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Sentomaru‘s name evokes power and loyalty. A protégé of the legendary Dr. Vegapunk, he is the head of the Navy’s scientific unit. 

We’re talking about a man whose career took off after the ellipse, becoming a respected Navy officer. 

Nephew of the redoubtable Kizaru, he’s not to be underestimated.

He’s the guy who leads the Pacifistas and, more recently, the impressive Seraphim

His command skills are undeniable, and he exercises them with formidable precision.

In the Sabaody Arc, he stands like an immovable wall after Kizaru. In Marineford, his name resonates as that of a major antagonist. And in Return to Sabaody, he is the main adversary. 

But, oh surprise, in the Egghead Arc, a turning point occurs. There, he allies himself with the Straw Hats, united in a common goal: to protect Vegapunk from the clutches of the World Government. 

An unexpected but crucial alliance, proving that even the fiercest adversaries can find common ground for a just cause.

What does Sentomaru look like?

Sentomaru, sumo-like strength incarnate, imposes an imposing stature and size far beyond the ordinary. 

His presence is further emphasized by his red coat, proudly adorned with tomoes, a heraldic symbol that evokes the very essence of Japan. 

This man is not to be taken lightly.

His feet and hands, often wrapped in bandages, bear witness to intensive and rigorous training, underlining his determination and iron discipline. 

His medium-length black hair adds a striking contrast to his rugged good looks.

But it’s his androgynous appearance that really sets him apart, adding a touch of uniqueness to his already imposing design.

What’s Sentomaru’s personality?

Sentomaru exudes an aura of calm and lucidity, quickly perceiving Luffy’s formidable abilities from their very first confrontation. 

His confidence in his own defense, which he proclaims to be the most impenetrable in the world, reveals a man sure of his abilities, even against a formidable opponent.

Although he claims that his discretion is as infallible as his axe, Sentomaru has, like Fukuro, a tendency to divulge information to his enemies. 

When confronted with this contradiction, he always justifies his words as deliberate.

As a leader, he demonstrates a shrewd strategy. Aware of Zoro’s precarious situation, he orders PX-1 to eliminate the weakened swordsman first, and then concentrate on the rest of the fleeing Straw Hat crew. 

This tactical decision underlines his pragmatism and efficiency as a commander.

What are Sentomaru’s relationships?

Sentomaru has complex relationships with various players in the world of piracy and the Navy.


His uncle and mentor, Kizaru, plays a crucial role in his life. Although often reprimanded for his nonchalant attitude, particularly during the Sabaody Arc, Kizaru influenced Sentomaru’s decision to join the Navy after the two-year ellipse.


Sentomaru approaches his mission to capture pirates with a detached professionalism. 

His respect for Luffy is evident when he denigrates an impostor by asserting that the real Luffy is of an entirely different calibre.


As commander of the Pacifistas, Sentomaru takes to heart the protection of these costly machines. 

His responsibility extends to their deployment to Marineford, underlining his dedication to the Navy’s cause.


Serving as Vegapunk’s bodyguard is a responsibility Sentomaru takes very seriously, even defying the world government to safeguard his mentor’s life.

Borsalino (Kizaru):

Their relationship is tinged with nostalgia and mutual respect. Sentomaru, who affectionately calls Borsalino « uncle », doesn’t hesitate to stand up to him to protect Vegapunk, despite the fond memories they share.

Jewelry Bonney:

Their interactions have evolved over time, from initial rivalry to mutual concern. 

Their complex relationship is reflected in their attitude towards each other, notably when she worries about Sentomaru after finding him unconscious.

These relationships portray Sentomaru as a multi-faceted character, oscillating between loyalty, respect and duty.

How powerful is Sentomaru?

Sentomaru is renowned for his strength and impressive mastery of martial arts, even without consuming any devil fruit.

Raw Talent Without Devil Fruit:

Although he hasn’t eaten any Devil Fruit, Sentomaru demonstrates incredible strength, able to surpass Monkey D. Luffy with ease (before the timeskip). 

He even boasts « the best guard in the world ».

His weapon:

Sentomaru is known for wielding a huge double-edged axe with formidable skill. 

This tool of war has proved a key element in his battles, most notably when he neutralized Demalo Black by knocking him out with the flat of his axe. 

His fighting style, including the power of his axe, makes him a feared opponent, even for Devil Fruit users.

Pacifistas role:

He plays a crucial role as the basic commander of the Pacifistas, including the Mark III and Seraph versions. 

His position gives him access to a chip of authority, testifying to his importance and responsibility within the structure of the Navy.

Mastery of Haki:

Sentomaru is an expert in both armament and Observation Haki. 

This dual skill enables him not only to predict and dodge attacks, such as Luffy’s « Gomu Gomu no Rifle », but also to retaliate effectively, causing considerable damage to his opponents.

Introduction of Sentomaru into the story: 

Sentomaru first appears in chapter 497 and episode 401.

Sentomaru, Vegapunk’s bodyguard, makes a grand entrance into the One Piece story, scolding Luffy and his crew for destroying an expensive Pacifista, equivalent to the budget of a warship. 

Confronted by Franky about his weapon, Sentomaru retorts with wit, pointing out the rudeness of referring to him by his weapon rather than his name.

Confronting the Straw Hat Crew:

In this encounter, he asserts that his silence is as impenetrable as his axe. Despite this declaration, he inadvertently reveals his name, introducing himself as Sentomaru, renowned for his discretion.

However, he quickly rectifies, ordering a PX-1 attack on the crew.

Confrontation with Luffy:

The situation escalates when Luffy attacks Sentomaru, unleashing his famous « Gomu Gomu no Gatling ». Sentomaru, unperturbed, retaliates with force, boasting « the best guard in the world », and inflicts a powerful blow on Luffy.

Kizaru arrives:

The fight is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Kizaru, Sentomaru’s uncle. Surprised to see Rayleigh counter Kizaru, Sentomaru continues to pursue Luffy.

Chopper in Monster Point Mode:

Chopper, trying to defend his crew, switches to Monster Point mode, but his attacks are deftly dodged by Sentomaru.

Kuma’s intervention:

The fight takes an unexpected turn when Kuma appears, eliminating Zoro and other crew members, an act that infuriates Sentomaru.

When Kuma disperses the entire crew, Sentomaru, confused and frustrated, demands an explanation from him.

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