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What is the buccaneers power in one piece ?

What is the buccaneers power

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Kuma’s surprise entrance at Egghead Island has us all wondering about a mysterious new power in One Piece! And chapter 1104 was a bomb and delivered us a new mystery : what is the buccaneers power ? What secrets do the buccaneers hold, and how will it reshape the story? Let’s dive right in.

Buccaneer’s Past & Potential Abilities

The Buccaneers were a mysterious race in the One-Piece world and have only come to light in recent arc. 

Their ties with Nika, the legendary Warrior of Liberation was the reason they were discriminated against by the world government. At least, that’s what we thought. 

In the Egghead arc, we got to learn that the Buccaneers have a special ability. But what could this ability be? 

Kuma was able to punch Saturn despite being turned off, how was that possible?

Pure Strength or Spiritual Power?

The first ability that comes to mind when thinking about the Buccaneers is their extreme physical strength. 

Just look at Kuma. The man is an absolute powerhouse, he’s almost 7 feet tall and is built like a tank. But that might not be all. 

The buccaneers’ ability seems to be connected to their soul and emotions. Kuma was able to protect Bonney even after being shut down by Saturn, his desire to protect his daughter kept his body moving. 

It seems the ability of the Buccaneers might be connected to love and other powerful feelings. 

In an extreme state of emotion, the buccaneers become unbreakable, but it looks like it’s only for a short time. 

Since Kuma shut down right after punching Saturn and saved Bonney from him. 

Maybe, their will becomes bonded with their soul, allowing them to pass on their will, even if they themselves pass away.

Unbreakable Will

That leads us to the final choice and the most likely choice. The ability of the Buccaneers might just be their unbreakable will, and the ability to pass it on. 

Since Kuma was technically dead by the time he showed up to Egghead Island, he shouldn’t have been able to move at all. But he did, he went and punched Saturn in the face, wrecking half of his body. 

He did all of that in a desperate attempt to protect Bonney from Saturn, cementing himself as the Daddy of all daddies in the One Piece world. 

But how did he do it? The special ability of the buccaneers must allow them to pass on their final will to an inanimate object (Kuma’s “dead” body in this case.) to make it live on forever. 

Right as the self-destruct went off, Kuma’s will was inherited into his body, allowing it to reach Egghead Island and protect Bonney from any and all danger. 

This is similar to how Nika might have transferred his own will to his devil fruit.

Why the World Government was Afraid ?

This makes sense as to why the world government was so ruthless towards the buccaneers. 

Imagine going to eradicate a whole race, only for them to pass their will down for the new generation to carry. That would make them a formidable and unconquerable race. 

Maybe this is how they were connected to Nika, someone whose will is the strongest, the one who laughs in the face of his enemies, the one who is truly free. 

If this really is the ace up the Buccaneer’s sleeve, then it’s a game-changer that’ll flip everything we know upside down!

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