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How tall is Kizaru?

How tall is Kizaru

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It’s time to relax a bit, go for a cup of tea and get ready for the next adventure, because this time we will talk about one of the most mysterious but also carefree characters in the history of One Piece: Borsalino, or Kizaru (Yellow monkey). In this blog, we will answer the question : How tall is Kizaru ?

In all honesty, Kizaru seems to me one of the most questionable characters, not because of his strange tranquility but because he does not seem to have strong motives or his own, he is not seen to fight or compete with as much passion as his companions, nor does he seek a position of power more influential than the one he holds as an admiral.

He seems to have no problem with following Sakazuki’s orders, although it is still early to dig into this topic,  you will read about the influence that Kizaru’s height has on his way of seeing justice and how it reflects his power.

I’ve been a fan of One Piece for 15 years, so I’m very excited to continue exploring and deepening its characters and analyzing the theories and history, now it’s time to get ready and set sail!

How tall is Kizaru in One Piece?

Kizaru is one of the most prominent characters in the navy, especially because he is part of those who have more power, and his position as an admiral greatly influences his participation in the story. 

His power is one of the most fearsome because there are not many ways to run away from him, he will always be one step ahead of you despite his relaxed personality, maybe it even has to do with the fact that he knows that at some point he will fulfill his goal thanks to his fruit.

Before we go any deeper, you can visualize an overview of his height before you continue reading:

Kizaru’s height In feet In cm
child version 4’ 10’’  (125 cm)
before timeskip 9’ 11’’  (302 cm)
after timeskip 9’ 11’’  (302 cm)

How tall is Kizaru as a child?

Oda has provided us with a sketch showing the three main admirals as children, Akainu, Aokiji, and Kizaru, in which Borsalino is seen quite relaxed sitting at a desk writing things down.

Although we have no canon information about his height at the time, he was most likely of average height among the other admirals, with Akainu being the tallest, and Aokiji the shortest.

We can estimate that as a child he would have been less than half the height he is now, which would give us 4′ 10 » feet (125 cm).

How tall is Kizaru before the Timeskip?

How tall is Kizaru

Kizaru is an older man, we do not know when he joined the navy, but we do know that he has held his position as an admiral for more than two years, and before the timeskip he was 9′ 11 » (302 cm) tall at 56 years of age.

How tall is Kizaru after the Timeskip?

How tall is Kizaru

As an adult character, it is unlikely that his height will change over time – although not impossible – yet we know that it has not changed, and at 58 years old he is still 9′ 11 » (302 cm) tall.

Other questions about Kizaru’s height

During the first appearance of the admirals we could not notice how much difference in height there was between them, because of how similar they are, so let’s compare.

Is Kizaru taller than Akainu?

Kizaru doesn’t seem to have any problem with following Akainu’s orders, even if he takes the missions calmly he will most likely carry them out in the name of justice, it may be a sign of his subordination or not, but Kizaru is about 0′ 13 » (4 cm) smaller than Akainu.

Is Kizaru taller than Aokiji?

Being the middle character among the three admirals, it makes Kizaru taller than Aokiji by 0′ 13 » (4 cm), surely Oda thought of the difference in heights as a way to tell each one’s vision of justice.

While Aokiji and Akainu are opposites, they are more radical and fight more fervently for their ideals, Kizaru is right in the middle with an uncertain view of justice.

Is Kizaru taller than Fujitora?

The three main admirals are the tallest among the other members, so between Fujitora and Kizaru there is a difference of 1′ 04 » (32 cm), as Fujitora is 8′ 10 » (270 cm). Kizaru is taller than Fujitora.

Kizaru’s height and characterization

Having evaluated the difference in height between admirals, it is time to delve into their significance, how it affects their view of justice, and how it reflects their personality.

Kizaru’s height and vision of justice

On a scale of grays, Kizaru is right in the middle, while Akainu goes to black and Aokiji to white, although it does not imply that his vision of justice is less selfish because, in his uncertain justice, he only favors those he wishes according to a criminal meter that even he does not handle.

That is to say, even if Kizaru likes some character if he so wishes he will be able to prosecute him and bring him to justice -or take it into his own hands-.

So he is an imminent and constant danger, even unpredictable, although Akainu manages to control him by having power and more influence, Borsalino is still a character capable of intimidating on his own.

Kizaru’s height and how it influences his relaxed personality

Being the midpoint of justice, Kizaru may or may not bother to accomplish a mission, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t do what is asked of him, just that sometimes he does it with energy and sometimes just to comply.

As I mentioned it may be that his fruit has to do with the way he is, being able to be as fast as light, he doesn’t worry about arriving instantly since he will someday.


I think Oda wanted to show us with the height of the three admirals the radical ideals and how uncertain justice can be after all each one reflects that, extreme righteousness, randomness, and carelessness, are all ways in which justice is carried out. Which of the three admirals do you think has the best vision of justice?

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