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CP0, also known as Cipher Pol « Aigis » Zero, is an elite group at the forefront of Cipher Pol intelligence agencies.

Operating directly under the orders of the celestial dragons, CP0 is a force to be reckoned with.

Their first appearance was in Dressrosa, near the bridge leading to Green Bit – a key moment in the plot when their presence was intensely felt. 

Since then, their impact has continued to grow, making each appearance more intriguing than the last.

In the Levely Arc, they played the role of major antagonists, positioning themselves at the heart of maneuvers and manipulations. 

In the Land of Wano Arc, their role as a secondary antagonist group added a complex layer to the already rich plot. 

Their presence was a driving force, shaping crucial events and influencing the decisions of the main characters.

But it’s in the Egghead Arc that their dynamic changes radically. 

Having become reluctant allies, they showed unexpected depth and flexibility, revealing facets of their personalities and goals that surprised and captivated fans.

The CP0 is not just a group of antagonists; they have become a central element of the second half of the series, weaving the red thread of a complex and multifaceted plot. 

Their actions, often shrouded in mystery and cold calculation, continue to add layers of tension and anticipation to a series already rich in twists and turns.

As a fan, I can’t help but wonder what their next move will be, how they’ll influence the future of the story. 

Each appearance of CP0 promises new intrigues, new challenges, and reinforces the idea that in the world of One Piece, nothing is ever simple or predictable.

Who’s in CP0?

A quick introduction to the members of CP0:

  • Guernica: A titan in the shadows, whose presence alone embodies power and authority.
  • Joseph: Mysterious and calculating, a master of strategy hiding behind his mask.
  • Gismonda : An intriguing figure, combining intelligence and cunning in her operations.
  • Rob Lucci: The familiar face of CP0, fearsome for his brute strength and ruthless loyalty.
  • Kaku: Agile and strategic, an adversary feared for his combat skills.
  • Stussy: A combination of charm and danger, a force not to be underestimated.
  • Maha: Enigmatic and discreet, a crucial asset in CP0’s secret arsenal.

Other equally impressive members include:

  • Spandam: A controversial figure, known for his manipulation and ambition.
  • Blueno: A silent warrior whose actions speak louder than words.
  • Kalifa: A formidable fighter, as deadly as she is seductive.
  • Jabra: A fierce warrior known for his brutality in battle.
  • Fukuro: A skilled spy, master of stealth and infiltration.
  • Kumadori: A martial artist whose techniques are as exotic as they are feared.
  • Hattori: Lucci’s faithful companion, a mysterious bird with an elusive role.

These CP0 members aren’t just agents; they’re the centerpieces of a global chess game, where every move can change the course of history.

CP0 overview: 

This is the most powerful branch of the Cipher Pol. We don’t know much about them, but I can tell you that this is a top-notch unit!

Operating under the direct orders of the celestial dragons, CP0’s masked assassins hold crucial information on various hot-button World Government issues. 

Take, for example, their knowledge of the Artificial Devil Fruit created by Vegapunk with Kaido’s Lineage Factor, or X Drake’s true allegiance. 

Their role and knowledge are essential behind the scenes of the great events that shake the world of One Piece.

Despite their position at the top of the Cipher Pol ladder, these agents cannot engage in combat against any of the Four Emperors without a direct order, thus requiring communication with the Navy. 

This constraint highlights the complexity and strict hierarchy within the World Government, and adds a layer of tension and anticipation to every appearance of these agents in the story.

I can’t help but wonder about their true abilities and future role in the plot. 

Their presence, though rare, is a constant reminder of the power and omnipresence of the World Government in the One Piece universe.

When does CP0 first appear?

CP0 first appears in chapter 705 and episode 635.

Introducing CP0 into the story: 

Their first appearance in Dressrosa was a captivating moment, where every step seemed charged with tension. 

When Law’s team spotted them, Robin dropped a bombshell: the presence of CP-AIGIS0 always spells trouble. Law nodded, confirming the dark omens.

Their presence in Dressrosa was no accident. In fact, it was Doflamingo himself who summoned them. 

His aim? To get a crucial message across to the townsfolk about their king. 

The involvement of CP-AIGIS0 in this affair immediately set our heroes’ nerves on edge. 

Their mere presence meant that events of vital importance were taking place in the shadows.

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