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Monkey d. Garp

Monkey d. Garp

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Monkey D. Garp, known as the « Hero of the Marine« , is an icon in the One Piece universe. This vice-admiral is not only Monkey D. Dragon‘s father, but also Monkey D. Luffy’s grandfather and Portgas D. Ace‘s adoptive grandfather.

His role in the upbringing of Luffy and Ace, before entrusting them to the Dadan Family, is a fascinating aspect of his character.

A central figure in the Gol D. Roger era, Garp’s exploits earned him the title of « Hero of the marine ».

His actions during the God Valley Incident are particularly noteworthy.

Curiously, despite several offers, he always refused the rank of Admiral, showing his contempt for celestial dragons.

Garp’s introduction in the « Koby-Meppo Diary » series of covers highlighted his ability to train young recruits.

His transition to Marine instructor after Ace’s death shows a more pedagogical side to his personality, while retaining his role as vice-admiral.

In the Post-Enies Lobby and Marineford arcs, Garp establishes himself as a complex character, oscillating between roles as antagonist and father figure.

His injury and disappearance in the Egghead arc add a layer of mystery to his story.

What does Monkey d. Garp look like?

Monkey D. Garp is a tall, tanned man with a broad torso and impressive musculature, despite his advanced age.

He sports a beard and a scar over his left eye. In the anime, his eyes are blue and his hair gray, while in the manga, it’s white.

Garp and Tsuru stand out among the vice admirals with special shoulder pads: Garp’s are gold and blue (black and red in the anime), while Tsuru’s are purple with white polka dots, as opposed to the standard blue and red.

Over the years, the stripes on his shoulder pads have evolved: two black stripes during the Battle of Edd War, three in Water 7, and four during the Marineford War, marking his status and experience.

The dog mask Garp originally wore concealed his identity as Luffy’s grandfather.

After the revelation of their bond in the Post-Enies Lobby arc, Garp abandoned the mask.

In his more relaxed moments, Garp opts for sandals, a red tropical shirt and light-colored shorts. He sometimes pairs this shirt with black pants and boots.

On his visits to Dadan during Luffy’s childhood, he wears a formal black suit without his Marine cape.

38 years ago, Garp’s hair was all black and goatee-less. He wore a white shirt and red tie.

30 years ago, Garp’s hair and goatee were still black. He sported a dark suit with an orange-striped shirt and black tie.

24 years ago, although his hair and goatee were still black, his sideburns were beginning to whiten. He wore a dark double-breasted suit with a white shirt and red tie.

In his youth and childhood, Garp resembled Luffy, though more muscular than his grandson.

As a child, he had light-brown hair, wore a tropical button-down shirt with shorts and wielded a stick. The scar over his left eye was already present.

After thetimeskip, his appearance remained relatively unchanged, although he now wears a dark suit (still white in the anime).

What’s Monkey d. Garp’s personality?

Eccentric but deeply benevolent, he embodies a loyalty split between his renowned family and his devotion to the Marine.

His loud, exuberant style is very reminiscent of his grandson Luffy, but Garp knows how to be serious when he needs to be, as in his epic confrontations with Shiki or Aokiji.

What strikes me about Garp is his unconventional approach to life.

His habit of falling asleep in the middle of a conversation or his sometimes distracted air add to his unique charisma.

The way he interacts with Luffy at Water 7 reveals a familial selfishness that is something of a Monkey trademark.

Garp also stands out for his vision of justice.

He doesn’t judge people by their lineage or criminal status. His choice to entrust Luffy and Ace to a mountain bandit is a decision that speaks volumes about his character.

His belief that hardship builds character sometimes translates into harshness towards the young, but he’s also a man with a heart.

His reaction to the danger Luffy faces from the Emperors is impressively calm.

Despite his obedience to Marine orders, Garp values his freedom and his family above all else.

His repeated refusal to become Admiral, motivated by his moral code and his contempt for the Celestial Dragons, underlines his integrity.

Garp is also the man who, under a rough exterior, rejoices in his pirate grandson’s adventures, until reality catches up with him with Ace’s capture.

His decision to let Luffy hit him in Marineford shows an inner conflict between duty and family love.

His frankness, sometimes brutal, is another facet of his personality.

Whether openly criticizing the nobles or revealing secrets without a filter, Garp is an authentic, unadorned character.

Finally, Garp is a mentor to the younger generation, teaching them the importance of protecting the future.

His mission to save Koby and his commitment to young recruits show a deep dedication to the next generation of Marines.

Garp, then, is much more than just a Marine. He’s a key figure in One Piece, a man of conviction, action and unique humor.

How powerful is Monkey d. Garp?

Garp, nicknamed « Garp the Fist« , is a living legend, a pillar of the Marine, renowned for his unrivalled strength.

In his heyday, he was renowned for his epic confrontations with Gol D. Roger, the only man capable of standing up to the King of Pirates.

Their legendary rivalry nearly led to their deaths on several occasions.

His most memorable achievement was his victory over the Rocks Pirates, a feared crew including such renowned pirates as Rocks D. Xebec, future Emperors Newgate, Big mom, Kaido, and Shiki the Golden Lion. This epic battle earned him the title of « Hero of the Marine ».

His power and renown remain such that, even at his advanced age, the Cross Guild has awarded him a colossal bounty.

Garp also made history by defeating Don Chinjao in one fell swoop, a pirate whose head was worth 542 million Berrys and capable of splitting a continent.

This victory reinforced his image as the « Devil » among pirates.

At 76, his strength remains impressive. He easily knocked out Marco, Whitebeard’s right-hand man, a feat that neither Kizaru nor Akainu could manage.

During the war following Ace’s death, Garp, in a fit of rage, could have killed Akainu if Sengoku hadn’t held him back.

His decision to stay to cover the Marines’ escape shows his dedication and courage.

Luffy’s fame soared when he was revealed as Garp’s grandson.

Even the celestial dragons, despite their reluctance to take on Garp’s rebellious personality, are reluctant to go after him, aware of his influence and merits.

As vice-admiral, Garp leads the lower ranks and can lead a fleet in a Buster Call.

Respected among the Marines, he has trained many prominent figures, including former Admiral Kuzan.

An outstanding teacher, Garp turned Koby and Helmeppo into skilled fighters in no time, and prepared Luffy and Ace for adventure at sea. After the war at the top of Marineford, he devoted himself to training new recruits.

Does Monkey d. Garp have a devil fruit?

Monkey d. Garp didn’t eat devil fruit.

How physically powerful is Monkey d. Garp?

In battle after battle, he has proven his strength, notably by facing and defeating the Rocks Pirates.

That alone deserves respect.

Even at 76, he’s no ordinary old man.

He throws cannonballs like they’re made of paper, and that’s impressive!

He’s a true monster of power!

And let’s talk about his resilience: even after being wounded by Captain Morgan, he gets back up as if nothing had happened.

He has this incredible ability to withstand the most violent blows.

On Hachinosu, he stood up to Kuzan and other high-ranking pirates, proving once again that he is a pillar of the Marine.

In terms of speed, Garp is a lightning bolt. He surprises everyone with his speed and agility, even in the most critical situations.

His ability to move so quickly, even at his age, shows just how good a man he is.

For me, Garp is much more than just a character. He embodies brute strength, courage and resilience.

Does Garp have haki?

He’s an expert in Haki, the mysterious force that infuses the « One Piece » universe.

He is one of the few chosen to master all three types of Haki, and is also an exceptional teacher, having trained such notable figures as Kuzan, Koby and Helmeppo.

Does Garp have conqueror’s haki?

Garp’s mastery of the conqueror’s haki is nothing short of astonishing.

He’s one of a select group capable of infusing this Haki into his own body or into objects, creating spectacular black electrical discharges.

We recall the incident where he grabbed Kuzan by the face, causing a huge hole thanks to a powerful Haki des Rois attack, and his devastating punch on Avalo Pizarro.

Does Garp have Armament’s Haki?

As a master of armament’s Haki, Garp has proved his undisputed superiority.

He once deformed Chinjao’s drill head, reinforced by armament’s Haki.

During the battle at the summit of Marineford, he managed to strike and wound Marco, despite the latter’s regenerative ability.

Garp can also emit this Haki from his hands, enabling him to attack from a distance.

Does Garp have Observation Haki?

Garp is an extremely experienced user of Observation Haki.

He has detected Kuzan on Hachinosu where other Haki users have failed. He even managed to intercept a Shiryu attack when the latter was invisible.

When Koby began to develop Observation Haki, Dr. Fishbonen recommended that he turn to Garp to learn, highlighting the latter’s expertise.

What weapon does Monkey d. Garp use?

Imagine a man throwing cannonballs with his bare hands, propelling them at a speed far greater than that of a cannon shot! That’s exactly what Garp does, and he does it with disconcerting ease, demonstrating his extraordinary physical strength.

But that’s not all. Garp also wields an enormous ball of iron, attached to a chain, which makes the warship he’s serving on pale in size.

This simple fact puts his Herculean strength into perspective. Wielding this gigantic weapon, Garp not only threatens his opponents, he dominates them, crushing them under the weight of his might.

When did Monkey d. Garp first appear?

Monkey d. Garp first appears in chapter 68 and episode 92.

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