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Where did Monkey D. Dragon earn his Devil Fruit?

Where did Monkey D. Dragon earn his Devil Fruit

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The enigmatic mysteries behind the leader of the Revolutionary Army, Monkey D. Dragon, have made him the subject of countless theories in our One Piece community. Good news, it turns out that we were right about his past being with the Marines.

But there’s still a lot to uncover, like how he earned his Devil Fruit and what is his power ?

In this article, we will answer the question : Where did Monkey D. Dragon earn his Devil Fruit? In highlighting the most relevant theories regarding the occurrence of his acquisition of the Devil Fruit.

Get ready for the thrill!

The God Valley Incident

Throughout the series, we heard of a violent clash that occurred between the infamous Rocks Pirates and a coalition of powerful pirates, including Gol D. Roger and Marine, Monkey D. Garp.

As the story would have it, the World Nobles and their slaves were attending a Native Hunting Competition –an open human hunt competition – on the famous island. The awards included two Devil Fruits: the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi and the legendary Zoan Uo Uo no Mi: Model Seiryu – future asset of the Emperor Kaido.

During the chaos of battle, Ivankov managed to steal the latter but lost it to Big Mom.

The theory is highly probable that there were more than two Devil Fruits at God Valley.

This could have led Ivankov to entrust the actual Devil Fruit to Dragon at a later time after become allies.

The Theory of the Revolutionary Origins

Another theory suggests that Monkey D. Dragon may have obtained his Devil Fruit, after the God Valley incident.

According to the Chapter 1097, Dragon overthrows the oppressive leader of the Sorbet Kingdom, gaining the admiration and respect of the people.

It is possible that Dragon discovered his Devil Fruit on that island. Remember that this theory carries weight as it originates from conversations within the One Piece community.

Dragon’s Past as a Marine:

A third theory suggests that Dragon’s Marine connection is the key to his Devil Fruit. Could he have acquired extraordinary abilities during his time in the Marines?

As Oda revealed, Dragon was once a promising recruit for the Marines. With his father’s hard training, his own talent, and his thirst for justice, he was destined to rise to the top of the Marines’ hierarchy.

So it’s possible that Garp gave him the Devil’s Fruit to help him advance, unaware of his future rebellion.

Where did Monkey D. Dragon earn his Devil Fruit ? The Verdict :

My favorite theory goes for a gift from the marines.
Being an ultra-promising rookie and the son of a navy legend, all the indicators are green pointing to this possibility.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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