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Cipher Pol

Cipher Pol

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Cipher Pol is like the CIA of the One Piece world, but with more style and mystery. 

Divided into eight units, CP1 to CP8, each group has its own play area. It’s all about espionage, intelligence and behind-the-scenes manipulation. Personally, I find it captivating!

Then there are the special units: CP9 and CP-AIGIS0. 

The CP9 are like modern-day ninjas, agents so gifted they’re almost legends. 

And CP-AIGIS0? That’s where we take things up a notch. Operating directly under the orders of the big boss, the gorosei. 

They’re the kind of agents that even the toughest pirates fear.

Every time these guys enter the scene in the manga, I’m riveted. They represent that silent but oh-so-powerful force that pulls the strings in secret. It’s the kind of thing that makes One Piece so addictive!

Cipher Pol overview: 

Scattered all over the world, they are the eyes and ears of the government, but not the only one.

Their job? More than just spying, they act as a counter-insurgency force, sometimes even overseeing the law. 

And to recruit? They don’t hesitate to make deals with the underworld to unearth rare pearls.

The eight official sections, CP1 to CP8, are just the tip of the iceberg. 

But what about CP9 and CP0? Now we’re getting to the heart of the matter. 

CP9, these guys have the green light to eliminate anyone who gets in the way of the government. 

And it’s so secret that the average person shouldn’t even know they exist. 

As for CP0, they’re the heavy hitters of the Celestial Dragons, no less!

Their look? Pure class. Black suits and Fedora hats. And these CP9 guys are trained from an early age to go beyond human limits, with a special martial art: the Six Powers.

It’s not just physical training, it’s mental conditioning to become killing machines. 

Rob Lucci, for example, is like an ice cube, unable to feel the slightest emotion. 

And the best part? The Marines aren’t even allowed to mind their own business. If a Marine gets in the way of a secret Cipher Pol mission, they have carte blanche to eliminate him. Quite frankly, it’s chilling.

Who is the head of CP0?

The CP0 doesn’t have a single leader. They take their orders directly from the Gorosei.

Who is the leader of CP9?

The leader of CP9 was Spandam. In fact, he was the least powerful member of the unit.

How powerful is Cipher Pol?

The agents of the Cipher Pol are the all-round champions of the Six Powers. 

Among them, CP0 and CP9 are the « crème de la crème ». 

As far as I’m concerned, the CP0 is the best intelligence agency in the world. 

When Nico Robin tells you that their presence on an island is a bad sign, you know it’s no joke. 

These guys work directly for the Celestial Dragons. In other words, they play in the big league.

And how do they choose their agents? It’s all a question of mastering the Six Powers. 

I remember Kalifa explaining to Rob Lucci that their new colleague Nero had only mastered four of these powers. That gives you an idea of the level. 

The CP9 and CP0 agents, on the other hand, are virtuosos of these techniques. It’s simple: their level is so far above the rest, it leaves the other sections of the Cipher Pol in the dust.

Basically, when you see a CP9 or CP0 agent, you know he’s no amateur. He’s a Six Powers pro, a real badass. 

Who’s in CP0?

The best-known members of CP0 (Cipher Pol Aigis Zero) in the « One Piece » universe are :

Rob Lucci: Once a member of CP9, he’s now a CP0 agent. Known for his brutal strength and mastery of the Six Powers, he is a central character in the Enies Lobby arc.

Spandam: The former head of CP9, joined CP0 after the events of the Dressrosa arc.

Kaku: Like Rob Lucci, Kaku was also a member of CP9 and then moved on to CP0. He’s known for his martial arts skills and his ability to transform into a giraffe thanks to a Devil Fruit.

Stussy: A mysterious woman who was revealed as a member of CP0 in the Whole Cake Island arc. She has the appearance of a glamorous woman, but is formidable in her missions.

Also featured: 

  • Joseph
  • Kalifa
  • Blueno
  • Fukuro
  • Jabra 
  • Kumadori
  • Funkfreed
  • Maha
  • Guernica

When does Cipher Pol first appear?

Cipher Pol first appears in the manga in chapter 325 and episode 230.

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