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Portgas D. Ace

Portgas D. Ace

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Portgas D. Ace aka “Fire fist Ace” (Gol D. Ace), is a name that resonates throughout the world of One Piece. This guy is much more than a pirate, he’s a legend. Brother-in-law to Monkey D. Luffy and Sabo, Ace carries a heavy heritage: only son of the King of Pirates, Gol D. Roger, and Portgas D. Rouge.

Imagine this: barely born, he is entrusted to Monkey D. Garp at his father’s request. Raised by the Dadan, he shared his childhood with Luffy. This guy rose through the ranks, becoming Commander of the Second Fleet of Whitebeard’s Crew and ex-Captain of the Spade Pirates.

His piracy career? Only three years, but what years!

Ace’s tragic fate was sealed at the Marineford Arc. In the ultimate act of heroism, he sacrificed himself to save Luffy, killed by Admiral Akainu. This loss has marked fans forever. Ace, a name engraved in One Piece history.

His power: 

Ace, Luffy’s older brother, is an iconic figure in One Piece. At the age of 17, he takes to the road, a decision made with his brother at heart, Sabo. 

Luffy, despite his Devil Fruit powers, was never able to surpass him. 

They were trained in part by their grandfather, Vice-Admiral Garp, and, for anime fans, by Captain Naguri. 

Raised on Fooshia in East Blue by Dadan, their story is one of pure determination.

Portgas D. Ace’s strength is legendary. Imagine: he takes Marshall D. Teach’s blows without the aid of his Devil Fruit and strikes back instantly, leaving Van Augur stunned. 

With a knife always at the ready and iron stamina, Ace battled Jinbe for five days and nights, ending in a draw. Before joining Whitebeard’s crew, he was already a Shichibukai, a status he’d been offered.

As Commander of the Second Division of Whitebeard’s crew, Ace commanded the lower ranks, competing against Admirals like Aokiji. 

His defeat by Akainu was due to the superiority of magma over fire, even Akainu admits. Ace is remembered as a legendary pirate, a central figure in the One Piece universe.

His devil fruit: 

Portgas D. Ace, nicknamed « Fire fist Ace », embodies raw power in One Piece. 

His Mera Mera no Mi, a Logia-type Devil Fruit, gives him incredible pyrogenic abilities. We’re talking about a guy who’s blown entire Baroque Works fleets to smithereens in one fell swoop. Impressive, isn’t it?

What I admire about Ace is his attitude to risk. He doesn’t care about his inability to swim, a typical disadvantage of Devil Fruit users. 

Remember when he stopped the snow on Drum Island? His very presence is a show!

Ace’s ingenuity with his Devil Fruit doesn’t stop there. His Striker, a cross between a boat and a windsurfer, is propelled by its own flames. Pure genius, my friends.

But, and it’s a big but, his Logia power didn’t save him from Akainu. The confrontation was brutal, with Akainu inflicting a mortal wound on Ace, even with his powers active. This showed the vulnerability of his Devil Fruit to Akainu’s. 

After his death, it was discovered that Ace’s Burning Fists had the potential to reduce entire cities to ashes. A legacy of fire, literally and figuratively.

His haki: 

Portgas D. Ace had abilities beyond comprehension. 

Flashback to a shock revelation: 10 years before the current events, Ace had the conqueror’s haki. Yes, you read that right. This guy was a prodigy. I’m talking about an intense scene where, faced with Bluejam, he protects Luffy using this power, without even being aware of it.

There’s more. Remember Marineford? When Ace sees Luffy using Haki, he lets out a « you’ve got it too ». That says a lot about the connection between these two brothers. And in Novel A, Ace takes it a step further: he consciously masters his Haki against Hammond.

Let’s move on to Armament Haki. One Piece Magazine drops a bombshell: Ace has mastered it. But to what extent? That’s a mystery. One thing’s for sure: this guy was a monster of power. Ace, a name engraved in the history of One Piece. Pure, unadulterated talent.

His weapon: 

Portgas D. Ace, One Piece’s badass, has a killer style. Dagger on his belt, but wait… we never see him use it. 

Style or menace? Both, I’d say. 

Explosive flashback: Ace, determined to take down Whitebeard. His arsenal? Axe, knife… a real walking arsenal. The kid had guts.

As a kid, Ace was no slouch. A pipe as a weapon? Seen in Luffy’s memories. Yes, a pipe. Don’t underestimate that. 

Ace, even as a child, already had that spark. A presence that foreshadowed the warrior he would become. Ace, not just a name, a mark of power.

His look: 

Portgas D. Ace and Luffy, brothers at heart, not in blood. 

Ace, the older brother, is bigger, with freckles inherited from his mother. 

With tousled brown hair and a raised left eyebrow, he has a skeptical air. These features recall Gol D. Roger, his father.

Ace’s tattoos? Unique. The Whitebeard symbol tattooed on his back, a purple bone cross topped by a white-whiskered head, symbolizes his pride. His left arm bears « ASCE », the « S » crossed out.

His look? Before the Whitebeard tattoo, an open green shirt. After, shirtless, except in winter. He wears shorts, black shoes and an « A » belt. 

On his left leg, a blue satchel. His left wrist is adorned with a Log Pose and a red and white bracelet. 

Around his neck, a necklace of large red pearls. His orange hat, marked with two smileys, one crying, the other laughing. 

In Alabasta, he added a black desert dress, flamed at the sleeves, and a white scarf.

His fight with Teach cost him his hat, lost since East Blue. His dagger, confiscated after his defeat. Sadly, his hat and knife rest on his grave.

His personality: 

His appetite, as colossal as Luffy’s, perplexed the crew of the Chapeau de Paille. 

More than a brother, Portgas D. Ace was a man of many facets: intelligent, helpful, polite. But that wasn’t always the case, as Luffy’s flashbacks show.

His transformation? Thanks to Makino, who taught him politeness to thank Shanks, Luffy’s savior. Ace, the giant with two faces: sometimes asleep during a meal, sometimes implacably serious, especially when it came to his crew or his family.

His rebellious side? Sneaking out of restaurants without paying, Ace lived by a strong maxim: « Live life to the full, with no regrets ». Despite his doubts about his own worth, the war at the top gave him a joyful answer.

Carrier of the « Will of the D« , legacy of Gol D. Roger and Portgas D. Rouge, Ace was destined for greatness. Yet he chose the ultimate sacrifice for Luffy, dying with a smile, his father’s legacy.

His desire to live, awakened by Luffy, is reminiscent of Robin’s. Ace, a complex and deeply human character, a true symbol for us fans.

His relationships: 


The Spade Pirates and Ace: An Indestructible Bond

As soon as he left Fuchsia, Ace founded the Spade Pirates, a clever name reflecting his nickname « Ace » and « Spade » for spade.

Yes, Ace, master of the ace of spades! His loyalty to his crew? Unwavering. He even created a firewall to save them from Whitebeard, proving his absolute dedication.

Despite their crushing defeat at the hands of Whitebeard, the Spade Pirates did not hesitate to rebel to save their captain. Their capture and integration into Whitebeard’s crew was a dramatic turning point, with Ace’s death plunging them into deep mourning.

Ace and Whitebeard’s Crew: A Chosen Family

Ace, determined to defeat Whitebeard, had failed about a hundred times. It was on the advice of Marco and Thatch that he agreed to become a « son » of Whitebeard. A choice he has never regretted, seeing in Whitebeard an authentic father figure.

Ace quickly rose through the ranks, becoming Commander of the 2nd Fleet, a position long vacant. In the One Piece universe, Ace embodies courage, loyalty and the quest for a true family, themes dear to fans. A legendary character, forever engraved in fans’ hearts.

His family: 

Imparable Brotherhood: Luffy, Ace and Sabo

Brothers by choice, not by blood. Luffy and Ace, along with Sabo, seal their brotherly bond with sake, a sacred ritual. 

As children, Ace, naturally gifted but without powers, beat Luffy, already equipped with the Gomu Gomu no Mi. 

Over time, Luffy improved, but Ace remained a step above.

Gol D. Roger: A Father in Name Only

Roger, Ace’s real father, executed before meeting him. 

Ace disowns him, calling him a useless father, and claims Whitebeard as his only father during his final confrontation in Marineford.

Portgas D. Rouge: Sacrificial Mother

Rouge, Ace’s mother, underwent a 20-month pregnancy to protect Ace from the Marines. 

Exhausted, she died giving birth to Ace, who took her surname to honor her sacrifice.

Monkey D. Garp: The Guardian

Garp, Ace’s adoptive grandfather, took him in on Baterilla Island, keeping his promise to Roger to protect his son.

Sabo: The Lost and Found Brother

Sabo, Luffy and Ace’s spiritual brother from the nobility, dreamed of becoming a pirate with Ace. 

Their treasure lost in a fire, Sabo decides to leave Goa, but is presumed dead after an attack. 

Ace, devastated, cries for the first time and becomes a pirate to pursue Sabo’s dream. Sabo, almost as strong as Ace before his disappearance, is honored by Ace’s tattoo, where the « S » symbolizes their unbreakable brotherhood.

Dadan, the badass adoptive mother: 

Dadan is the tough chick who raised Ace and Luffy. With Ace, she had her work cut out for her – the kid was a real daredevil, always fighting, even if he did bring home something to eat. Garp stuck those two tornadoes on her, or it was the clink for her and her gang. And when Ace took off for his life as a pirate, Dadan, believe me, she cried for him. 

The clash with Garp: After Ace’s death, all hell broke loose. Dadan, devastated, lashes out at Garp. She tearfully tells him that he put his duty before his family, accusing him of not saving Ace. Hard.


Shanks, the Pirate Emperor: 

Let’s talk about Shanks, that iconic redhead. He and Ace had a mutual respect. Ace was grateful for Shanks’ rescue of Luffy from the sea monster and Higuma. When they crossed paths in the New World, it was a party between their crews. Shanks, worried about Ace, even confronted Whitebeard to ask him to stop the hunt for Blackbeard. Quite a party!

Jinbei, the Corsair Captain: 

Jinbei, this Corsair Captain with a heart of gold, respected Whitebeard’s crew for protecting the island from the Fishmen. When Portgas D. Ace came to him to find Whitebeard, it ended in an epic battle. Later, Jinbei went to jail with Ace and even helped Luffy try to save him. A real pal, Jinbei.

The Straw Hat Crew: 

Ace had a strong bond with Luffy’s crew. He saved them from Smoker in Alabasta and even destroyed a fleet of Baroque Works. The news of his death upset them all.

Baggy and his impromptu party: 

Ace ran into Baggy at one of his parties. Attracted by the food, he invited himself and even helped find Luffy. Baggy, seeing that he was one of Whitebeard’s crew, welcomed him with open arms.

O-Tama, the future Kunoichi: 

During his trip, Portgas D. Ace promised 5-year-old O-Tama that he’d come back for her when she became a formidable Kunoichi. A true gentleman.

Yamato and his promise: 

Yamato also crossed Ace’s path. 

She tried to escape from Wano with him, but to no avail. She sees in Luffy an echo of Ace, and remains hopeful of leaving this island one day.

Enemies of Portgas D. Ace – An Explosive Panorama

Blackbeard – The Ultimate Betrayal

Marshall D. Teach, aka Blackbeard, is Ace’s sworn enemy. Why is that? Simple. Teach broke the ultimate pirate code: he murdered his own partner. 

Ace’s friend Thatch was his victim. Worse still, Teach also had Luffy in his sights. As Shanks pointed out, the impulsive and fiery Ace was no match for Blackbeard. The result? A crushing defeat and a direct flight to Impel Down.

The Navy and the World Government – The Ruthless Hunt

As a high-flying pirate, Ace obviously had the Navy after him. But this is more personal. The World Government had been hunting Ace even before he was born, fearing the offspring of Gol D. Roger. When his links with Roger were revealed, Portgas D. Ace became public enemy number one, like all criminal heirs.

Akainu – The Fatal Duel

Admiral Akainu, a figure of implacable justice, drew Ace’s fury by insulting Whitebeard. 

During a retreat attempt by Ace and Luffy, Akainu pushed Ace over the edge. Portgas D. Ace, in a fit of rage, confronted Akainu, discovering to his cost that his fire was no match for Akainu’s magma. A tragic battle, marking Ace’s heroic end.

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