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Was Nika a buccaneer?

Was Nika a buccaneer

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From the dawn of the series to the Wano arc, the existence of the mythic Sun God Nika seemed elusive. However, the introduction of the Buccaneer race in the Egghead arc sparked intense speculation among our fan community.

The tale of the Buccaneers, their mysterious history with the World Government, and their unique abilities beg the question: « Was Nika a buccaneer? »

The Relics of Nika in Buccaneer Culture

As we explore One Piece’s past timeline, we quickly find ourselves out of track, since everything from the Void Century has been erased from history. 

At least, that was without factoring in the few people who managed to pass on the truth, despite the World Government’s machination.

The Buccaneers – just like the Giants – even if they lost track of their past, managed to relay the forgotten tale of the main protagonist of this era, Nika.

The Sun God existed for them as a godly figure, but also as a beacon of hope and liberation from enslavement. What’s specifically intriguing about them apart from the Sun symbol is the fact that they knew Nika’s dance moves. 

Sounds funny, but none of the “guardians of the Void Century’s truth” had this additional clue. Maybe this will have its importance in the future.

Why would Nika be a Buccaneer?

As we saw in Kuma’s flashback, the Buccaneers were close enough to Nika to know his dancing moves and, even his symbol remains present in their culture. Undoubtedly, they were intricately related to him. But to what extent?

In Kuma’s memories, he was told by Saturn that the buccaneers were born to be slaves, which is usually the fate of the historical enemies of the World Government. Thus, what could’ve been their sin?

Here’s our first answer: Giving birth to the hero, the warrior of liberation with surreal abilities who faced the World Government, a long time ago”.

This is a sufficient reason to incur the wrath of the Gorosei’s hegemony.

Therefore, Nika would’ve been a buccaneer with surreal Devil Fruit abilities and, an indomitable will.

Doesn’t that give you the slightest hint? From what we have seen from Kuma against Saturn, his will was able to transcend death and take control of the robotic Pacifista.

Such ability seems inherent to the Buccaneers. Could such will be transmitted through a Devil Fruit, to the extent of a possible reincarnation?

You got the point, this would’ve been the way Nika passed down his will to someone with the same determination, Straw Hat Luffy

No wonder why the World Government was after this “dangerous” fruit, and why they inferred it had a true will.

Another explanation would be that allying with Nika would also be akin to a crime against the World Government. This remains in the realm of possibilities, even if not as engaging as the aforementioned theory.

Was Nika a buccaneer? Final Words

Based on the connections between the Buccaneers and the legend of Nika, as well as the speculated abilities and shared traits between them, it is highly probable that Nika was indeed a Buccaneer.

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