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Ginny was a captive of the Celestial Dragons, making a profound mark on the history of God Valley. Her fate crossed that of Bartholomew Kuma in dramatic circumstances. 

His role in the God Valley incident was colossal, orchestrating a daring escape that included Kuma, Ivankov and 500 other prisoners. 

Her courage sparked an epic confrontation between Rocks’ crew, the Marines, and the crew of Roger’s Pirates. Ginny is also known as the mother of Jewelry Bonney.

What does Ginny look like?

Ginny shows a remarkable evolution over the years. 

As a child, she was distinguished by her slim, frail appearance, with a disproportionately large head, large, expressive eyes, a pointed nose, a wide mouth, and bobbed hair with two long locks. 

Her clothes consisted of a worn tank top and shorts, complemented by simple boots.

14 years earlier, Ginny had evolved into a young woman of undeniable charm, much sought-after by the male set. 

Of average height, she sported shoulder-length light hair, framing her face with two drooping locks. 

Her style included aviator sunglasses, a short-sleeved T-shirt, black-and-white striped pants and dark boots.

At the age of 21, her look was characterized by a bare-shouldered top with « Sister » written on it, accompanied by dark pants and flat shoes. 

By contrast, at 13, Ginny sported a messy hairdo, freckles and a missing tooth, dressed in a mended undershirt, short pants and white shoes.

Throughout her journey, Ginny was often seen wearing bandages and scratches, testifying to her difficult life and constant struggles.

What’s Ginny’s personality?

Even in perilous situations, she has an indelible smile and a radiant attitude, a real breath of optimism in often gloomy circumstances. 

Her sweet tooth is legendary, and she won’t tolerate her friends being mistreated, responding firmly to any form of bullying.

As an adult, Ginny stands out for her unfiltered frankness and sometimes crude language. 

Although some consider her mean-spirited, she remains a beloved figure among the locals. 

Her straightforward, no-nonsense manner makes her a memorable and well-liked figure, despite her sometimes abrupt personality traits.

Who were Ginny’s closest friends?

Her complicity with Emporio Ivankov is touching. 

She affectionately calls him « big brother », a term that denotes deep respect and affection. 

This fraternal relationship with Ivankov is a key element in her story, revealing her ability to forge close, sincere bonds.

Equally significant is the connection between Ginny and Bartholomew Kuma. Having both experienced the horror of slavery, their mutual understanding goes beyond words. After Kuma’s heroic freeing of slaves during the God Valley incident, their solidarity is strengthened.

Ginny is particularly fond of Kuma, affectionately calling him « My little Kuma ».

What were Ginny’s abilities?

Ginny, despite her young age, proved to be an outstanding thief and communications specialist. 

She excelled in the art of theft, eavesdropping and communications, proclaiming herself an expert in these fields. 

Her key role in disseminating strategic messages via Den Den Mushi was crucial in creating havoc in God Valley

Her transmissions cleverly attracted major players such as the crew of Rocks, the Marines and the crew of Roger’s Pirates. 

The result was the explosive God Valley Incident, marking a turning point in the history of piracy.

On the subject of weapons, Ginny was spotted wielding a rifle during her time with the Revolutionary Army. adds an intriguing dimension to her already complex and strategic character.

Ginny’s introduction to the plot: 

Ginny, now a slave of the Celestial Dragons, has lived through a dark period in her life. 

Thirty-eight years ago, at the Tri-Annual Native Hunting Competition in God Valley, she and Ivankov were among the slaves designated to be preyed upon by the Celestial Dragons. 

During this traumatic period, they met a young slave descended from the Buccaneers, mistreated by his peers for trying to escape. 

Ivankov, intrigued by his size, asked Kuma if he had giant blood, triggering a humorous interaction between Ginny and Ivankov.

Ginny played a crucial role in discovering that the competition prizes were the demon fruits Nikyu Nikyu no Mi and Uo Uo no Mi, model Seiryu. 

She quickly shared this crucial information via Escargophone, attracting the attention of Rocks’ Crew, Roger’s Pirate Crew and the forces led by Vice-Admiral Garp. 

This intervention led to the explosive God Valley Incident.

During the battle, Kuma ate the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, enabling Ginny, Ivankov and hundreds of other slaves to escape from the cursed island. 

After their escape, Ginny chose to settle in the kingdom of Sorbet, forming a lasting friendship with Kuma, her savior and ally in this tumultuous adventure.

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