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Will kizaru join Luffy ?

Will kizaru join Luffy

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Hello One Piece fans! 

Chapter 1104 finally came out and boy did it deliver pure fireworks. But actually, something is triggering the community: Will kizaru join Luffy ? 

The usually stoic Admiral is finally starting to shed his armor. After all these years, will we finally get to see Kizaru take a step towards redeeming himself? Let’s jump right into it!

Kizaru’s Motivation & Justice

Admiral Kizaru has always been a difficult character to read. He is known for his ruthlessness against the pirates, and for following orders to the letter. 

Calling himself a corporate slave at many points throughout the story, Kizaru even tried to attack and assassinate his comrades Sentomaru(who he looks up to like an uncle) and Vegapunk on the orders of the World Government. 

This just goes to show how indifferent he is and how he doesn’t have a moral compass. But we may get to see him walk away from his position as Admiral soon.

Blackbeard and Strawhat Pirates

A popular theory among One Piece fans is that Oda is mirroring the Blackbeard and Strawhat pirates with each other. 

With this we know that the Strawhats are still missing their 10th and last member. If we assume that Kuzan is a member of the Blackbeard Pirates, then isn’t Kizaru the best candidate to mirror Kuzan? Kizaru could join the Strawhats and rebel against the World Government for a noble cause. 

One that doesn’t make the poor guy feel like a “corporate slave”. We’ve seen him starting to regret his actions, and maybe we’ll get to see him finally show compassion for his comrades by refusing to kill them for the World Government. 

Perhaps we’ll get to see Kizaru leave his role as an Admiral, finally done with the injustice of the World Government. Who knows, this might be Oda’s masterful foreshadowing at play here.

Teaming up with The Strawhats

Kizaru’s character development and growth in the Egghead arc has been phenomenal.

We have seen him recognize the injustice of the World Government and even regret his past actions. 

If Kizaru does decide to rebel against the cruelty and injustice of the World Government, then Luffy and the Strawhats will be gaining a powerful ally.

I mean, we’ve all seen Kizaru fight, right? If he quits being an Admiral and decides to go against the World Government, the Strawhats will gain a powerful ally.

For all we know, we might be getting to see Kizaru finally find his purpose in life and join the Strawhats to fight against the World Government.

He may walk away from his position as Admiral, refusing to hurt his comrades and follow orders anymore. 

Maybe we will get to see him seek justice against the World Government and join the Strawhats to fulfill this newfound purpose. 

Will kizaru join Luffy ? My thought :

For the parallelism, i would like to see one of the admiral becoming an ally, even better if he becomes a crewmate.

For now, all we can do is wait and see where Oda takes his story.

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