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The Revolutionary Army

Revolutionary Army

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The Revolutionary Army, or better known as the Revolutionaries, is the spearhead of the rebellion in the One Piece universe.

Imagine an indomitable military force, operating in the shadows, openly defying the World Government.
These guys don’t mess around.

Their leader? Monkey D. Dragon, a living legend and father of the famous Luffy.

They’re not just an organization, they’re the symbol of resistance, the hope of a better world in the face of oppression and corruption. They are the nightmare of the World Government, and frankly, it’s easy to see why.

Who’s in the Revolutionary Army?

At the head of the Revolutionary Army sits Monkey D. Dragon, an emblematic figure, supported by his loyal chief of staff, Sabo.

In this army, Sabo isn’t just a right-hand man; he’s the strategic mastermind, orchestrating military operations and guiding commanders in their struggle.

Under Sabo’s supervision, five commanders lead the battalions spread across the seas of One Piece:

  • Emporio Ivankov, the charismatic commander of the G Army, controls operations on the Grand Line, with Inazuma as his second in command.
  • Karasu, mysterious and taciturn, leads the « Septentrional Troop » in the North, assisted by Jiron.
  • Belo Betty, the dynamic commander of the « Eastern Troop » in the East, works closely with Ahiru.
  • Morley, imposing and ingenious, commands the « Troupe Occidentale » in the West, with Ushiano assisting him.
  • Lindbergh, inventive and daring, leads the « Troupe Méridionale » to the South, backed by Gambo.

Each of these commanders, along with their seconds, plays a crucial role in Dragon’s vision of a world free from the oppression of the World Government.

They are the heroes of the shadows, the protectors of freedom.

Hack and koala are also well known in the ranks, as are Terry Gilteo and bunny joe.
And let’s not forget Bartholomew Kuma and Ginny.

How powerful is the Revolutionary Army?

The revolutionaries’ quest is clear: to dismantle the domination of the World Government, including the Council of Five elders and the Celestial Dragons.

Monkey D. Dragon, their charismatic leader, deeply despises the latter for their indifference to the weakest.

Koala points the finger at their toxic influence on the structure of the World Government.

Their strategy? To liberate nations oppressed by local governments under the thumb of the World Government or World Nobles, and to fight slavery, as in Tequila Wolf.

Each operation, from a simple revolt to worldwide movements, is a step towards radical change, underlined by victories like Luffy’s against Doflamingo at Dressrosa.

Their information network is remarkable. They quickly learned that Monkey D. Luffy had defeated Crocodile in Alabasta and discovered that Garp was his grandfather.

In the shadows, they scrutinize the activities of the Underworld, seeking to profit to strengthen themselves.
This explains why Dragon commissioned Sabo, Hack and Koala to stop Doflamingo’s arms trade.

Their masterstroke: to seize the Warlord’s weapons production, just before the CP-AIGIS0 intervention.
These weapons, containing the precious Metalsake, are a major asset for this independent and determined army.
The Revolutionaries are the « bête noire » of the World Government in One Piece.

With a force capable of shaking the upper echelons, they control a dozen countries and unleashed the Eight Country Revolution, overthrowing eight territories after the Levely.

Their leader, Dragon, nicknamed « The Most Dangerous Man in the World », is none other than the father of the famous Monkey D. Luffy and a carrier of the mysterious Will of the D.

Sabo, Dragon’s presumed dead right-hand man, has resurfaced with a renewed power: the Mera Mera no Mi.
The Revolutionaries, with their ability to disrupt the balance of the Three Great Powers, are conducting operations on a global scale.

They sow the seeds of revolt against the World Government through strategic coups, stoking the flames of anti-government rebellions.

But the strength of the Revolutionaries lies in the diversity of their membership.

No discrimination here: Okamas, Fish-Men, Giants, Minks, all united by common convictions.

Young recruits are trained from an early age to become hardened warriors, ready to fight for a fairer world.

The revolutionnaries is more than an organization, it’s a global movement, a rallying cry for all those who aspire to radical change.

When did the Revolutionary Army first appear?

The Revolutionary Army first appears in chapter 440 and episode 324.

Introduction of the Revolutionary Army in history:

22 years ago, the Revolutionary Army was born at the instigation of Monkey D. Dragon, after a landmark event in Ohara and a revealing discussion with Vegapunk. Dragon, Bartholomew Kuma and Emporio Ivankov are the founding pillars.

Twelve years before the beginning of our saga, the army brilliantly saved the inhabitants of Grey Terminal from destruction orchestrated by the Nobles for the visit of the Celestial Dragon Saint Jalmack.

Their temporary base, the village of Shimotsuki, was a crucial rallying point, aided by the Isshin Dojo.
When, six years later, I saw the World Government worrying about Dragon’s influence, I realized that the Revolutionary Army had become a real force to be feared.

Their intelligence and ability to stay out of sight was revealed when the army reacted swiftly after the destruction of Enies Lobby.

Their advance into South Blue and Centaurea was incredible! It gave me the impression that their victory over the World Government was inevitable.

The capture of Ivankov and Inazuma at Impel Down was worrying, but their timely escape, just as Ace was being executed, strengthened my faith in their cause.

Their liberation action at Tequila Wolf and the revelation of Nico Robin’s importance showed me how strategic and visionary they are.

Finally, Ivankov and Dragon’s recent conversation about the human nature of their leader and plans for an imminent gathering of revolutionary cadres convinced me that we’re on the cusp of a major change in the world of One Piece.

For me, the Revolutionary Army isn’t just a powerful faction; it’s the symbol of the fight for freedom and justice in a world ruled by oppression and corruption.

They are the true wind of change, and I can’t wait to see their next moves.

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