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One Piece fans, let me tell you about this character. S-Hawk is a masterpiece, a Seraphim cloned from Dracule Mihawk himself. 

Picture this: the intimidating aura of Mihawk, now in Seraphim form.

Unique appearance: 


S-Hawk is like seeing a young Mihawk, but in giant mode.

Picture this: brown skin, black wings, white hair – an explosive lunaria cocktail. 

His eyes are a carbon copy of Mihawk’s, but with a star in the center. A bad boy looks ready to defy the world.

His Personality:

S-Hawk is obedience and aggression incarnate. 

No fuss with him. He carries out the orders of the Marines and Vegapunk, and does so with chilling precision. 

A combat robot? Perhaps. 

But a stylish robot, no doubt.

His Power : 


Watch out! 

S-Hawk is the ultimate Vegapunk invention. The pinnacle of humanity, no less. A scientific monster, a techno version of a force of nature.

Pacifista heritage

He can shoot lasers from his palms! Yes, you heard me right.

S-Hawk is like a laser show on legs, courtesy of Vegapunk science.

His fire

And that’s not all. S-Hawk, with his artificial lunar origins, has flames in his back. He’s not just tough, he’s downright flammable.


He’s a credit to Mihawk. 

His big sword, a replica of Yoru, even made Blackbeard back off!

He cut Amazon Lily like butter. A true maestro of the blade.

His demon fruit

And to top it all off, he’s got an artificial version of Daz Bonez’s Supa Supa no Mi. A body of steel, blades everywhere – S-Hawk is a walking slicing machine.

Introducing S-hawk into the plot: 

1. Mission Explosive

No more peace and quiet for the shichibukai! La Rêverie has changed everything.

Warlords? In the crosshairs. 

And who’s leading the hunt? S-Hawk, with S-Snake as backup. 

Their target? The fearsome Boa Hancock. One Piece fans, now that’s action!

2. Confrontation with Blackbeard

Imagine the scene. S-Hawk, on Amazon Lily, face to face with Blackbeard. Things got a little heated.

The result? The island almost completely devastated. A brutal show of force worthy of the greatest episodes.

3. Koby’s intervention

The Marines were faced with a dilemma. Statues everywhere, petrified by Hancock. Koby, ever the strategist, gives the order to S-Hawk. « Stop the lasers! » Now that’s a sense of duty.

4. Mission summary

The S-Hawk emerges unscathed. A real tank. The mission is over, but the message is clear: the Marines mean business.

He returns to EggHead Island, mission accomplished. For us fans, it’s a new chapter, with excitement mixed with apprehension for what’s to come.

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I'm a One Piece fan. My passion for adventures on the high seas is as solid as a ship's anchor and I love writing about my favorite manga more than anything. So hoist the Jolly Roger and sail away with me!

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