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Kizaru, from his name Borsalino and nickname « Yellow Monkey », is a central figure in One Piece thanks to his impressive title of Admiral, an elite rank within the Navy.

Kizaru is a key character, first mentioned by Nico Robin during their meeting with Aokiji. After a series of dramatic events and a change of leadership, Kizaru remains the sole Admiral of the former trio, with Akainu taking on the role of Chief Admiral and Aokiji leaving the Navy.

Kizaru plays a major antagonist role in several One Piece story arcs. He is first introduced as the main adversary in the Sabaody arc. His skills and authority also make him a key antagonist in the Marineford Arc, sharing this status with his fellow Admirals. 

More recently, Kizaru has become a notable antagonist in the EggHead Arc, stepping in after York and Dean Saturn and before Rob Lucci and the Seraphim.

His look: 

Kizaru, the admiral of unparalleled style, stands out for his unique look in the One Piece world. 

With his short, black curly hair and neat little beard, he embodies a style that’s both classic and daring. 

His yellow-orange striped suit, complemented by a dark green shirt with disco flair and a purple tie, adds a touch of originality to his appearance. 

And don’t forget his signature orange sunglasses.

Standing at over 3 meters tall, Kizaru dominates with his stature, just like his fellow admirals, Aokiji and Akainu.

His wrinkled face gives him a veteran look, in stark contrast to the other admirals. 

His constant smile, at once nonchalant and distracted, reinforces his unique charisma. 

After the two-year ellipse, Kizaru adopted a slightly different look, opting for a fuller moustache and elegant turtleneck, replacing his old shirt and tie.

His style hasn’t always been the same. 

25 years ago, as vice-admiral, Kizaru sported a gray pinstripe suit, black shirt and blue tie. 

His black Fedora hat and the two cigarettes he smoked added a touch of mystery to his already fascinating allure. Kizaru is the Admiral of incomparable style and undeniable charisma, an icon of the Navy in One Piece.

His personality: 

Kizaru is the Zen Admiral of One Piece, always relaxed, sometimes bordering on childish. He speaks slowly, stretching out his sentences, and seems to lack gumption – as evidenced by his snail phone mix-up at Sabaody! 

He even questions hostile pirates about Sentomaru’s whereabouts, the height of carelessness.

His nonchalance is legendary. He loves to provoke his opponents with biting irony. 

Kizaru, confident in his power, doesn’t hesitate to rush into the fray, whether at Sabaody or in the Land of the Wa, ignoring the strength of his enemies. 

This self-assurance sometimes makes him careless, as when facing Apoo, Rayleigh and Marco, where he let his guard down. 

But beneath his Zen airs, Kizaru is a ruthless Admiral, following orders to the letter, in a vision of justice oscillating between that of Akainu and Aokiji.

His irritation was palpable when the crew of the Chapeau de Paille escaped him at Sabaody. 

In Marineford, his passivity contrasted with his firmness, relentlessly fending off pirates and blocking Whitebeard. Even in the face of Law’s submarine, he was ready for action, stopped only by Ben Beckman. 

Kizaru is One Piece’s deceptively tranquil admiral, a formidable strategist.

His power: 

Kizaru, a veritable titan of power, is recognized as a central pillar of the Navy as an admiral.

His colleagues respect him deeply, dubbing him « the Navy’s ace of aces« , a testament to his exceptional status and unrivalled strength.

His devil fruit: 

Kizaru, thanks to Pika Pika no Mi, is a true force of nature. 

His body, transformed into pure light, makes him untouchable to conventional physical attacks. Bullets, sabers, explosions, nothing scratches him. 

His lightning-fast speed enables him to teleport and catch up with enemies in the blink of an eye. His lightning-fast strikes are a demonstration of raw power – we all remember his confrontation with the Supernovas

Kizaru also has a unique fighting style. Often with his hands in his pockets, he uses lightning-fast sweeps, capable of stunning or even annihilating in a single blow. 

Even in the midst of a fight with Urouge, he kept his phlegm, already thinking about the next moves.

The crazy thing about Kizaru is the contrast he embodies: among the least reactive characters in the manga, he holds the power of the fastest fruit. 

Proof that in One Piece, appearances are often deceiving!

His mastery of haki : 

In the One Piece universe, elite marines like Borsalino master Haki. 

With his Armement’s Haki, he performs feats of strength: just imagine, he can even hit Marco, Whitebeard’s phoenix. 

Stronger still, he blocks Rayleigh’s Haki-laden sword attacks with his own luminous blade. And in the face of a powerful leg kick from Marco, he remains unmoved, without the slightest weakness.

Borsalino is also a master of Observation Haki. 

His above-average abilities place him in a class of his own among One Piece fighters. 

A true badass, a combat strategist, a formidable adversary.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he masters the haki of kings too, but that remains to be proven.

Kizaru’s relationships: 

With the navy: 

In One Piece, you can feel a unique vibe between Kizaru and Akainu. I saw them relaxing together in one of those Oda images, and that’s something, isn’t it? 

Kizaru, this cool Admiral, calls Akainu by his real name, Sakazuki. It shows mutual respect, although, I admit, Kizaru’s phlegm sometimes annoys Akainu.

On Aokiji’s side, their relationship was more formal. No great complicity visible, but a professional respect, that’s obvious.

And here’s the most interesting thing: Kizaru is like Sentomaru’s uncle. But in what sense? Blood relation or mafia sense of the word? Like a mentor. Sentomaru, Vegapunk’s bodyguard, clearly has a special bond with Kizaru.

I mean, Kizaru’s nickname, the Navy’s « Ace of Aces », says it all. It’s not just for show. His efficiency and tenacity are legendary. A true ace in the One Piece universe, believe me.

With his enemies: 

As a One Piece fan, I have to say that Kizaru is a fascinating character. 

His « zero tolerance » policy towards pirates makes him formidable. 

Even with his nonchalant air, he doesn’t spare pirates, crushing them with his brute force. His devil fruit is something extraordinary.


Kizaru remains wary of Bartholomew Kuma. Their relationship is strained, Kuma being loyal to the World Government, not the Navy. Makes for an interesting dynamic, don’t you think?

Whitebeard’s crew: 

The Battle of Marineford was a key moment for Kizaru. He went on a rampage against Whitebeard’s crew and their allies.

His face-off with Marco was epic, but not even Kizaru’s Pika Pika no Mi could surpass Marco’s Mythical Zoan fruit.

When Whitebeard is seriously injured by Akainu, Kizaru jumps at the chance to surprise Marco. With Onigumo’s help, he manages to neutralize Marco. It was an intense moment!

Facing the supernovas: 

On the Sabaody archipelago, Kizaru put on a powerful display against X Drake, Basil Hawkins, Scratchmen Apoo and Urouge.

He overpowered them all, unaided. But he let them get away, distracted by the Straw Hat crew and Silvers Rayleigh.

Facing Luffy’s crew: 

Kizaru also crossed swords with the Straw Hats. His confrontation with Silvers Rayleigh was legendary. And he almost succeeded in capturing the crew, but Bartholomew Kuma intervened.

During the Battle of Marineford, Kizaru was a nightmare for Luffy. He taunted him, blocked his rescue attempts and even destroyed the key to Ace’s handcuffs. 

His pursuit of Luffy, from Sabaody to Marineford, shows his relentlessness. 

Kizaru is the epitome of Navy determination.

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