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Emporio Ivankov

Emporio Ivankov

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Emporio Ivankov, or Iva « The Miracle Maker », is a One Piece character who leaves no one indifferent. A commander in the Revolutionary army and monarch of the Kingdom of Kamabakka, he/she is an explosive blend of power and charisma. 

Frankly, this transvestite imprisoned at Impel Down, level 5, then taken refuge at level 5.5, the famous « Newkama Land », is unheard of!

What I love about Iva is her key role in Luffy’s escape from Impel Down. 

He/she was a real game-changer in the attempt to save Ace. And let’s not forget her impact in Marineford! 

Close to Monkey D. Dragon (Luffy’s father, no less!), Iva is a sort of deity for the Okama. 

And with his devil fruit, the Horu Horu no Mi, he/she juggles masculine and feminine like no other. 

A former slave of the Celestial Dragons, Iva is more than a character; she’s a symbol of rebellion and freedom. 

A real manga favorite for me!

What does Emporio Ivankov look like?

Emporio Ivankov is a figure who doesn’t go unnoticed in One Piece, even next to guys like Crocodile and Jinbei. 

With his enormous head and his blue/purple afro where you could hide an army, he’s an imposing figure. 

And that pointy chin? A unique style, for sure!

In flamboyant Okama, Iva dresses with feminine, rather flashy outfits. 

Imagine a mix of reddish purple, heavy make-up, and a crown that mixes king and queen. 

He’s a stereotypical Drag Queen, from the fishnet stockings to the necklace. 

And when he transforms into a woman thanks to his powers, he becomes a slender and rather impressive figure, let’s not lie. 

Sanji even falls for her, only to be disappointed when he discovers her true nature.

In the flashbacks with Dragon, Iva has a more casual look, like a Hawaiian shirt, without her crown. 

And a funny thing in the anime: when he becomes a woman, his voice remains that of a man!

What’s his bonus? Unknown, but certainly huge, given that he was locked up on level 5 of Impel Down. 

And after the incidents at Impel Down and Marineford, it must have skyrocketed. 

Incidentally, Kuma recognizes him in a photo as a woman, so we imagine this is the version on his wanted poster.

When he was a slave, Iva had an even different look, with a star-spangled suit and floral vest. 

Frankly, this character is an explosive blend of strength, mystery and flamboyance. A real phenomenon in the One Piece universe!

What’s Emporio Ivankov’s personality?

A true Okama, Iva has this unique way of speaking, adding « buru » to the end of her sentences and a « va » before « watashi » and « anata ». 

Her humor? A mixture of contradictory statements and scathing repartee. 

For example, he might say that he doesn’t mind being called a « big turd », before changing his mind. 

And frankly, whether you call him « Ivan-san », « Ivan-sama » or « Iva-chan », as Luffy does, he’s always the same.

Ivankov is also a kind of mentor to the Okama. 

He puts friendship and loyalty above all else, and is willing to risk his life for his « darlings ». 

He’s a man who believes that everyone should be what they want to be – man, woman or Okama. 

And his ideals? He defends them tooth and nail, regardless of criticism. 

His power to transform people is a perfect example: that man who tried to kill him, transformed into a woman, what irony!

Iva believes that miracles are for those who persevere. He’s perceptive, able to diagnose a state of health in the blink of an eye. 

And his Devil Fruit? He knows the exact price to pay. As for his intuition, he immediately understood that Dragon had relatives in East Blue.

Before meeting Luffy, Iva hadn’t really planned to escape from Impel Down. But when he learned that Luffy was Dragon’s son, he changed his mind. 

His anger at Kuma, now a Pacifista with no memory, shows his attachment to the people he knows.

And then, his trick is to add « boy » to people’s names, like « Bon-boy » or « Croco-boy ». 

His laugh? A distinctive « Mmmfufufu! » that resonates throughout the series. Ivankov is truly a colorful character who adds spice to every scene he appears in!

How powerful is Emporio Ivankov?

Emporio Ivankov is one of One Piece’s most powerful characters. 

Commander of the revolutionary army and king of the Okamas, his Newkama Kenpo style eclipses even Jinbei’s Fishman Karate. 

With his own army of Okamas, he loudly proclaims that he will escape from Impel Down when the revolutionaries overthrow the World Government. 

Able to stand up to Bartholomew Kuma and take his pacifista beams, Iva has breathtaking stamina.

Her style is as strong as it is theatrical, a mix of gags and charges, with a defense that sometimes goes out the window. 

Her medical knowledge is equally impressive, able to diagnose a condition in the blink of an eye. 

And that thick make-up he wears? A shield against the deadliest poisons!

What is Emporio Ivankov’s devil fruit?

His devil fruit, Horu Horu no Mi, is a marvel. 

He/She can manipulate hormones at will, changing gender, boosting growth, even giving energy. But these powers come at a price, especially the life-shortening, healing hormones. 

As a woman, Iva is more graceful, but still just as powerful, especially with her ability to make her head grow. 

Her winks can repel shells, just imagine!

What is Emporio Ivankov’s fighting style?

Newkama Kenpo is his signature. 

More powerful than Bon Clay’s Travelo Punch, it wounded Magellan and knocked out Sanji. 

His attacks, often cosmetic, are as effective as they are unusual.

The Death Wink? A wink that creates a devastating gust of air. And let’s not even mention the Hell Wink or the Ganmen Spectrum, attacks that show just what a formidable fighter Iva is.

Ivankov is a blend of strength, humor and exuberance. A unique character who brings a touch of madness and depth to the One Piece universe.

When did Emporio Ivankov first appear?

Emporio Ivankov first appears in chapter 537 and episode 438.

How old is Emporio Ivankov?

At the time of his introduction, Emporio Ivankov was 51 years old (before the timeskip).

Emporio Ivankov is now 53 (after timeskip).

Emporio Ivankov’s introduction to history: 

38 years ago, during the God Valley Native Hunt, Ivankov and Ginny were prey for the world’s nobles. It was there that they saw a young Kuma, mistreated for trying to escape. Ivankov, impressed by his potential, vowed to survive the horror.

Their escape plan was audacious. Ginny spread the word about the contest, attracting pirate crews, including those from the Rocks and Roger. 

In the chaos, Ivankov and Kuma got their hands on monstrous powers. Kuma acquired Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, while Ivankov, prevented from eating his fruit by Charlotte Linlin, had to let it go. 

They saved over 500 people and fled to Sorbet in South Blue.

Ivankov then crossed paths with Monkey D. Dragon and joined his Freedom Army. 

22 years later, they overthrew the corrupt king of Sorbet, freeing Ginny and Kuma. 

These events galvanized Dragon to form a more structured military organization. 

The Revolutionary Army was born, with Ivankov as one of its pillars.

But fate struck again: their comrade Ginny was kidnapped and forced into an aristocratic marriage. 

Her daughter, Jewelry Bonney, becomes a symbol of their struggle. Captured and imprisoned at Impel Down, Ivankov escapes surveillance and creates a sanctuary at level 5.5, becoming a legend among the Okama.

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