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How tall is Aokiji?

How tall is Aokiji

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One Piece is full of powerful characters, with very dangerous devil fruits, and each one has the potential to make the story more and more interesting, no doubt this anime will continue to surprise us over the years.

This time we will answer the question : How tall is Aokiji ? In exploring one of the most interesting and powerful characters, Kuzan, better known as Aokiji, a current pirate member of the Blackbeard Pirates and former admiral of the navy headquarters.

We will explore his height changes and what they mean for the plot of One Piece, I have been part of this adventure since 2008 and my excitement for his story is growing, so join me, cover up for the cold, and let’s set sail!

How tall is Aokiji in One Piece?

Being a character with a position of power in the navy, with great ambitions, it is not strange that he is quite tall, despite being human, he has also participated in many important events in the plot of One Piece as the Water 7 Saga or the Marineford war, implying that we will surely know more about him, perhaps including his childhood.

Before delving into more information you can see an overview of his height here:

Aokiji In feet In cm
Child version 3’ 93’’  (120 cm)
Before timeskip 9’ 9’’  (298 cm)
After timeskip 9’ 9’’  (298 cm)

How tall is Aokiji as a child?

The first thing to consider is that there is no official information confirming how tall Kuzan was as a child, so we can only approximate based on his actual height and an Oda sketch.

The three main admirals, Kizaru, Akainu, and Aokiji, don’t have that much difference in height, so surely when they were children they had a similar height, all three are quite tall characters and surely as children, they were tall as well.

If we divide Aokiji’s current height, it would give us a total of 4′ 88 » (149 cm) but being a child he would have to be a little smaller so we will be left with 3′ 93 » (120cm).

How tall is Aokiji before timeskip?

How tall is Aokiji

When Oda introduced us to Kuzan, he showed him as a man with afro hair, quite tall and imposing, intimidating and somewhat distant, perfect for a character with the power to freeze, measuring about 9′ 99 » (298 cm).

How tall is Aokiji after timeskip?

How tall is Aokiji

The man with the power of ice was already a grown man when he was a navy admiral, measuring about 9′ 9 » (298 cm), so his height hasn’t changed so far, although it doesn’t mean that it won’t in the future.

Other questions about Aokiji’s height

There are many questions about our ice-man, especially to compare him with other equally important and powerful characters, besides being a character comparable in height with two other of the most important admirals -Akainu and Kizaru- sometimes it is difficult to notice who is taller, so let’s dig.

Is Aokiji taller than Akainu?

The short answer: no, Aokiji is smaller than akainu.

Aokiji may be as strong-willed as Akainu, but the dog is taller than him, although the difference is not much because it is only 0′ 26 » (8 cm), in fact, Akainu is the taller admiral.

We talk about Akainu’s height here (How tall is akainu ?)

Is Aokiji taller than Kizaru?

Of admiral Kizaru we may not have much information about his past, but his height is 9′ 90 » (302 cm) currently, he is taller than Aokiji by 0′ 13 » (4 cm), again it is not much but it is worth noting. 

Is Aokiji taller than Fujitora?

Fujitora is the admiral who has won most of the fans’ hearts, he seems to be the one who has a moralistic but hopeful view of humanity, and Luffy as King of the Pirates, however, he is 8′ 10 » (270 cm) which makes him smaller than Aokiji by 0′ 91 » (28cm), which does seem strange considering that all admirals seem to have little difference in heights.

Aokiji’s height and characterization

We have already explored quite tall human characters, we don’t know if it is really linked to a power issue, especially considering that Luffy is quite a powerful and strong-willed character, but commonly smaller than his enemies.

Even so, I think these are reasons to consider, many times height does have a lot to do with willpower, if we take Big Mom or Kaido, for example.

Aokiji’s height and its relation with his cold and distant personality

Surely Kuzan is a character who tends to look down on the people he faces, besides being quite tall and skinny, he tends to wear glasses or any element that can block his view.

He is a character who likes to sleep, but it is also a sign of how little he cares about eye contact or conflict with others, although sometimes he tends to have goodwill and let the mugiwaras go -as he has done multiple times- he is a character who freezes everything in his path if ordered to do so and without having any doubts about it.

Aokiji’s height and his probable change over time

After his battle against Akainu, it was recently known in the manga, that he was deeply disappointed in the navy and could not continue working for them having Akainu as his direct boss.

So he really seemed lost and aimless, there are theories that mention that as a character loses his will and sleep, they seem to lose control over their powers, and even their appearance changes over time.

Fortunately, it seems that Akainu’s will did not change in that fragile moment -in which he even seemed depressed-, and he managed to find a place with the Blackbeard Pirates, if they change their plans in the future maybe we will see him changed even to an appearance very similar to that of his now captain.


Personally, I think that Aokiji’s will and future are more tied to the pirate path than the character himself believes, as he is curious about many of the mysteries that the World Government has hidden and, probably, that is why he wanted to have a more important position in the navy.

Although perhaps he really wanted to reform justice and have a more moral than idealistic vision, as clearly he and Akainu are polar opposites.

Undoubtedly, Aokiji’s story becomes more and more exciting and it will not be unusual for Oda to deepen it, do you think that Aokiji’s dream has to do with the Poneglyph?

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