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Is Jewelry Bonney a celestial dragon ?

Is Jewelry Bonney a celestial dragon

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One Piece fans, for me, Jewerly Bonney is a celestial dragon ! So brace yourselves for a revelation that might just redefine the entire narrative of our beloved series! 

We dive headfirst into a theory as intriguing as it is revolutionary: Jewelry Bonney is the daughter of a celestial dragon, but which one?

This revelation not only reshapes her character arc but also adds a fascinating layer to the complex political tapestry of One Piece.

Unraveling Bonney’s True Lineage

The Shocking Revelation in Chapter 1098

In a dramatic turn of events, Chapter 1098 sheds light on Bonney’s background. Ginny, her mother, was captured and forced into a marriage with a World Noble, resulting in the birth of Bonney. 

This bombshell repositions Bonney’s story, distancing her from Kuma‘s lineage and casting her into the sphere of the Celestial Dragons.

Saint Jaygarcia Saturn: The Likely Father?

The Peculiar Incident with Saturn

The encounter between Bonney and Saturn stands out as peculiar. Saturn, a character shrouded in mystery, allows himself to be stabbed by Bonney. 

This uncharacteristic vulnerability suggests a deeper connection between them. 

Could this be a father’s reluctance to harm his own daughter?

Akainu’s Surprising Leniency

Akainu, known for his ruthless ‘absolute justice,’ captures Bonney instead of executing her, which is highly unusual for a member of the Worst Generation. 

This leniency hints at a hidden directive to protect her, possibly due to her Celestial heritage.

Bonney’s Escapes: More Than Luck?

Bonney’s numerous escapes from the Marines, including evading Akainu, have always seemed implausible. 

But what if these escapes were facilitated by orders from higher up, specifically to avoid harming a Celestial Dragon’s offspring?

The Surface Connection

Saturn’s remark about returning to the surface after a long absence aligns curiously with Ginny’s statement about resurfacing after two years. 

This parallelism could be more than coincidental, hinting at a shared life away from the public eye, possibly pointing to Saturn as Bonney’s father.

Saint Figarland Garling: Another Potential Father?

While the theory of Saint Jaygarcia Saturn being Bonney’s father holds weight, let’s not overlook another fascinating possibility: Saint Figarland Garling

This character, less explored yet potentially pivotal, could be a crucial piece in the complex puzzle of Bonney’s lineage.

The Oda Connection: A Visual Clue?

Intriguingly, in an SBS where Eiichiro Oda depicted Bonney as a man, the resulting image bore a striking resemblance to none other than Shanks. 

This intriguing artistic choice by Oda could be a subtle hint towards her true parentage. 

Why would Oda choose to represent Bonney in such a manner unless it was to drop a clue about her heritage?

Shanks and the Garling Connection

The resemblance to Shanks opens up a fascinating avenue of speculation. 

Shanks, a character surrounded by his own mysteries and who I think is also a celestial dragon, has always been a special case in the One Piece universe. 

His connections and influence are vast and often inexplicable. Could there be a hidden tie between Shanks and Saint Figarland Garling that ties back to Bonney?

The Garling Influence

Saint Figarland Garling, though not as prominently featured as other Celestial Dragons, could be a character with deep-seated influence and a pivotal role in the overarching narrative. 

His connection to Bonney could offer a completely different perspective on her motivations and her role in the series. 

Perhaps Bonney’s actions and her path are influenced by a lineage linked to Garling, thus shaping her into the complex character she is.

A Twist in the Tale

If Figarland Garling is indeed Bonney’s father, it could add a layer of political intrigue and deepen the narrative surrounding the Celestial Dragons. 

It would also raise questions about Bonney’s ultimate goals and her place in the struggle against, or possibly in alignment with, the World Government.

Is Jewelry Bonney a celestial dragon ? Verdict :

Because Bonney is the daughter of a celestial dragon, her role in the series takes on new importance. 

This heritage places her at a unique crossroads of power, politics and identity.

Her actions, once seen as those of a rebellious pirate, could now be interpreted as a struggle against her own celestial lineage.

While we eagerly await further revelations from Oda, the enigma of Jewelry Bonney continues to captivate us. 

What does her celestial lineage mean for the future of One Piece? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: Bonney’s story is far from trivial, and her true potential has yet to be revealed.

So, what do you think? Could Bonney’s celestial roots have an impact on the One Piece finale? Share your thoughts and take part in this exciting discussion!

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