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Jewelry Bonney

Jewelry Bonney

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Jewelry Bonney, aka « The Glutton« , is a key figure in the Worst Generation, captivating One Piece fans since South Blue. 

At the helm of Bonney’s crew, she stands out as one of the Eleven Supernovas, a group of pirates both feared and admired.

Her bounty, which has risen from 140 million to 320 million Berrys, testifies to her meteoric rise.

Brought up by Bartholomew Kuma, after the tragic loss of her mother Ginney to the Sapphire Scale Disease, Bonney forged her reputation across the seas. Known for her voracious appetite, she embodies both mystery and power, fascinating friends and foes alike.

Her look: 

Jewelry Bonney, nicknamed La Gloutonne, embodies enigma in the One Piece universe. 

At just twelve years old, she wields the power of her devil fruit to alternate between looking like a 22-24 year-old woman and other appearances, including that of a child or an old lady. 

Her transformations are spectacular, going from childlike innocence to seductive adulthood in the blink of an eye.

Her style is as diverse as her form: a bold white top revealing her belly and bosom, complemented by orange shorts with black stripes. 

Her black high-heeled boots, laced up to her calves, add a touch of sophistication. 

Fuchsia-red stockings adorned with yellow sun motifs underline her taste for eccentricity.

Her face, adorned with a teardrop piercing under her right eye and lipstick, is topped by a unique green hat.

After the ellipse, she dons a long brown coat, adding a touch of mystery to her appearance. 

During the Arc levely, she reveals herself with a new hat, once again renewing her iconic look. 

As Conney, her older form, she flashes a blissful smile, transforming her brown coat into a grand dress. 

Jewelry Bonney is more than a pirate; she’s a fashion chameleon, captivating with a style as versatile as her powers.

Her personality: 

Jewelry Bonney is distinguished by her gargantuan appetite and table manners that could be described as rustic. 

This pirate is an unconditional lover of pizza, ready to order more when she hasn’t finished her current plate. Behind this laid-back attitude, Bonney hides a complex personality, blending pragmatism and impulsiveness.

On the Sabaody archipelago, she demonstrated a keen sense of survival

Her quick reaction to save Zoro from a fatal confrontation with a Celestial Dragon reveals her tactical intelligence

Although she acted for her own safety, she demonstrated an ability to assess and react effectively to danger.

Bonney, with her rather stereotypical view of a pirate, makes no attempt to pose as a heroine. 

When an innocent was injured by a Noble, she refused to intervene, true to her image as a selfish pirate. 

Her admiration for Whitebeard and her tears at his betrayal testify to a certain respect for the great names of piracy.

But Jewelry Bonney doesn’t forgive easily. Her grudge against the crew of the Chapeau de Paille, whom she holds responsible for an Admiral’s intervention at Sabaody, is tenacious. 

Her post-war anger, probably directed at Blackbeard, the man behind Whitebeard’s downfall, shows her capacity for vengeance.

His fear of insects, to the point of fainting, reveals a rare vulnerability. And anyone who risks exploiting this weakness exposes himself to his merciless wrath.

All in all, Bonney is a complex character, blending strength, intelligence and a ruthlessness that makes her formidable.

Her Relationships: 

The biological daughter of Ginney and an undisclosed Celestial Dragon, Bonney’s childhood was marked by her mother’s sacrifice. 

Adopted by Bartholomew Kuma, a revolutionary turned privateer, she developed a fierce resentment against the World Government for the suffering inflicted on her father.

Captain of Bonney’s crew, she wields unchallenged authority, forcing her subordinates to cater to her whims, including her insatiable passion for pizza. 

As a member of the Worst Generation, she’s known for her pragmatism, knowing when to fight and when to dodge problems, notably when she prevented Zoro from attacking a Celestial Dragon on the Sabaody Archipelago.

Underneath her sometimes brutal and egotistical exterior, Bonney hides a deep respect for certain great pirates, such as Whitebeard, whose death deeply affected her. 

She harbors a certain animosity towards figures such as Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard) for his role in Marinford against Whitebeard, and Akainu for his actions during the Summit War.

His encounter with Zoro was marked by his swift intervention to avert catastrophe. 

Although initially irritated by the actions of the Straw Hat Crew, she seems to have put aside her post-ellipse grudge, recognizing their impact on the current era.

Bonney’s personality is a blend of strength, intelligence and a keen sense of survival, making her a pirate as formidable as she is fascinating in the One Piece universe.

Her devil fruit: 

Jewelry Bonney, possesses a unique talent thanks to Toshi Toshi no Mi, a Paramecia-type devil fruit. 

Her power enables her to manipulate age, both her own and that of others, transforming her targets into children or the elderly in the blink of an eye. 

Although his real age is estimated at 22, his ability to metamorphose makes this figure uncertain.

What’s particularly remarkable about Jewelry Bonney is the lack of impact his powers have on clothing. Usually, devil fruit users have their clothes affected by their transformations, but this is not the case for Bonney. 

To compensate for this detail, she chooses adjustable outfits, such as tight-fitting clothes or suspenders, that adapt to her age changes.

In the anime adaptation of One Piece, Bonney was transformed into a younger version of herself. 

Although the transformation itself was not explicitly shown, it is suggested that her powers require a certain process rather than a simple instantaneous action. 

One interesting scene shows Bonney saving Zoro in her child form while using her adult voice, suggesting that she is able to separately control certain parts of her body, such as maintaining her adult vocal cords in her child body.

Jewelry Bonney’s story: 

Jewelry Bonney, originally from Mary Geoise and the daughter of a Celestial Dragon and Ginney, a revolutionary forced into union, had a childhood marked by tragedy. 

Her mother, rejected by her sick husband, returned to the Kingdom of Sorbet with Bonney as a baby, but succumbed soon after to the same illness. 

It was then that Bartholomew Kuma, a close friend of Ginney’s, took the orphaned Bonney under his wing.

Bonney’s life was overshadowed from an early age by Sapphire Scale Disease, the same affliction that claimed her mother. 

Symptoms appeared before her fifth birthday, with the emergence of blue jewels under her eyes. 

The disease forced her into isolation, with the sun’s rays aggravating her condition, earning her the taunts of the other children. However, her spirit remained indomitable, nurturing dreams of exploring the world alongside Kuma and discovering the mysterious Nika evoked by her adoptive father.

Jewelry Bonney’s health became a major concern for Kuma, who learned that his adopted daughter had only five years to live.

In an act of desperation, he left Sorbet in search of a cure, leaving behind Bonney who inadvertently consumed Toshi Toshi no Mi, a devil fruit. 

Kuma, now ex-king of the Kingdom of Sorbet, finally took Bonney to laboratory no. 8, the future Egg Head, where she was treated by the scientist Vegapunk.

Vegapunk, in treating Bonney, also transformed Kuma into a cyborg, following a deal made with the world government.

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