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How did Jewelry Bonney escape Akainu?

how did Jewelry Bonney escape Akainu

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Hello, One Piece fans!

Today, let’s dive into one of the series’ most intriguing mysteries: how did Jewelry Bonney escape Akainu? It’s a question that has given rise to many theories and speculations. Let’s take a closer look at this legendary escape.

Alert spoil: You need to be up to date with chapter 1100!

The Bonney Escape: More Than Just an Escape

Something to do with celestial dragons?

Remember, Bonney is no ordinary pirate. As we mentioned recently, Jewelry Bonney is a celestial dragon.

Her Celestial Dragon half may have played a key role in her escape. Perhaps she enjoys a certain immunity or unsuspected influence within the World Government.

Bonney’s Unknown Talents

A spy extraordinaire

We’ve seen Bonney, with her espionage skills, easily infiltrate Mary-geoise without much difficulty. She surely used similar strategies to evade surveillance.

Her skills, combined with her Celestial Dragon heritage, make her a formidable opponent.

Unknown powers and camouflaged Haki?

What if her demon fruit powers go further than we think? She’s already surprised us with her « future distortion » attack.

Does she have another ace up her sleeve? An advanced ability to conceal herself, perhaps, allowing her to evade even the most penetrating gaze.

Escape according to Vivre Card

A Golden Opportunity during Akainu’s Absence

The Vivre Card tells us that she was on her way to Navy HQ.

Akainu‘s potential absence during this time probably facilitated her escape, giving her the chance to exploit her powers and status.

The handcuff issue

The detail of the handcuffs is crucial. If they weren’t made of seastone, it would explain how she was able to use her powers easily to escape.

Implications for One Piece’s plot

A Central Role in the One Piece Universe

This escape underscores Bonney’s growing importance in the story. His Celestial Dragon heritage and unique skills could play a major role in future developments of the egghead arc.

Oda, the Master of Mystery

No doubt Eiichiro Oda is preparing a revelation. This escape may just be the tip of the iceberg regarding Bonney’s mysterious past and powers.

How did Jewelry Bonney escape Akainu? Verdict:

Jewelry Bonney’s escape from Akainu is a real headache for One Piece fans. Between her Celestial Dragon heritage, her espionage/infiltration/extraction abilities and her mysterious powers, she remains one of the series’ most fascinating characters.

What are your theories on this mysterious escape?

Share your ideas, and we’ll be on the lookout for any new clues!

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