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In the merciless universe of One Piece, few characters embody justice as fervently and rigorously as Akainu, whose real name is Sakazuki.

An emblematic figure of the Navy, he embodies absolute, inflexible and sometimes terrifying justice.

In this blog post, we delve into the heart of this fascinating character, exploring his convictions, his powers, and the impact he has on the tumultuous world of One Piece.

Akainu’s Philosophy and Influence in the World of One Piece

In One Piece, Akainu represents « Absolute Justice ».

This philosophy implies the uncompromising elimination of all that is considered evil, especially pirates. 

This Manichean vision of the world creates a striking contrast with other characters in the series, offering a profound reflection on morality and justice.

Akainu and the Power of Magu Magu no Mi

Akainu possesses the powers of Magu Magu no Mi, a demon fruit that transforms him into a slime man. These powers enable him to launch devastating attacks :

Ryusei Kazan: 

An attack in which Akainu launches lava meteors, capable of destroying groups of enemies.

Dai Funka: 

A massive explosion of concentrated lava, which caused Ace fatal injuries.


Creates a massive lava fist, capable of penetrating entire bodies.

Inugami Guren: 

Transforms his hands into lava dogs, sending out waves of magma.

These techniques demonstrate his brutal strength and mastery of Magu Magu no Mi, making him a formidable opponent.

Akainu’s impact on One Piece’s plot

Akainu plays a crucial role in several major story arcs.

His decision to pursue Luffy and Ace has dramatic consequences, leading to key moments in the story.

His confrontation with Whitebeard and his role in Ace’s death are particularly significant.

These events show just how far Akainu is willing to go for his ideals.

V. Akainu’s relationship with the Navy and Pirates

A. Relations within the Navy

With Aokiji (Kuzan): 

The relationship between Akainu and Aokiji is one of the most fascinating and complex in One Piece. 

These two admirals, while sharing the same goal of maintaining peace and order, differ radically in their methods and philosophies. Akainu, with his absolute justice, will do anything to eradicate evil, while Aokiji follows a more moderate approach, known as « Lazy Justice ». 

Their ideological conflict culminates in a brutal and prolonged duel on the island of Punk Hazard for the position of Chief Admiral, resulting in Akainu’s victory. 

This confrontation leaves deep physical and ideological scars, symbolizing the internal conflict within the Navy between absolute justice and moderate justice.

With Fujitora (Issho): 

Akainu’s relationship with Fujitora is marked by a mixture of respect and tension. Fujitora, a man of principle who believes in justice yet has a critical perspective on the Navy’s actions, often clashes with Akainu’s extreme methods.

 Their divergence becomes clear during the events of Dressrosa, when Fujitora publicly expresses his doubts about the system of the Seven Grand Corsairs (Shichibukai), an institution strongly supported by Akainu. 

Fujitora’s open stance against certain Navy policies creates an ideological rift between him and Akainu, reflecting the tensions and challenges facing the Navy in its fight against piracy.

B. Relations with piracy

With Whitebeard (Edward Newgate): 

The dynamic between Akainu and Whitebeard is at the heart of the war at the top of Marineford. 

Their confrontation is a powerful symbol of the struggle between the Navy and the pirates, with Akainu representing unshakeable order and Whitebeard embodying the freedom of the seas. 

Akainu’s brutality and willingness to kill Ace in front of Whitebeard show his unwavering commitment to his vision of justice, defying the authority and power of one of history’s greatest pirates.

With Luffy and Ace: 

Luffy and Ace’s pursuit of Akainu is a major turning point in One Piece.

 His determination to capture Ace, which leads to his tragic death, is a heartbreaking moment that has a profound impact on Luffy and the world of piracy in general. 

Luffy’s hatred and resentment of Akainu after this event is palpable, illustrating the direct antagonism between Akainu and the main pirates of the story.

Fans’ reactions and perceptions

Akainu’s personality and actions divide fans. 

Some admire his determination and strength, while others see him as a cruel antagonist. 

His presence in One Piece sparks lively debate on the nature of justice and the role of the law.

We can’t wait to see him in action against a protagonist, and why not in a fight with Luffy?


Akainu is a fascinating character whose influence on One Piece is undeniable.

His extreme vision of justice, combined with his impressive powers and his role in key moments of the story, make him an unforgettable character.

His existence raises important questions about morality, justice and the nature of power in the world of One Piece.

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