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One Piece: I’ve guessed what Dragon’s devil fruit is, and it’s (too) much…

What is monkey d dragon devil fruit

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Among the plethora of hidden secrets in the One Piece universe, is a key character, the impersonification of revolution said: Monkey D. Dragon.

Whereas the shades of his backstory and secrets lately got a great breakdown, a crucial one still remains blurry: his Devil Fruit.

In this article, you’ll get a clear and brand-new insight into the nature and capabilities of the Dragon Devil Fruit.

Brace yourself, and let’s set sail!!!

The wind-related Devil Fruit

You are surely not new to the theory that states Monkey D. Dragon has an affinity with a specific climate phenomenon, the wind. 

The key appearances of Monkey D. Dragon

Almost every single one of his appearances is linked to a wind manifestation: 

  • at Loguetown, when rescuing Luffy from Buggy’s sentence;
  • at Goa’s Kingdom, during the rescue of Sabo, the sworn brother of Luffy.
  • and, even on Baltigo, during his plot introduction as the Chief of the Revolutionary Army.

Considering the aforementioned, there’s no doubt that Dragon’s Devil Fruit has a wind attribute. Someone’s prone to be a weatherman, here!

And, guess what? Things go a little deeper on this point.

The mythological clue

During the arc of Wano Country, a peculiar name popped up in one, if not the greatest of the Gear 5 techniques: “Bajrang” –from Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun. 

In the hindū mythology, this word is related to Hanuman, a very popular god under the traits of a white monkey. Familiar, unh? What’s more, guess who Hanuman‘s father is: Vayu, the god of wind.

Like Luffy and his resemblance to the monkey god, Dragon is inferred to have similarities with the wind god. 

All this grounds the idea of Dragon possessing the elemental power of the wind. 

Then, the question is, what type is Monkey D. Dragon‘s Devil Fruit?

What type is Monkey D. Dragon‘s Devil Fruit?

As far as elemental affinity is concerned, it’s barely automatic to think about a Logia-type of Devil Fruit. Quite straightforward, isn’t it?

Although, could it be so simple to just fit all the windy and “stormy” affinities in a “Wind Wind Devil Fruit”?

Obviously, that’s hard to swallow. And that’s because it should be anything but, one of the rare Mythical Zoans.

For some time now, we’ve all been noticing a significant rise in the number of mythical zoans, from 2 (marco and sengoku) before the timeskip to the introduction of 3 more holders than in the Wano arc.

So, wouldn’t it be strange if Monkey D. Dragon, promised to be a central antagonist of the Marines and her strong Admirals, possessed only a simple wind logia?

And, icing on the cake, Dragon’s Devil Fruit is probably related to a “dragon”.

Uhm, that’s no daddy joke.

A concise checklist of real dragon references in Dragon’s character is the following:

  • the Eastern Dragon or Green Dragon represents the wind and rain elements, in Chinese Mythology;
  • the fighting style transmitted to Sabo is a style imitating the movements of a dragon;
  • Ivankov mentioned a sort of animal instinct” about Dragon’s habit of heading east, a strange coincidence;
  • not to mention the plethora of clues on his ship and his Eastern origin. Several ships’ figureheads are themed on their captain’s Devil Fruit abilities; Jack’s ship is a palpable example.

No other character has had such emphasis on his origins before.

In a nutshell, there are pieces of evidence that Monkey D. Dragon is the holder of the Mythical Zoan of the Wind Dragon

We are curious about what you think it will be called!

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