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What would Dragon’s status have been in the Marines?

What would Dragon's status have been in the Marines

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While the shadows of mystery surrounding Monkey D. Dragon, the famous dragon of the revolution, are being cleared, the majority of the iceberg remains a mystery in the One Piece universe.

From the moment his former Marine affiliation is confirmed, one question strikes: “What would Dragon’s status have been in the Marines?

Let’s find out the rank possibilities he could have had in the Marine hierarchy.

A high post under Garp’s command

We know that Monkey D. Garp is an iconic figure, the Hero of the Navy. Knowing him for his power and experience in the field, the vice-admiral would have made his son an even greater man.

Monkey D. Dragon would undoubtedly have a position of renown under his father’s command.

We guess that he was probably a Captain or Rear Admiral. Even a Vice Admiral.

Another reason to believe that Dragon would have such a position in the navy would be the events of God Valley 38 years ago. In Dragon’s own words, he found no justice in his time with the Marines, implying his witness to God Valley’s horror: the Native Hunting Competition.

How could Dragon have known this hidden truth as a mere underling of the Marines’ hierarchy? Especially when no weakling could’ve been summoned to face the tremendous Rocks Pirates.

The most plausible explanation is that Dragon was part of his father’s squad and, –by talent or family favor– was able to witness the famous tragedy.

But what would Dragon’s title be if he were still in the navy?

Monkey D. Dragon, the Missing Admiral

Dragon would undoubtedly have become an Admiral, and probably a Chief Admiral had he remained loyal to the marines.

Garp, the top-notch Mentor

No matter how questionable Garp’s training is, its effectiveness is just mind-blowing in terms of results – even on weak recruits. Aokiji, the former Navy Admiral, is proof of this. Having followed Garp’s teachings, he was able to rise through the ranks to Admiral.

Likewise, who would’ve imagined Koby to go from a crybaby at Alvida’s service, to reach the rank of Captain?  

At present, Koby is part of a secret unit of the Marines. The kid is well on his way to the top.

Now, more of you guys are reconsidering my offer to take Luffy’s Grandpa training.

From then on, we can safely theorize that Dragon, who has been in the army since infancy, would undoubtedly be an Admiral, if not a Chief Admiral.

Dragon’s asset: the Wind-Related Devil Fruit

Now, considering Dragon’s mythical abilities, as revealed through our “revolutionary theory” of course, we’re fond of it–, his progress would’ve been easier.

Curious, isn’t it? Sure thing, a quick look does no harm…

In the meantime, keep sailing Otakus!!!


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