, one foot in piracy, the other in legality.

The story of World Government: 

The Void Century Unveiled: 800 years ago, an alliance of kings forged the World Government, battling the Great Kingdom. The Nefertari, the Donquixote, the Nerona… all protagonists in this mysterious epic. 

Their victory? It led to the banning of Poneglyph research and the establishment of their headquarters in Mary Geoise. But why? That’s the mystery of the Void Century.

Gigantization experiments: Trafalgar Law revealed that the World Government, led by Vegapunk, had been trying for centuries to turn humans into giants. 

Ethical? Not really, especially compared to Caesar Clown’s radical methods.

Treaty with Fish Island: Over two centuries ago, a treaty was signed with Fish Island. 

The aim was to harmonize the races. But the practice of slavery, officially banned, persists underhandedly.

Revelation of lead poisoning: 100 years ago, the government and royal family of Flevance discovered the toxicity of Amber Lead. 

Why hide it? For profit, of course. A scandal, pure and simple.

Elbaf infiltration and child trafficking: Mother Carmel, with her good deeds in Elbaf, was really just a spy and child trafficker for the Government. 

Improved relations? Just a front for her darker purposes.

Discovery of the Lineage Factor: Over 24 years ago, the MADS team, together with Vegapunk and Vinsmoke Judge, discovered the Lineage Factor. The government quickly banned this research from the outside world.

Era of the Pirates: the death of Gol D. Roger, allegedly captured by the Government, lit the fuse for the Great Pirate Era.

Ohara Buster Call: The Government sent the Buster Call to Ohara, claiming to fear the resurrection of the Ancient Weapons. 

In reality, they wanted to conceal research into the Void Century. Nico Robin, the sole survivor, became the enemy of the manipulated world.

Lucci’s mission: 17 years ago, a kingdom captured by pirates saw the intervention of a 13-year-old boy sent by the Government. 

His mission? Execute 500 allies. Ruthless.

Tyrant Kuma propaganda: 6 years ago, Bekori collaborated with the Government to demonize Kuma, presented as a tyrant, in a shameless smear campaign.


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