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Monkey D. Dragon


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Monkey D. Dragon, known as « Dragon the Revolutionary, » is the fearsome Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Army. Once a captain of the freedom fighters and a Marine, his sense of distorted justice and the Ohara Incident ignited his rebellion. Today, he’s the « World’s Most Wanted Criminal ».

He’s Luffy’s father and Garp’s son, all hailing from the Goa Kingdom. Dragon saved Sabo’s life after a noble attack, with Sabo now serving as his right-hand man.

First appearing in the Loguetown Arc, Dragon freed Luffy from Captain Smoker’s grasp. His presence looms over the saga, emerging at pivotal moments in the background.

His personality : 

Dragon, the charismatic leader of the Revolutionary Army, stands as a beacon of determination. He fiercely battles the World Government and its corrupt nobility, who oppress citizens at will. The elite of his native Goa represent this scourge on a smaller scale. The injustice suffered by Sabo, an innocent noble, deeply outraged him.

Serious and pragmatic by nature, Dragon consistently stays informed of global events, educating his subordinates on critical current affairs.

He tempers premature celebrations among his troops, aware of the overwhelming power of the World Government. Despite his seriousness, he smiles at the thought of global upheavals, especially those caused by his pirate son Luffy. Secretive about his private life, he keeps his family ties hidden, even within his army.

Endowed with great empathy, Dragon is particularly sensitive to the plight of the oppressed. His encounter with Sabo, humiliated and rejected by the nobility, deeply touches him, reinforcing his commitment to freedom. He cares for his allies, inquiring about Nico Robin’s well-being through Koala.

Unyielding, Dragon does not forgive actions that contradict his army’s ideals, as he clearly expresses regarding the incident involving Nefertari Cobra. For him, the cause is just, but the end does not justify all means.

His relationship : 

His family : 

His son : Luffy

Monkey D. Dragon, a mystery. As the leader of the revolutionaries, he was always absent from Luffy’s life, his son. It was Garp, the grandfather, who took the reins.

For Luffy, Dragon was a stranger. A shocking revelation at Water 7: Garp unveils the paternal identity.

And Luffy? He remains indifferent, his heart beats for Sabo, his sworn brother. Dragon, meanwhile, watches over the East Blue, the place of his origins.

Luffy’s piracy? He approves, hoping for a global impact. Their crossed fates in Loguetown were just a foretaste of their paths which will intersect again.

His father :  Garp

Garp, a hardened Marine, sired Dragon, the rebel. Their relationship? A mystery. Dragon gave up the uniform for a greater cause. He seeks justice elsewhere. Garp, disappointed but not hostile, still hopes.

They share blood but not ideals. Dragon wants to overthrow, Garp serves. Their view of justice diverges like two oceans.

The East Blue, a paradise? Not for Dragon. Garp sees peace, Dragon sees oppression. The Goa Kingdom, Tequila Wolf – symbols of this « peace » in disguise.

Dragon, disgusted, rises against the World Government. Garp? Proud to serve. Two men, two worlds, a family torn apart by destiny.

His allies : 

Revolutionary army : 

Monkey D. Dragon, the enigmatic leader of the Revolutionary Army, keeps it strictly business. His mantra? Never underestimate the enemy. A single victory is just a ripple in the ocean against the World Government’s tidal wave of power.

And personal life? Dragon’s lips are sealed. His history, his family – off-limits, even to his closest allies. Except for Kuma, who’s in the know, inquiries about Dragon’s world beyond the revolution are shut down.

Yet, post-Marineford chaos, when his kin became public knowledge, Dragon stayed cool. To him, it’s a chance to show his crew he’s not just a shadow – he’s flesh and blood.

Kuma : 

Bartholomew Kuma, a loyal follower of Dragon in the Revolutionary Army, was privy to the secret of Dragon’s ties to Luffy before it became public knowledge.

Dragon, upon discovering Kuma’s transformation into a pawn for the World Government, grapples with the harsh reality.

After the disbandment of the Seven Warlords and Kuma’s subsequent emancipation, Dragon’s encounter with Kuma brings forth a moment of revelation. Kuma, addressing Dragon as his ‘master’, confirms his unwavering allegiance by sharing the events that unfolded at Mary Geoise

Ivankov : 

Ivankov stands out as a key ally within Dragon’s Revolutionary Army ranks. For over a decade, these two have shared countless strategic sessions and personal exchanges.

Yet, Dragon remains a vault of secrecy, sparing even Ivankov the deeper tales of his past and motives, including those linked to East Blue’s Goa Kingdom. Ivankov’s sharp instincts often try to pierce Dragon’s mystique, to little avail.

Despite their bond, Dragon’s life narrative remains mostly under wraps, his privacy a fortress even Ivankov respects. The loyalty between them is ironclad, showcased when Ivankov went to great lengths to guarantee Luffy’s, Dragon’s son, escape from the jaws of Impel Down.

Post-Marineford Summit War, while the world buzzed with Dragon’s familial revelations, Ivankov sported a grin, proud to have shielded the young pirate during the turmoil.

Sabo : 

Dragon, the elusive leader of the Revolutionary Army, once encountered 10-year-old Sabo laid low by the cruelty of the Goa Kingdom. Angered by corruption that tainted even a child’s innocence, Dragon carried Sabo’s scathing words with him.

Outrage turned to action: a day later, he saved Sabo from certain death at the hands of a World Noble.

What followed? A meteoric rise: Sabo became Dragon’s right hand, his Chief of Staff. Their synergy is evident; Sabo shares with Dragon all he knows about Luffy, their fraternal bond rekindled in Dressrosa.

When rumors of Sabo’s alleged assassination hit, Dragon is adamant: if Sabo killed Cobra, a fair and kind king, he’d never forgive him. But relief comes swiftly, as Sabo’s innocence is quickly revealed.

Dragon, more than relieved, admires Sabo’s determination to disregard the slander and to keep the revolutionary flame burning.

Vegapunk : 

In the world of One Piece, Dragon the Revolutionary has a cordial relationship with Vegapunk, the brilliant mind with forward-thinking ideas. Despite his contempt for the World Government’s corruption, Vegapunk declined Dragon’s invitation to join the Revolutionary Army, citing its limited resources.

Nevertheless, their mutual respect for Clover, the distinguished archaeologist, unites them in a common purpose: to ensure that his death was not in vain.

Clover : 

As for Clover, Dragon knew him well and, despite the archaeologist’s reputation for causing unrest, he refused to accept the slanders labeling him a global threat.

His high regard for Clover was such that he could not allow the World Government to cover up the genocide of Ohara. Clover’s death was the catalyst that drove Dragon to abandon his anti-war stance and form a movement to resist against the pervasive corruption.

His enemies : 

The world government :

Dragon, known as the « World’s Worst Criminal, » harbors a deep-seated loathing for the World Government and its ruling World Nobles. His goal? To topple their tyrannical regime that strips away freedoms and lives for selfish gains. He regards the government’s military might, especially Cipher Pol, with utmost seriousness.

Eight years ago, at the Levely, a prophetic warning labeled him as a looming global menace—a prediction that has now come to frightening fruition. With his notoriety at its peak, the discovery of the Revolutionary Army’s base by the Blackbeard Pirates triggered an immediate assault by the Marines and Cipher Pol.

The recent revelations about Imu and the devastating use of a government weapon have left Dragon reeling, desperate to uncover how the government acquired such power and why it’s only now being unleashed.

The noble : 

Dragon despises the Celestial Dragons, viewing them as less than the lowest scum on earth. Informed by Sabo of their intent to annihilate all the inhabitants of the Gray Terminal, he sets up a stealth rescue operation to save these people, questioning their readiness to fight tyranny by joining his crew.

However, he does acknowledge that some rulers are benevolent, as he considers Nefertari Cobra to be. Dragon is appalled by Cobra’s assassination, seeing that attacking someone like him does not align with the Revolutionary Army’s objectives.

The navy : 

Dragon, the World Government’s nemesis, strikes a stark contrast against the Marine forces. Seen as a high-priority threat, his existence challenges the notion of peace upheld by government authorities. His exact bounty is shrouded in mystery. His dramatic entry in the Straw Hats’ saga, thwarting Smoker’s pursuit of Luffy during Loguetown’s tempest, left Smoker utterly stunned.

Dragon’s stance against the Marines is rooted in their allegiance to the corrupt World Government. With a past tinted by Marine involvement, the details of which remain elusive, Dragon’s Marine-honed skills in logistics, tactics, and navigation have forged a resilient revolutionary front lasting over a quarter-century.

The revolutionary crusade sparked into full rebellion post the Ohara incident and Gol D. Roger’s demise, hinting at Marine provocation escalating into outright conflict. Dragon’s departure from the Marines is veiled in mystery, tinged with a hint of remorse over the Marines’ tarnished ideals of justice.

His connection with Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, who harbors a specific disdain for « Dragon’s Son » Luffy, adds layers to an unknown shared history, their same-age factor deepening the intrigue.

The Dragon’s power : 

As the Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Army, Dragon holds ultimate power over a global paramilitary force that has quickly risen to become a major threat to the ancient colossus that is the World Government.

Dubbed « the world’s worst criminal, » Dragon nevertheless leads a relatively peaceful existence, constantly eluding capture by the planet’s greatest powers. When Luffy reveals to Emporio Ivankov that Ace is his brother, the okama queen fears a war from the World Government, not just against Whitebeard but also against Dragon.

Sengoku exploits Dragon’s relationship with Luffy, marking the young pirate as a new threat to the future of humanity.

Dragon’s individual feats remain shrouded in mystery. Yet, he commands exceptional subordinates, such as his chief of staff Sabo and five commanders, all known for defeating renowned pirates and Marines on the Grand Line. Dragon himself has thwarted Smoker, snatching his weapon with lightning speed, stopping him in his tracks.

Smoker did not attempt to capture him.

Ivankov also noted that Luffy’s superhuman will to survive in Impel Down was not surprising for the son of Dragon, suggesting that Dragon shares a similar level of tenacity.

In Goa and Loguetown, powerful gusts of wind have occurred close to Dragon, facilitating his purposes in both places. It remains to be confirmed whether Dragon is directly responsible for these gusts of wind or if he has the power to generate them.

Moreover, Dragon managed to reach Sabo’s sinking ship, saving Sabo from drowning without drawing the attention of onlookers.

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