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Mihawk, known as Hawk Eye, the first of the Warlords to make an appearance, held his position until their disbandment. He now holds a prestigious post within the Cross Guild, alongside such notables as Crocodile and Buggy.

Bearing the supreme title of « World’s Greatest Swordsman », Mihawk served as mentor to Zoro Roronoa, honing his skills during two years of rigorous training. Once feared as the « soldier hunter, » his reputation remains undiminished.

As a key antagonist in the Baratie Arc and a major force in the Marineford Arc, Mihawk fought alongside the Marines, shaking the arena with each strike of his unparalleled blade, standing with other towering figures of the Warlords.

His personality : 

Hawk Eye, the moniker of the One Piece legend, epitomizes serenity and impassiveness. 

Nothing seems to ruffle him; his expression remains stoic, even in the face of the most unforeseen surprises. 

Smiling is foreign to him, and his laughter, captured only twice, remains an enigma. 

His stoic reaction to revelations about Luffy or challenges from other swordsmen showcases his self-control. His down-to-earth demeanor contrasts with the more flamboyant swordsmen in the series.

His acknowledgment of talent is unparalleled. Mihawk sees a great future in Zoro and waits patiently for his rise. 

With unshakable confidence, he remains at the pinnacle, proud of his title as the world’s best swordsman. 

His swordsman’s honor shines through, respecting the code and even taking Zoro under his wing, recognizing his sacrifice for Luffy. Self-assured, Mihawk openly invites challenge, all while preserving the integrity of his craft.

Despite his feared title of Great Corsair, Mihawk chooses his battles, often out of whim or boredom. 

His attack on Don Krieg might stem from an interrupted nap, showcasing his indifference. Curious and calculating, he sizes up his adversaries, as evidenced by his duel with Whitebeard or Luffy, to measure their valor.

While Mihawk is typically aloof, he is not devoid of brutality, as his impatience with Perona’s tears shows. Yet, beneath that armor, he harbors a quiet generosity, aiding Zoro and Perona, sharing information, offering assistance. 

His foresight even has him protecting Perona from looming dangers. These actions reveal his capacity for compassion.

Solitary, Mihawk is nonetheless sociable, sharing his space with figures like Shanks and Perona. Surprising for a warrior, his interest in agriculture reveals a peaceful side, rehabilitating the lands of Kuraigana and introducing the Humandrills to farming. As a mentor, his strictness is evident, forbidding Zoro from alcohol until he has perfected his Haki.

It is not cruelty or ambition that defines him, but a calm olympian and a code of honor that stands out amid the tumults of the pirate world. Mihawk remains an enigma, a giant among swordsmen, awakening curiosity and respect in the hearts of One Piece fans.

His relationships : 

Powerful Allies 

Buggy the Clown — The Unlikely Emperor 

The legendary swordsman Mihawk sees right through Buggy the Clown. Deeming him a coward and a whiner, Mihawk’s irony is as sharp as his blade. Picture Buggy, the accidental « Emperor, » begging for forgiveness for his unintended rise — truly a farcical sight! For Mihawk, if Buggy endures, he’ll stand as the epitome of what a pirate should never be. One Piece aficionados can’t help but chuckle. Buggy, an Emperor? What a twist!

Crocodile — The Tactful Alliance 

The tumultuous waves of Marineford witnessed the brief clash between Mihawk and Crocodile. Yet, the tide turns, and here’s Crocodile extending an olive branch to his former foe. Cross Guild, the new power in the pirate world, thus gains a formidable asset in Mihawk. Their interactions are shrouded in secrecy, but their collaboration is poised to be formidable. Hats off to Oda! Fans, ready to debate, are poring over every clue to unravel the intricacies of this alliance.

His friends : 

Shanks, special status : 

Once upon a time, Mihawk sailed the seven seas, engaging in numerous battles with Shanks. It was said their clashes echoed across the Grand Line. However, he ceased seeking duels with a now one-armed Shanks. The unlikely friendship between Mihawk and Shanks flourished, transcended by their mutual respect, despite their starkly different natures. Mihawk holds Shanks in high regard, to the point of apologizing to him before warning that he would hold nothing back against Luffy, unleashing his most devastating attack at Marineford. Shanks’s arrival marked Mihawk’s withdrawal, stating that his commitment to the war against Whitebeard did not extend to a fight with Red-Haired Shanks, exceeding the terms of their original agreement.

Zoro : 

During their first encounter in East Blue, Zoro captured Mihawk’s attention with his resilience, bravery, and honor code. Defeated but not without leaving an impression, Mihawk encouraged him to aim higher, looking forward to their next duel.

After the battle at MarineFord, Mihawk was surprised to find Zoro on his island. Confronted with Zoro’s request, kneeling for guidance to become stronger, Mihawk initially showed contempt, deeming him unworthy of a swordsman. Yet, moved by Zoro’s sacrifice of his pride for Luffy, he agreed to train him.

Perona : 

As for Perona, she made herself at home in Mihawk’s abode on Kuraigana Island uninvited. Despite this, Mihawk never sent her away.


Navy + World Government:

The Marines and the World Government became enemies of Dracule Mihawk mainly due to the dissolution of the Seven Warlords of the Sea (Shichibukai) order, of which he was a part. Here is why this dissolution puts Mihawk in opposition to these entities:

End of the Shichibukai System: 

During the Reverie, a council made up of world leaders, the Shichibukai system is abolished. This follows numerous controversies and betrayals by certain Warlords, who exploited this status to commit crimes with impunity.

Loss of Protected Status: 

As a Shichibukai, Mihawk enjoyed diplomatic immunity. He could navigate freely without being bothered by the Marines or the World Government, as long as he respected certain conditions. With the end of this system, this protection no longer exists, making him a free pirate like any other in the eyes of the law.

Target for the Marines: 

After the dissolution of the Shichibukai, the Marines were ordered to arrest all former members. This means that Mihawk, like the others, has become a target for the Marines. In Chapter 956 of « One Piece », we see that forces are sent to capture him.

Formation of the Cross Guild: 

In response to this newfound vulnerability, Mihawk has allied with other former Warlords, forming an organization called the Cross Guild. This strategic move positions Mihawk and his allies against the Marines and the World Government, providing not only mutual support but also a new power to contend with.

The Power of Mihawk: 

Sovereign of blades, Mihawk reigns supreme. 

Zeff hails him as the unparalleled swordsman. 

His blade cuts through steel, a fact undeniable against Daz Bones. An immense frozen wave, cleaved cleanly by his sword. 

Legendary duels are outlined. 

Shanks and Vista, worthy adversaries of yesterday. Zoro, the hope for tomorrow. Since the loss of Shanks’s arm, Mihawk aspires to new heights. Hawkeye, his title, synonymous with devilish precision. Luffy moving fast? Spotted flawlessly, even amidst a duel against Vista. 

Agility and reflexes define his art. 

His great sword, wielded with ease. Without it, his hands remain a brute force. 

Secret arsenal, Kogatana concealed. 

A mere knife for some, but in his hands, a certain end for the opponent. 

Kokuto Yoru – The Nocturnal Blade of Mihawk 

The sword that dominates the night

Kokuto Yoru. A presence as imposing as darkness itself. Among the Saijo Ô Wazamono, it is the uncontested queen. 

Its edge is a living legend. 

A giant black crucifix, the emblem of Mihawk. Only the most valiant opponents feel its bite. 

More than a weapon, a symbol of power. 

Its shadow alone intimidates, its sheen cuts through fate. Yoru is not just a sword; it’s an extension of Mihawk’s will.

Haki : 

Mihawk is capable of using both observation and weapon haki. 

It also seems possible that he is a user of conqueror’s haki.

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