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What are the limitations of Bonney’s power ?

What are the limitations of Bonney's power

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Hello, One Piece fans! 

After wondering whether Bonney would join the mugiwara, let’s take a look at his power today.

The flashback of Kuma’s memories finally comes to an end, and we see Bonney fighting Saint Jaygarcia Saturn

After this short fight, we get a further glimpse of Bonney’s abilities and the limits they may have. Once again, a new facet of Bonney’s powers was revealed in the final chapter. 

Enough to leave fans wondering: what are the limits of Bonney’s power?

Saint Jaygarcia Saturn’s Experiments

One of the biggest twists in chapter 1103 was fans finding out that Jewelry Bonney had never actually eaten the Toshi Toshi no Mi to gain its powers. 

When she was still a baby, Bonney was experimented on by the world government. 

This experiment was specifically performed by Saint Jaygarcia Saturn of the world government.

This experiment allowed Saint Saturn to put a strain of the Toshi Toshi no Mi into a baby to manifest its powers without having to consume the fruit. 

Through this experimentation, Bonney was able to gain the powers of the Devil Fruit without having to consume it.

Bonney’s True Potential

As seen throughout the Egghead arc, Bonney displayed her strength and unique powers. 

Making use of “Future Distortion” whenever she felt the need to. The true potential of her Devil Fruit lies in her ability to transform into anything she can envision. 

She can take the form of and use the powers of any race/person if she can envision herself as them through her « Distorted Future. » This makes her abilities some of the most overpowered in the entire series. 

The ability to transform into anything she can imagine makes Bonney a formidable pirate and opponent to anyone she faces. 

However, her powers come with an interesting limitation.

What are the limitations of Bonney’s power ?

As observed by Saint Jaygarcia Saturn in the recent chapter, Bonney wasn’t able to transform into Nika due to her emotional distress and the fact that she had never seen Nika in reality. 

Saturn realized that Bonney wasn’t aware of Nika’s true powers and, as such, could not transform into him. 

Additionally, Saturn commented on how Bonney’s ability to transform into something relies heavily on her belief in it. 

When Saturn belittled Nika in front of Bonney, she was unable to transform into Nika, cementing the fact that she cannot transform into something if she does not believe in it.

Bonney’s Belief in Nika

However, this may also work the other way around. 

If Luffy assumes the form of Nika in all his glory, complete with white hair and the freedom to become and do anything in front of Bonney, it might reignite her belief in Nika, resulting in her realizing that the Nika from Kuma’s stories and the form that Luffy takes are one and the same. 

This might result in Bonney being able to take on the form of the real Nika and gain a similar transformation to Luffy, one with white hair and a free, rubbery body.

However, the Nika that Jewelry Bonney can envision right now is an incomplete version, and her wavering belief in Nika has resulted in her being unable to use her transformation. 

Bonney’s abilities have the potential to be one of the most powerful in the entirety of One Piece. 

But her wavering beliefs limit the ability of her Devil Fruit, which holds back her true potential.

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