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Koby, a Navy captain and former Garp protégé, has become a pillar of the SWORD special unit. His story is worthy of a novel.

Koby was originally trapped as an unwilling sailor with the pirates of Alvida.

His liberation by Luffy marks a decisive turning point in his adventure. This guy is the very first friend Luffy makes at sea. Imagine that!

The meeting with Luffy after Enies Lobby? A key moment.

Koby goes from being a simple sailor to an accomplished Navy soldier. He’s metamorphosed during the time ellipsis, forging a reputation as a hero during the Rocky Port incident. A true fairy tale!

But Koby’s destiny is a tumultuous one.

After a failed attempt to arrest Boa Hancock, he finds himself in the clutches of Blackbeard’s pirates. A critical situation, from which he escapes thanks to Perona, his SWORD colleagues and his mentor, Garp. A real thriller!

For a guy starting from nothing, hats off to you!

Koby, even as a brief antagonist in Marineford, still has the aura of a hero.

His evolution? Spectacular.

From unhappy sailor to exemplary Marine, Koby embodies that dream progression, that of the little guy climbing the ladder. For us fans, he’s proof that with courage and determination, even the wildest dreams can come true.

What does Koby look like?

Have you seen Koby’s incredible evolution? From a shy, chubby little boy with pink hair and round glasses, he’s transformed into an impressive young man.

Thanks to time and Garp’s draconian training, Koby has refined himself, growing almost to Luffy’s height.

He now sports a cross-shaped scar above his right eye, surely the souvenir of intensive training.

His hair, still a distinctive pink, has become longer and tousled.

In terms of style, Koby has retained his classic Marine look, with jacket, pants and scarf, but with a colorful bandana to boot. His glasses, still there, but often raised on his forehead, useful for reading.

After the timeskip, he grew again, almost reaching Garp’s height.

He now wears a scarf, a navy jacket with « justice » inscribed on it, a decoration on his jacket and a new bandana.
And that scar on his forehead? It’s widened, a sign of his battles and endurance.

A physical change that reflects his mental evolution: a guy who dared to dream big, and worked hard to achieve it.

What’s Koby’s personality like?

Let me tell you about Koby’s incredible evolution.

Once, this poor sailor served under the yoke of the Pirates of Alvida, terrorized by the crew and the captain herself.

After two years of forced servitude, he’d lost all hope of escape and his dream of becoming a Marine seemed to have evaporated, leaving him only with the fear of being crushed by Alvida’s crew.

Luffy, seeing Koby’s cowardice, was hardly impressed, calling him « stupid, useless and whiny« .

However, Luffy’s boundless optimism and determination rekindled a similar flame in Koby, giving him the courage to defy his captors, despite Alvida’s brutal death threat.

Over the course of their adventures, Koby, though always cautious, began to assert himself, often frightened by Luffy’s recklessness but also revealing notable insight.

His naivety about the integrity of the Marines was shaken by seeing the actions of Captain Morgan and his son, nevertheless strengthening his determination to become « a real Marine ».

Under Garp’s tutelage, Koby’s shyness has given way to confidence.

He remains polite, modest and apologetic if he feels too ambitious.

His emotional, compassionate side remains, even earning him the nickname « crybaby » from Zoro in Water 7.

Unlike other characters in the series, Koby acts according to his morals rather than out of reckless bravery.

He has risked his life for his convictions, most notably in the Marineford Summit War, where he interrupted the fighting by confronting Admiral Akainu, providing precious seconds for Luffy’s escape.

Koby’s determination is immense.

In his early days of training, though still weak, he trained relentlessly, striking warships, a feat reserved for powerful Marines like Garp and Kuzan. Despite the grueling training, he persisted, his hands bleeding from the wounds.

Despite his exploits, Koby remained humble.

He rejects the title of hero during the Rocky Port Incident and doesn’t claim credit for stopping a torpedo aimed at Dressrosa.

His modesty is also reflected in his escape from Hachinosu, where he is surprised to learn that the Navy has come for him.

That, my friends, is Koby’s story: from frightened sailor to fearless, determined Marine.

A character who perfectly illustrates how courage and determination can radically transform a destiny.

How powerful is Koby?

Hold on to your hats, One Piece fans, because Koby’s story is worthy of an epic.

When he first appeared, Koby had no fighting skills, not even above-average physical strength. According to Alvida, his only usefulness was as a navigator.

But, after rigorous training under the wing of Vice-Admiral Monkey D. Garp, alongside Helmeppo, he acquired fighting skills, including the Rokushiki technique, leaving Luffy and Zoro stunned by his incredible progress.

After the timeskip, Koby attained the rank of Captain, giving him command over lower-ranking Marines and responsibility for his own ship.

As the icing on the cake, he became a member of SWORD, the Marines’ elite unit, with the freedom to undertake missions that ordinary Marines couldn’t, including taking on one of the Four Emperors.

Koby became a « Hero » thanks to the Rocky Port Incident, mysteriously helping Emperor Blackbeard defeat Ochoku, an ex-member of the Pirates Rocks and a famous pirate on a par with Shiki and Captain John.

During the Marines’ invasion of Amazon Lily to stop Boa Hancock, Koby was one of the few not to be petrified by his powers, a notable feat given that Yamakaji, Catarina Devon, Vasco Shot,two Captains of Blackbeard’s Pirates were petrified.

After the Cross Guild placed bounties on the Marines, his amounted to 500,000,000 Berries, a remarkable sum for a Navy Captain.

Koby also has some knowledge of fencing, training with Helmeppo and Bogard.

How physically powerful is Koby?

Thanks to his intensive training under Garp, Koby has developed superhuman physical strength and attributes.

He is able to perform Rokushiki techniques, surprising and hitting Luffy before he can react, and dodging his blows.

Despite the intense pain, he continued to train relentlessly, using retired warships as punching bags.

After the timeskip and mastering Rokushiki, he demonstrated even more impressive physical power, able to swim fast and redirect a torpedo with his bare hands.

His stamina and fighting strength were put to the test when he took on Boa Hancock and Marshall D. Teach, and even helped defeat former Pirate Rocks Ochoku.

Despite his chains to Hachinosu and recovering from the previous fight on Amazon Lily, he managed to free prisoners and escape from numerous pirates.

In the Luffy episode, he shattered a giant metal disk with a single punch and performed Rokushiki techniques with ease.

Has Koby mastered all six powers?

Since training with Garp, Koby has become strong enough to use at least one of the Rokushiki techniques, Soru.

He has used Soru against Luffy on two occasions: once at Water 7 and again during the Marineford Summit War, although the technique did not contribute to his victory in these battles.

After the timeskip, Koby mastered his Rokushiki techniques, demonstrating his meteoric rise from fearful sailor to heroic, skilled Marine.

A remarkable transformation, proving the resilience and determination of this young Marine.
My friends, this is a character who embodies the strength of spirit and the courage to overcome obstacles.

Does Koby have a devil fruit?

Koby is not a devil fruit user!

What haki does Koby use?

Koby, a key character in One Piece, has made giant strides in the use of Haki. Let me enlighten you on his extraordinary mastery.

Can Koby use conqueror’s haki?

At present, Koby has no mastery of the conqueror’s haki. When he does use his Haki, his fist doesn’t produce large streaks of lightning, a characteristic of this form of Haki.

The minimal sparks we see are typical of the infusion of Armament Haki into weapons or fists.
We fans have witnessed this time and again, in situations where the Haki of Kings was not involved.

Can Koby use armament haki?

At Hachinosu, even at his wits’ end, Koby hardened his fist to pulverize Avalo Pizarro’s gigantic hand, which threatened to crush their fleeing ship, filled with civilians and comrades.

Even more remarkable was his advanced mastery of armament Haki, capable of projecting brutal force without physical contact, destroying the colossal hand of the Ten Titanic Captains.

This performance astounded Marines, SWORD members and Blackbeard’s Pirates, who included Demon Fruit users and top-level fighters.

Can Koby use observation haki?

During the Marineford Summit War, Koby awakened his Observation Haki.

On the battlefield, he was overwhelmed by the disappearing voices around him as the fighters died, an experience similar to Aisa’s at Skypiea.

After the ellipse, Koby developed his Observation Haki to a very advanced level.

He was able to perceive a torpedo targeting the Kingdom of Dressrosa-Prodence’s ship from his own vessel, much to the surprise of Helmeppo who, despite also having this Haki, had noticed nothing.

What’s more, Koby immediately perceived Kyros’s great strength from their first meeting.

When did Koby first appear?

Koby first appears in chapter 2 and episode 1.

Koby’s introduction to the story:

At the age of 14, Koby was simply planning to go on a fishing trip, but a mistake on his boat propelled him into a very different world: that of the pirates of Alvida.

To survive, he resigned himself to becoming a servant of the crew, but his heart was elsewhere. Koby dreamed of escape, freedom and, above all, of becoming a Marine.

For two years, in total secrecy, he worked on building an escape ship, fueling his hope for better days. His precarious situation forced him to be cautious and cunning.

During his forced stay with the pirates of Alvida, a significant event took place: the appointment of Bartholomew Kuma as one of the Seven warlords.

Alvida, curious, questions Koby about who was stronger – her or Kuma. Koby, caught between a rock and a hard place, had no choice but to flatter Alvida by granting her this imaginary superiority.

This period of his life demonstrates Koby’s tenacity, able to keep hope alive and quietly work towards his goal despite constant oppression.

His journey from frightened servant to determined Marine is an inspiration.

Koby’s destiny reminds us that even in the darkest of situations, willpower and faith in one’s dreams can pave the way to a bright future.



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