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Celestial dragons

celestial dragons

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The Celestial Dragons, aka the World Nobles, are shrouded in aura and mystery. Direct descendants of the 19 out of 20 founding Kings of the World Government, their name evokes power and domination.

These figures are at the heart of many of One Piece’s intrigues. 

We’re talking here about people like the Five Elders and Don Quixote Doflamingo. 

Their influence extends far beyond the golden walls of Marie Joie, directly impacting the adventures of our heroes. 

The Celestial Dragons, first seen on the Sabaody Archipelago, embody the undisputed elite of the One Piece world.

Their presence in the story is never insignificant. 

Each appearance is synonymous with power, political intrigue and often major conflict. 

These characters are a constant reminder of the immense chessboard on which our favorite pirates navigate. 

Their influence is such that it shapes entire story arcs, making them key antagonists in the complex and fascinating world of One Piece.

In short, the World Nobles are more than just secondary characters. They are the beating heart of the World Government, figures whose actions and decisions have major repercussions in the world of One Piece.

Who are the celestial dragons?

The Five Elders and the families of the World Nobles, known as the Celestial Dragons, sit at the top of the social ladder with almost unlimited power. 

These individuals, descendants of the founders of the World Government, live in a bubble of immeasurable privilege and wealth.

Among the Five Elders are such figures as Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, Saint Marcus Mars, Saint Topman Warcury, Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro, and Saint Shepherd Ju Peter. 

These individuals exert a colossal influence on world events, often playing a key role in the major intrigues of history.

The families of the Celestial Dragons, such as the Don Quixote family and the Saint Rosward family, are also of crucial importance. These families include characters such as doflamingo and rosinante from the Don Quixote family, and Saint Charlos and Saint Sharlia from the Rosward family.

Other notable Celestial Dragon families include the figarland and manmeyer families.

Each of these individuals brings their own dimension of cruelty, arrogance and power to the story, reflecting the corruption and decadence within the World Government.

What do celestial dragons look like?

Each Noble Mondial sports a singular hairstyle, often coiffed upwards with a characteristic curl at the top, except for those who, like Mjosgard’s father, don’t have enough hair to do so. 

Their wardrobe is also unique, consisting mainly of white robes resembling spacesuits, sometimes embellished with a cape. 

Each Noble has a slightly different trim design, reflecting their originality and status.

Apart from Marie Geoise, these Nobles are distinguished by wearing an oxygen tank connected to a glass bubble or bell around their head, so as not to breathe the same air as « vulgar commons ». However, some are less inclined to do this at Marie Geoise, although others still feel the need to protect themselves from the outside air. A majority of the World Nobles, like Jalmack, Charlos and Mjosgard, are notoriously overweight, even obese. Their faces often display a haughty, arrogant expression, devoid of pity or sympathy for those of lower status.

When Homing’s branch of the Donquixote family relinquished their status, they also abandoned the paraphernalia typical of World Nobles and modified their hairstyles. Notably, before they left, this family had no overweight members and remarkably kind facial features (with the exception of Doflamingo, who shares the same quasi-permanent arrogant look as his amoral former brothers). The male members of this family all grew up to be quite tall.

Exceptions to the typical World Nobles wardrobe mainly concern the Five elders. 

None of them wears the full robes or the bubble connected to the oxygen tank. 

Instead, they wear black business suits, while Nusjuro wears a white samurai gi. What’s more, none of them has their hair curled upwards in the same way as their lower-ranking counterparts. 

Figarland Garling, the Supreme Commander of the Divine Knights, wears a black variant of the typical full costume, and does not curl his hair in the same way as his lower-ranking counterparts.

What are the privileges of celestial dragons?

One Piece’s World Nobles, also known as Celestial Dragons, are a privileged caste within the manga universe, symbolizing extreme wealth and absolute power. 

Their title confers almost unlimited privileges, financed by the « Celestial Tribute », an exorbitant tax levied on nations affiliated with the World Government.

These nobles live in indecent opulence, with colossal incomes and slaves at their disposal. 

Their power is such that they exercise the right of life and death over the population, executing without remorse those who disrespect them, a notion they interpret very freely. 

Their cruelty knows no bounds: torture, mutilation and murder are commonplace for these uncompassionate beings.

Any offense against them is met with a merciless response from the World Government, with punitive expeditions led by Navy Admirals. 

The aim of these expeditions is to capture the culprit and hand him over to the Nobles for a brutal and expeditious punishment.

In addition to their power and cruelty, celestial dragons are masters in the art of manipulation. They control information and the media to their advantage, deceiving the whole world at will, as Doflamingo demonstrated with his media stratagem.

Their wealth knows no bounds. They spend lavishly, paying astronomical sums for fleeting whims, such as the purchase of slaves or expensive Devil Fruits, purely for their entertainment. Their fortune comes from the tributes paid by nations, a financial burden so heavy that it often leads to famine and desolation in the countries forced to comply.

These nobles, despite their wealth and power, are hated and feared by the population. 

Their arrogance and total lack of morality make them targets of hatred for many, including those who have suffered under their yoke. 

Yet some countries and individuals continue to idolize them, willing to do anything to satisfy their every whim, testifying to the corruption and injustice intrinsic to the World Government system in One Piece.

When do celestial dragons first appear?

Celestial dragons first appear in chapter 233 and episode 151.

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