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How tall is Akainu ?

How tall is Akainu

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We have already talked about the height of various One Piece characters and, although there are a lot of them, we will continue to do so because we love Oda and his creation.

This time we will answer the question : How tall is Akainu ? In delving into a character hated by many and loved by others.

Formerly an admiral and now a fleet admiral, after a long battle against Aokiji, however, this character is mostly known for his participation in the Marineford War and the execution of Portgas D. Ace.

He has been shown as an extremist character with justice, being ruthless when it comes to meeting justice, in this article you will find how his height relates to his personality and importance in the plot of the story.

I have read and watched One Piece since 2008 and I am willing to continue the adventure and explore different theories and their possibilities, now without further ado, let’s set sail!

How tall is Akainu in One Piece?

The first thing to know is that Akainu is not the tallest -human- character, this position is taken by Big Mom, although he does happen to be one of the tallest marines with an important position.

Sakazuki turns out to be even taller than his predecessor, Sengoku, so keep in mind that he can be a very intimidating character when facing him, besides his fruit turns out to be one of the most dangerous and powerful.

Before we delve more into his personality and sense of justice and how his height influences this, you can see an overview of his height here:

Akainu’s height In feet In cm
child version 4’ 39’’  134 
before timeskip  10’ 03’’  306 
after timeskip  10’ 03’’  306 

How tall is Akainu as a child?

As I mentioned earlier, Akainu is one of the tallest humans in One Piece, so it would not be surprising that as a child he was quite tall for his age, although we do not have official data on the height of the character, we will make an estimate.

To begin with, we will have to remember the sketches that Oda made of the admirals as children, in which we do not see much difference between them, although Akainu would undoubtedly be the tallest of the three.

If we divide his height in half, it would give us a total of 5′ 01 » (153 cm), although we do not think he would have that height as a child, he could be close to 4′ 39 » (134 cm).

How tall is Akainu before Timeskip?

How tall is Akainu

I don’t think that to reach an important position in the navy you could be very young, in fact, Akainu in his first appearance was 53 years old so he was already an adult, although he already had his vision of justice very clear.

With a height of 10′ 03 » (306 cm), he intimidated any pirate or subordinate who crossed his path.

How tall is Akainu after timeskip?

How tall is Akainu

Being a grown man, after the timeskip of 55 years, it is unlikely that he will increase his height, so he remains at 10′ 03 » (306 cm), although there is a possibility that this may change in the future, with Oda you can never be sure.

Other questions about Akainu’s height

Many questions arise when this character appears, why his tattoo, where his radical vision of justice came from, and if his obsession with smoking comes from the combustion his fruit generates, as well as wondering if he will ever leave his office at HQ so we can see his full fighting potential.

Still, let’s focus on how much of a difference there is between him and his other fellow justice.

Is Akainu taller than Aokiji?

Co-workers turned enemies after a fight to occupy the position of fleet admiral, their relationship seems to be polar opposites, even such difference can be seen in the power of their akuma no mi, one of lava and the other of ice.

During the battle between the two, we learned that the resounding winner was Akainu, sadly, it is not the only thing in which Akainu beats Aokiji, as Sakazuki is much taller with a difference of 0′ 26 » (8 cm).

Is Akainu taller than Kizaru?

I’m not sure if Kizaru and Akainu have much in common, beyond being fellow marines, yet between the difference in personalities we can also see a difference in heights, being Akainu -again- the taller one.

Kizaru is about 9′ 11 » (302 cm), smaller than Akainu by 0′ 13 » (4 cm).

We talk about Kizaru’s height here : How tall is Kizaru ?

Is Akainu taller than Fujitora?

We haven’t seen these two characters share together yet, however, thanks to Oda we can know that Akainu is much taller than Fujitora, as our kind blind admiral is only 8′ 10 » (270 cm), leaving a difference of 1′ 18 » (36 cm).

Akainu’s height and characterization

We know several characters who have had great power and relevance in history due to their height, whether they are small or very large like mountains, so we will evaluate Sakazuki’s height and how it influences his power and ambition for justice.

Akainu’s height and his demonstration of power

If we imagine a story in which Akainu did not have his fruit, he would still be a character that would see us from above, digging into our souls to look for some crime and make us pay for it.

His figure is threatening and imposing, not only because of the size but also because it reflects seriousness and power with the look, most likely that is what he is looking for, for something is the tallest admiral, this gives him the advantage to decrease more relentlessly crime.

Akainu’s height and how it influences his relentless pursuit of justice

Certainly we still don’t know where his passion for thorough justice comes from, however, such a quest is what made him a character to be feared, his height reflects his desire to achieve a ‘just’ world and how he sees everyone from the heights searching for any criminal that appears.


He is one of the most radical and fearsome characters in the navy, although he wouldn’t attack just any civilian, I doubt he makes much difference in judgment between a common criminal and a pirate, for something he doesn’t seem to care how he carries out his plans as long as the objective is met.

His vision of justice seems to be black and white, what do you think? Do you think we will see Akainu fight with all his might to achieve the just world he dreams of?

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