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Will Monkey D. Garp die?

Will Monkey D. Garp die

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The further the One Piece’s plotline goes, the more involved we get with Eiichiro’s universe, especially its most prominent figures, the likes of Monkey D. Garp. Nothing is such a thing as the sorrow that brings the death of a powerful figure, once the author decides to put them to rest. After the legendary Whitebeard and his commandant Ace, is the Hero of the Marine, said Garp going to be the next on the list, as speculations have it?

This time, we are uncovering the troubling pieces of evidence about Garp’s potential death : Will Monkey D. Garp die soon ? Foreseeing the tragedy would help us to handle the eventual pain.

As a fan of the series since 2008, it’s also challenging to even consider a character’s death, but there are always tumultuous waters to sail through. 

So, brave crewmates, brace ourselves, and let’s set sail!

Why is Garp’s fate in question?

Renowned as the “Hero of the Marine”, Monkey D. Garp is a force to be reckoned with, even among the horsepowers that the Admirals are. Currently known as the only marine to harness the Conqueror’s Haki. (Haoshoku Haki), Garp is a living legend among others, unlikely to be defeated.

So why would anyone wonder about his death? Several recent events have cast a shadow of doubt over his future. 

It all began with a risky rescue mission on Emperor Blackbeard’s turf, Beehive Island. After Teach captured Koby, Monkey D. Garp launched a raid to rescue his godson from the fearsome pirate crew. 

Guess what? Garp redeemed himself, and the mission was a resounding success. However, the injuries he suffered during the mission were severe enough to weaken him. It’s also clear that the ravages of age have caught up with him; he’s undoubtedly weaker than he was in his prime. 

Last but not least, Blackbeard and his crew are not known for their delicacy and tenderness, and unfortunately, Garp was the only formidable fighter in their rescue party. 

To make matters worse, the last glimpse we had of him was an impaled Garp, pierced by one of Aokiji’s ice picks (in chapter 1088).

A situation worth a thousand worries…

Why would Garp’s death make sense?

When a major character dies, it’s often perceived as a dark twist from the author’s pen. But trust me, it goes beyond mere Machiavellianism.

In reality, an author doesn’t casually kill off one of his main characters just for the fun of it. This is especially true for creators like Oda, who has earned a reputation for resurrecting characters (a special nod to Pell and his peers).

A character’s death can serve as a catalyst for story development – introducing new stakes, fostering or forcing alliances, and more.

About the Marine’s Plot

Story-wise, Garp’s death would fit the narrative

Much like Roger’s execution, such a tragic event would provoke the wrath of the Marines, possibly sparking a revolution. The theme would revolve around rekindling the flame of justice. The remaining Marines would undoubtedly strive to uphold their hero’s legacy, paralleling Roger’s quest for freedom.

Moreover, it’s crucial that the Marines ultimately represent a more just system by the end of the series. What better moment for this transformation than the death of the Marines’ hero, which could serve as a catalyst to address the deep-seated flaws within the organization?

On the other hand, the torch of the next generation is about to be passed to Koby. 

Since his mentor Garp sacrificed himself for him, Koby would be inspired to follow in his footsteps and become a Hero in the same way Garp did.

About the Pirate’s plot

The upcoming conflict isn’t just about the Marines; it also has a huge impact on the pirate world, with one person at the center of it all: Luffy. We all know that Garp is known for his unorthodox teaching style, but his deep care for his godsons has been a driving force behind their growth.

Besides, the old man is his grandfather, and Luffy owes him a lot. If something were to happen to Garp, it would escalate the tension between Luffy and Blackbeard and hasten their ultimate showdown.

Imagine a scenario where the Straw Hats, their Grand Fleet, the Marines, and even the Revolutionary Army join forces to take on Blackbeard. This would be an unprecedented alliance between the pirates and the Marines.

All of this could lead to a series of intense power struggles, making the One Piece story even more exciting and compelling as it nears its conclusion.

In a nutshell – Will Monkey D. Garp die? 

The answer remains uncertain. However, there are some pieces of evidence and the narrative’s trajectory that unanimously say one thing: « Garp’s eventual death could lead to a total revolution, perhaps not as great as that of his former rival, but no less significant, Gol D. Roger ».

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