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Is jewelry bonney kuma’s daughter ?

Is jewelry bonney kuma's daughter

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One Piece fans, a hot debate is shaking up our community: is jewelry bonney kuma’s daughter ? The answer is yes, Jewelry Bonney is Kuma’s daughter, but more precisely, Kuma’s adopted daughter! 

While this revelation provokes heated debate, another, even more explosive theory emerges: Bonney is the offspring of a Celestial Dragon. Let’s delve into these intertwined mysteries to unravel the true from the false in Bonney’s complex story.

Jewelry Bonney and Kuma: a family link beyond blood?

Let’s start with the relationship between Bonney and Kuma. The moments shared between these two characters, though rare, are charged with a palpable emotion that goes beyond a simple friendly relationship. 

In Kuma’s flashback, we can feel all the love he has for Jewelry Bonney!

This deep connection makes it clear that Kuma has played a paternalist role in Bonney’s life, guiding and protecting her in the chaotic world of piracy.

Discovering Bonney’s true lineage

The disturbing revelation in chapter 1098 opened up new perspectives on Bonney’s origins. 

The capture of her mother Ginny and her forced marriage to a world noble place Bonney at the heart of the mysterious and influential families of the Celestial Dragons. 

This revelation could not only redefine his identity, but also his place in One Piece’s power dynamics.

Saint Jaygarcia Saturn and Saint Figarland Garling: The Potential Fathers

Is jewelry bonney kuma's daughter

The theory surrounding Saint Jaygarcia Saturn as Bonney’s potential father is troubling. Their interaction, in which Saturn allows himself to be stabbed, could indicate a father-daughter bond. 

On the other hand, the striking resemblance between Bonney and his male representation very close to Shanks‘ design in an Oda SBS suggests a link with Saint Figarland Garling

These clues point to a far more noble and complicated origin for Bonney.

Implications of a Celestial Ascendancy for Bonney

If Bonney is indeed the daughter of a Celestial Dragon, this would not only rewrite her personal history but also influence her trajectory in the One Piece story. 

Her position as a Celestial Dragon and her rebellion against the World Government could position her as a key figure in future conflicts.

Is Jewelry bonney Kuma’s daughter ? Conclusion : 

The question of Jewelry Bonney’s origin continues to fascinate and divide One Piece fans. Between her link with Kuma and the revelations about her celestial heritage, her character remains one of the most intriguing in the series. 

What’s your opinion on the subject? Should we mention that Kuma is his adoptive father? Or simply his father?

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