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For hardcore One Piece fans, check this out: S-Bear, not just a clone, but a badass replica of Bartholomew Kuma. We’re talking about one of the Seraphim, gentlemen! Can you believe it?

His look: 

Make way for S-Bear, Bartholomew Kuma’s juvenile mirror, with a twist! 

Imagine Kuma as a child, but with longer hair and a modernized look. 

Add black wings and brown skin, typical of Lunarias, and you’ve got a killer design.

S-Bear’s personality: 

S-Bear’s personality remains an enigma. 

His (programmed) loyalty to Sentomaru and then to CP0 is his only known trait. 

Intriguing, isn’t it? A character under orders, but with what hidden agenda?

His power: 

S-Bear is the ultimate Vegapunk creation. Described by its creator as « the strongest form of humanity », this Seraph is a concentrate of technology and power.

The Pacifista base 

Like its Pacifista counterparts, S-Bear can fire devastating lasers from its palms. A nod to Vegapunk’s Pika Pika no Mi research. Powerful, isn’t it?

Its sacred Fire

As an artificial Lunaria, S-Bear has a burning asset: flames on his back, symbols of his exceptional resistance

A combo of fire and strength that makes him a formidable opponent.

The Power of Nikyu Nikyu no Mi

Last but not least, S-Bear possesses an artificial version of Nikyu Nikyu no Mi

A Devil Fruit that gives it the power to repel anything with its paws. That’s a lot of possibilities!

Introducing the character in the plot: 

1. Mission Under Cover

S-Bear, our shock clone, finds himself at the heart of a top-secret mission far from Egghead. Imagine the scene: Rob Lucci, Kaku and Stussy from CP0, tasked with bringing him back, but with a hidden agenda – to eliminate Vegapunk!

2. Bold intrusion

Denied entry to Egghead, CP0’s agents pull off a master stroke. 

Thanks to S-Bear’s Nikyu Nikyu no Mi ability, they « catapulted » themselves onto the island. Clever, eh?

3. The Conflict Intensifies

Obeying Sentomaru, S-Bear drew his Ursus Shock against the intruders. A tense moment, when every second counted. The intensity escalated, and the fans knew it was going to get hot!

4. A dramatic turn

Drama strikes when Sentomaru succumbs to the wounds inflicted by CP0. All hell breaks loose. The four Seraphim, including S-Bear, come under CP0’s command. An unexpected turn of events that turns the tables!

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