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How tall are the Admirals in One Piece?

how tall are the admirals

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Among the strongest characters in the One Piece series, we count the fearsome and tremendous Admirals of the Marines. They also have imposing status that add to their intimidation factor. But have you ever wondered how tall these characters are?

This time, we’ll answer the question :  How tall are the Admirals in One Piece, and find out which of these characters tower over the rest.

It’s certainly been a long and exciting journey for me since I first discovered One Piece, and my passion for the series has only grown over the 15 last years. I hope you’ll find this article just as captivating and entertaining.

How tall are the admirals in One Piece ?

Here is a quick overview of the height of the Marine Admirals

Along with those features, we are going to provide some others trivia and miscellaneous info. So, let’s get started.

Name Height Pre time skip Height Post time skip Status
Akainu 306 cm (10′ 15/32« ) 306 cm (10′ 015/32« ) Chief
Sengoku 278 cm (9′ 129/64« ) 278 cm (9′ 129/64« ) Former
Kizaru 302 cm (9′ 057/64« ) 302 cm (9′ 10 57/64« ) Current
Aokiji 298 cm (9′ 921/64« ) 298 cm (9′ 9 21/64« ) Former
Fujitora  – 270 cm (8′ 10 19/64« ) Current
Ryokugyu EST.270 cm (8′ 1019/64« ) Current

How tall is Akainu?

One of the most dreadful figures of the Marine is Sakazuki aka Akainu, the “hell dog of justice”.

He has been promoted to Fleet Admiral of the Marines, after his impressive intervention at Marineford and the retiral of Sengoku.

He ate the Magu Magu no Mi, giving him the frightening ability of a magma logia.

He mainly became memorable due to his exhilarating fight against the deceased Emperor Whitebeard, and the murder of Ace D. Portgas, Luffy’s sworn brother.

By the way, his excessively rigid sense of justice really matches with the reference to his alias: the loyal dog Akainu.

How tall is Akainu before the time skip?

Before the time skip, Akainu was 306 cm/10′ 015/32« .

How tall is Akainu after the time skip?

The Fleet Admiral is also 306 cm/10′ 015/32«  as mentioned in the previous datasheet.

How tall is Sengoku?

Also known as “the Buddha”, the former Admiral Sengoku is a notable fighter and leader across the Grand Line.

Sengoku was a pivotal asset for the Marines in the Summit War.

Even if his purpose was to carry out Ace’s execution, he stood out displaying his expertise in military tactics and monitoring the operation.

Furthermore, the abilities of his Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu were just busted.

It’s actually quite sensible to say so, since he literally toyed with the Blackbeard Pirates, and was a fierce devastating buddha wreaking havoc on the battlefield.

To make it concise: Gold weighs its weight.

How tall is Sengoku before the time skip?

In the pre-time skip events, Sengoku’s height was 278 cm, and 9′ 129/64« .

How tall is Sengoku after the time skip?

At the age of 79, Sengoku is still 278 cm and 9′ 129/64«  tall.

How tall is Kizaru?

The “funky groovy” Admiral Borsalino, also known as Kizaru (yellow monkey) is one of the most influential figures in the Marines.

Despite his nonchalant and heedless behavior, Kizaru is a pretty strong fighter.

He owes his power to the Pika Pika no Mi, which is extremely useful in terms of mobility, and devastation. Kizaru can also generate light laser beams, to cause large-scale destruction.

Being whimsical-ish didn’t prevent him from being a considerable threat as he was hindering allies trying to rescue Ace, or later chasing the Straw Hats pirates. He’s an Admiral after all.

His alias and personality are inspired by the Momotarō legends, a story in Japanese folklore.

How tall is Kizaru before the time skip?

Admiral Kizaru was 302 cm (9′ 10 57/64« ) tall during the pre-time events.

How tall is Kizaru after the time skip?

Kizaru’s height didn’t seem to have changed over the span of the 2 years. So, it’s still 302 cm or 9′ 10 57/64« .

How tall is Aokiji?

Also known under the code name “Aokiji”(meaning Blue Pheasant), Kuzan is one of the most eclectic characters of the series and a potent fighter of the Marines, before joining Blackbeard and he is really tall.

His abilities obtained from the Hie Hie no Mi happened to be incredibly versatile. From freezing the sea to inducing climate changes on half an island, Aokiji just nails a great mastery over his Devil Fruit abilities.

Earlier being a hindrance for the Straw Hats pirates, Aokiji has indirectly contributed to the escape of a beat Luffy rescued by Jinbei.

His demeanor is well-portrayed by the attribute reference to the Momotarō legends, the blue pheasant.

How tall is Aokiji before the time skip?

Kuzan’s height was 298 cm/9′ 9 21/64« .

How tall is Aokiji after the time skip?

Since his height didn’t change, he’s still 298 cm or 9′ 9 21/64« .

How tall is Fujitora?

The conscientious old samurai Issho (aka Fujitora) is one of the Admirals introduced in the post-time skip events.

Fujitora is particularly unique, as a character. His devotion to Justice is deep and endearing, to such an extent that he always seeks to serve the right purposes.

Maybe his blindness allowed him to see the truth, the true one.

Perfectly contrasting with his collected demeanor, his Devil Fruit ability is an overwhelming mastery of gravity. The dude can “download” meteorites toward enemies.

Sure thing, he got good Wi-Fi.

How tall is Fujitora before the time skip?

Since he showed up after the time skip, this information is unknown.

How tall is Fujitora after the time skip?

At his introduction, Fujitora was 270 cm (8′ 10 19/64« ) tall.

How tall is Ryokugyu?

Admiral Aramaki, mostly known under the Code Name: Green Bull is one of the mysterious characters so far in the series.

Among the few things we know about him, his Devil Fruit has been confirmed to be the Mori Mori no Mi, allowing him to generate and control living plants.

As a glimpse of his potential, he was capable of overwhelming and empale two All-Stars of the Beasts Pirates. And, that is lit.

Pretty baffling don’t you think?

How tall is Ryokugyu before the time skip?

He was only introduced in the second part of the series.

How tall is Ryokugyu after the time skip?

The height of Ryokugyu hasn’t been yet officialized. However, he was shown to be as tall as Admiral Fujitora. So, it’s estimated to 270 cm or 8′ 10 19/64« .

How tall are the admirals in One Piece ? Final words :

Oda designed these admirals in keeping with the status this rank represents in the navy. They are all tall.

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